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It’s Monday.  Ed’s gone back to work after a long, four-day weekend, and the house very quiet–and very messy.  Housework hasn’t been very high on my list of priorities lately!  Mondays usually mean it’s time to join Heather’s Monday Quiz About Me, then recap what’s been happening around here, so that’s what I’m going to do!

1. What is your favorite summer activity?

Going to the beach!  Did you even have to ask?
2. Do you have a honey-do list? or a to-do-list of your own?

It’s common for me to have a “honey-do list” and a list of my own.  I actually had a combined “to-do list” a couple of weeks ago, but we completed everything on the list, while Ed was on vacation in June–well, almost everything.
3. Would you go for a massage? Facial? Spa treatment?

No, I don’t think so.  None of those things have ever interested me very much.

4. What was the last song you danced to?

The last time Ed and I danced was at our youngest son’s wedding, two years ago. I can’t remember the title of the slow song we danced to, but the fast song was “The Twist”–our kind of music 🙂

Extended weekend recap:

Our long weekend began on Thursday, July 4th.  We spent most of the day watching it rain every two hours 😦   The sun would peek out briefly, then another shower of rain would come.  Our family cook-out eventually turned into a family cook-in over at our daughter’s house.  The men grilled under the carport, and we ended up having to eat indoors.  July 4, 2013 will always be remembered as WET!  Somehow, our county managed to set off its fireworks, in between rain showers, believe it or not!  The younger generations of the family went to see the fireworks, but Ed and I opted to just stay home.

Unfortunately, the Friday after the 4th turned out to be a carbon copy of the day before.  It rained every couple of hours, just like clockwork!  I busied myself doing some last-minute canning, while Ed ran a few errands and piddled around the house.  The highlight of our day, on Friday, was when we made our last house payment.  Now there’s a reason to celebrate!!!

On Saturday, I packed away all of the July 4th decorations, and brought out the “beach-themed” decor.  Meanwhile Ed mowed our grass, and cut down part of the garden. The spring gardening season is almost over!   (We have to harvest our watermelons and peanuts, then we’ll be officially finished with the spring garden.) Yet, another reason to celebrate!  Once I decorated my ‘year round tree’ for summer, I began to feel like summer had officially arrived!  Once Ed cut down part of the garden, I felt a greater sense of freedom, too!  Just in case you’re wondering, it rained again on Saturday, too!

Sunday turned out to be the best day of our four-day weekend.  Ed and I threw our cooler and our lawn chairs in the back of the car and headed back to the beach!  After so many days of clouds and rain, I was in serious need of some “beach therapy”.  Although rain sprinkled on us a few times, on the way to the beach, once we actually got there, it was actually sunny and beautiful!  Just what I needed!

100_2656 (2)

Ed and I were just beginning to enjoy our usual “Subway Picnic” when suddenly we saw our daughter, her husband, and our granddaughter approaching us!  Sunday was the couple’s twelfth wedding anniversary, and they decided to celebrate with a day at the beach, too!  They brought their own subs, and joined in our little picnic.  What a nice surprise!  Eventually, they decided to go swimming, while Ed and I sat, and continued to enjoy our favorite spot under the massive oak trees.  We said our goodbyes, and they headed for the water park that’s located down the beach.

One of the reasons I enjoy sitting under those oak trees, at St. Simon’s Island, is because there is never a dull moment.  It’s relaxing, and there’s always something different to see.  Last time we watched two guys trimming up the palm trees in front of us.  This time we watched a girl doing a few tricks on a long, purple cloth, which happened to be hanging from a tree!  Actually, the girl was trying to teach two other people how to do some tricks, by demonstrating.  My burning question was– Why was there a long purple cloth hanging from the tree in the first place?  Had there been a show on the beach, earlier?  Whatever the reason was, whenever the girl finished using the cloth, she placed it back up high in the tree, where nobody else could get it!


I’m happy to be able say that Ed and I made it safely to the beach and back home without any trace of car problems, this time!  What a relief, after being plagued with tire and brake problems on our last two trips!

My extended recap leads me to my question for you today:  How did you spend your Fourth of July weekend?

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  1. LOVE your answer to #1!! Yay for making your last house payment!!!! Woo hoo!! And how fun that you ran into your daughter and her family decided to spend the day at the beach … and got to have lunch with you and Ed.

  2. The beach sounds like a lovely way to spend a Sunday.

  3. I spent it at my parents house in Oregon. Yay! Now we’re at Wallowa lake with the kids.

    Tell Brandy congtats on her #12!

  4. We went to visit my boyfriend’s mom, as her birthday is the 5th. It was pouring down rain so we were inside but we very much enjoyed the visit.

  5. We have pretty much dodged rain since The Fourth, but we did manage no rain for the Toledo fireworks show on Thursday and saw the Mud Hens last night. Hubby worked Friday and Saturday, so it wasn’t so much an extended holiday weekend for us this year.

  6. Your family gatherings both impromptu at the beach and planned but having to be creative around the rain sounds like great times. Add to your Independence Day celebrations independence from mortgage payments and a chunk of your spring gardening chores and that is even more to celebrate!

  7. Congrats on making your last house payment!!!

    Our 4th was about like yours. We had an indoor grill-out at my brother’s.

  8. We spent the 4th of July doing ordinary things. We were recuperating from a month long visit by our grandchildren. D H can’t cook dinner right now because we are having a horrible thunderstorm and the rain is pelting.

  9. Congrats on paying off your house. That would have been the first sentence in my blog
    I went to the beach and then had dinner in an Irish pub. No rain but very very hot.

  10. My husband is a teacher, so he gets a honey-do list every summer. I’m proud to say he completes the list every year.
    Congratulations on paying off your house. As far as the purple cloth, I’d be climbing the tree for it (ya know, purple is my favorite color). =)

  11. Congratulations on making your last house payment. That is wonderful! I am glad that you got to finally enjoy a trip to the beach.

    We didn’t do anything particularly exciting this past weekend. The last weekend of June was our exciting weekend. The kids went to a convention in the city and had a blast. 🙂

    I enjoyed your post. Have a great week!

  12. The weekend entailed mowing the lawns, laundry, homework. On the 4th of July I spent it at my ex bosses house with his family.

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