There are few things that annoy me more than having appointments, with the exception of hair appointments.  Unfortunately, last week, Ed and I seemed to have more than our fair share of appointments.

On Tuesday, I had an appointment to get my hair cut and colored.  No problem there, but unfortunately, I’ve been suffering with a recurring toothache.  Even though I was just at the dentist last month, I woke up with a throbbing toothache on Tuesday morning.  When I called my dentist’s office, the only appointment they had for Tuesday conflicted with my hair appointment.  What’s a woman to do?  I decided to skip getting color, and only get my hair cut.  By doing that, I could make the dentist appointment, too.

After having the toothache for two months, so I was more than ready to see the dentist again!  Last month,  when I’d complained of this same tooth hurting, along with the one above it, the dentist examined the tooth, and assured me nothing was wrong with it.  He said the broken tooth above it was causing the bottom one to throb.  Sure enough, after having the top tooth fixed, the bottom tooth felt better–for a while.  Then it began to throb again!

Tuesday got even more interesting, after I got to the dentist’s office. While sitting in the exam chair, waiting for the dentist, suddenly I heard my mother-in-law’s voice coming through the wall of the exam room!  It turned out that she was at the dentist for a toothache, as well.  I was only able to catch a glimpse of her as she was leaving–after having the last tooth in her mouth pulled!  (The director of the assisted living facility had accompanied my MIL to the dentist.)  Lucky lady, she’ll never have the toothache again–and will be getting another set of dentures very soon!

On Tuesday’s visit, my dentist found a crack in between two of my bottom teeth.  He warned that I may end up having to get a root canal and a crown, but said he’d see what he could do.  Fortunately, the crack wasn’t deep, and the dentist was able to fix it.  Thank goodness, I was able to dodge the bullet, once more.  I just wish I knew why my teeth are falling apart!

It also happened, on Tuesday, that Ed had an appointment, too.  His appointment was with an ophthalmologist, to make arrangements to have cataract surgery.  Ed hates going to any kind of doctor, so to say he was less than thrilled about his appointment, would be a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT!  Ed came home, with his eyes dilated–and an appointment for cataract surgery, next month!  He can hardly wait…NOT!

Believe it or not, I had a second dentist appointment on Friday!  It was a pre-scheduled appointment for cleaning and x-rays, but I was still having tooth problems, as well.  I’d discovered, once my mouth wasn’t numb anymore, that my new filling was a bit too high, and kept hitting the tooth above it whenever I tried to close my mouth!  Fortunately, on Friday, the dentist was able to drill the filling down, just a bit.  No shots, and no pain!  Now I can close my mouth, and I no longer have the toothache.  Life is good again.

Thank goodness, there are no more appointments, of any kind, scheduled for the rest of this month!

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  1. Oh my, you’ve become a regular at the dentist! Glad you were able to dodge the root canal/crown bullet!

  2. I hate doctor appointments of any kind. This year has been a year for me . You can tell Ed that cataract surgery is a breeze. There is absolutely no pain. And the drugs they give you are very nice. I wanted to go dancing after my surgery. you have to make sure that he follows the instructions exactly as his doctor orders. This is the hardest part through all of it.

  3. I know just what you mean…I hate appointments in the summertime.
    Mama Bear

  4. Sounds like running a marathon… no fun!

  5. Glad you are painfree. On my 45th birthday, I was driving and felt the top part of a bottom front tooth crumble off. No physical pain, but emotional pain wondering if every subsequent birthday another body part would fall off.

    Fortunately that hasn’t happened. So birthdays beyond 45 have been good so far!

  6. It seems that the older we get the more times we spend going to appointments! Glad it all turned out okay and I will keep Ed in my prayers for his cataract surgery.

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