Friday Fragments…

Unknown Mami

It’s 6:30 in the morning, and here I sit, unable to sleep any longer!  When I used to work, I dreamed of the days when I’d no longer have to get up early.  It never occurred to me that I would still be getting up early because I wouldn’t be able to sleep!  Oh the joys of growing old…  Since I’m awake, I think I’ll take this opportunity to join in a little Friday Fun with Unknown Mami and the gang!

This week, Ed and I have worked diligently on getting ‘things’ back to normal around the house.  We’ve raked up tree roots, limbs, pine straw, and stump shavings.  We’ve filled in holes and ruts left by falling trees and heavy machinery.  We’ve worked to re-level the areas where grass used to be, and Ed even planted some grass seed.  A lot of work remains to be done, but slowly, but surely, we’re getting there.  In six months, we’ll probably still be trying to ‘get there’!

It continues to rain here almost every day!  Just about the time I think we’re going to dry out, it rains again!  Some days it rains a lot, other days it rains a little.  We’ve just about given up any hope of planting a fall garden.  I have a few cabbage and lettuce plants growing on the front porch.  If I don’t get to plant them in the garden, I’ll just transplant them to larger pots.  It’s been so wet, we haven’t even been able to mow down the rest of the summer garden yet!

Whenever it rains on a regular basis, our grass grows like crazy!  Although we don’t have a lot of grass left in our yard, at the moment, we still have plenty of grass to mow in other areas.  Wouldn’t you know, our riding lawn mower picked this year to go on the blink?  Usually, Ed can fix most things mechanical, but, so far, he’s failed to get the lawn mower running.  At the moment, we’re left with only a very old push mower and a new weed eater.  I guess we know what Ed will be doing this weekend!

Public school started back here on Thursday.  What a short summer it turned out to be!  Neither of our grandchildren are attending public school this year, so the start date didn’t affect our family.  One grandchild is attending a Pre-K program that doesn’t begin until later, while the other is being home schooled for First Grade.  Neither grandchild will have to worry about going to school for another whole month.  Lucky them, because it’s just too hot to ride on non-air conditioned buses right now!

I’m just a little bit aggravated with Dish Network!  As of midnight, on August 1, we no longer get our local CBS channel.  Something broke down with negotiations and the two were not able to reach an agreement for the coming year.  So right in the middle of this season’s “Big Brother”, we’ve lost the channel it comes on, and right in the middle of the new series “Under the Dome”, I can’t see what’s going to happen next!  Ed called Dish to complain, and was told they’re still negotiating.  In the meantime, they gave us a small credit to our bill for the inconvenience.  I ordered a television antenna yesterday.  Until the antenna comes or negotiations get settled, I guess I’m stuck watching the CBS episodes on the laptop 😦

Two of our grown children, who are also our neighbors, and their families, are headed off to the beach this weekend.  Both are going to a large water park on Jeckyl Island.  I’m really feeling the need for a beach trip of my own, but not the water park!  I’m hoping to go somewhere soon, ’cause this old gal sure could use some rest and relaxation instead of work and worry!  On that note, I’m going to end this post!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Boy, oh boy….I’ll happily take some of that continuous rains! Here, we’re still in a drought. It’s been 3 years now. As for cable/dish TV…our cable company dropped a lot because of negotiations gone haywire…and we decided that we don’t want to pay out $100 a month for tv when it’s all nothing but commercials anyway —we’ve been without TV now nearly 2 years and I’m lovin’ it. The only two programs we followed faithfully, I can watch them on the ‘net the next day. Don’t need it.

    Now, send some of that rain our way, okay?

    Oh, and PS…I know just what you mean about sleeping in after retiring. I get up EARLIER than when I did while working outside the home. Go figure

  2. I’m thankful that (so far anyway) our cable provider hasn’t had to (even temporarily) discontinue network feeds. How frustrating that would be … I would be particularly distraught over missing the upcoming new season of NCIS. 😉

    I’m like you … I sure thought that I would be sleeping much later after I retired … but 6:30 is about as late as I can sleep … frequently I’m up by 5:30 (even earlier some days … 4:20 yesterday morning). The joys of getting older – ha!

  3. Daughter and her two are headed to the beach, too….I might have gone if I’d been asked….I like the beach early in the morning or late in the evening but don’t care for it during the day….they do a lot of other activities as part of the Beach vacation, though.

    School Starts here on the 19th. They are redoing the bridge on one of the roads near us and it has caused traffic to be diverted to the one on the other side which is already causing traffic problems, I can’t imagine what it will be like once school starts. Perhaps they’ll decide there needs to be a traffic light there.

    I watch all of my TV on the laptop now. I was going to suggest that until you mentioned it.
    Have a great weekend,
    Mama Bear

  4. I had to go back and read a post about what was happening with your yard and trees. I would be so sad about cutting them down too. We had to cut one huge tree that too close to our house and right in the way of where we could have a patio. And it dropped acorns tons of acorns. I felt bad but I knew it was for the best. And we had plenty of other trees in our yard. That would suck getting your favorite show cut off right in the middle of the season! Well, have a fabulous weekend. Hope it dries out soon.

  5. I too wake up early – I get up, go to the bathroom, lie back down with a book and go back to sleep.

  6. I’ve been hearing some friends complain about DISH for the very same reason. Our kids won’t be back in school until August 21- I go back on the 15th. I’m actually looking forward to it. I must be sick. Ha! I think it’s not the getting up but the not having to go anywhere that I enjoyed so much this summer.

  7. I am up early every morning too and usually on my computer. I never seem to sleep in but I wish I could. I liked the days when school started after Labor Day, that was tradition. Yes our CBS and two premium channels that we have stopped too. We are with Time Warner. To you get TVGN, they carry the BB After Dark. Even though CBS owns half of TVGN After Dark is still playing and on Friday night they show all three shows from the week of BB. Look for it, it should be on your cable somewhere. Also you can watch on which is crazy. You can plug into your TV for a bigger picture.

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