Mastering The Wednesday Hodgepodge…

Welcome to another edition of the “Wednesday Hodgepodge”.  Hostess, Joyce, furnishes the questions, and we supply answers, then hop around to see how our answers compare with those of others.  It’s fun, so let’s get started, shall we?

Here are Joyce’s questions:

1. My daughter earned her Master’s Degree this past weekend…what’s something you’ve ‘mastered’ in recent weeks or months?

I’m not sure I can officially say I’ve ‘mastered’ it, but in recent months, Ed and I have learned how to grow all kinds of vegetables.  Let me tell you,  the taste of home-grown vegetables beats the taste of store-bought vegetables, any day of the week!

2. What song most reminds you of your childhood?

The first song that comes to mind is ” The Chipmunks’ song’-Christmas Don’t Be Late'”, but I also remember listening to “Itsy, Bitsy, Teeny Weeny, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”, and Chubby Checkers’ singing “The Twist”.  Boy, now I feel really old!

3. What do you think about single gender groups and/or events? Should every group/event be open to both genders? If not, what sort of exceptions do you think are appropriate?

I do think there are times when single gender groups/events are appropriate, and should not be open to both genders–for instance, the Ladies’ Circle meeting at church would not be appropriate for men, nor would a Men’s Fellowship Meeting be appropriate for women.

4. What’s your favorite spice? Your favorite dish containing your favorite spice?

I don’t use a lot of spices when I cook.  As far as I’m concerned, nothing beats good old salt and pepper, but I do enjoy the taste of nutmeg in an egg custard pie, or cinnamon in candied yams or apple cobbler.

5. I saw this question on Marla’s facebook page and asked if I could steal borrow it for the Hodgepodge…thanks Marla!

Chevron patterns are everywhere! Do you like it or think its just a little too much? Do you own anything ‘chevron’?

It’s “just a little too much” for me, so I don’t own anything ‘chevron’.  I think my grand dog, Jack, agrees with me, because he ripped his Chevron doggie vest to shreds, not long after my daughter bought it for him 🙂

6. What’s something you disliked as a child, but can fully appreciate now?

Bedtime!  Ha! Ha!

7. What can irritate you very quickly?

Hearing a person brag a lot, tends to irritate me rather quickly, as well as being in the presence of unruly, disrespectful children.  I’m beginning to sound a lot like a ‘grumpy old woman’, aren’t I?


So, summer has finally hit us hard this week!  Our temps have been in the mid-nineties for several days, and the air conditioner has been working overtime!  It’s amazing how much cooler it was, when our house was located in the shade!  I’ve been missing all of those tall leaning pine trees that we just had cut–except when the wind blows hard, of course.

Speaking of trees, the little Eastern Redbud tree that helps to shade the chicken coop is apparently dying.  It began to wilt not long after the pines were cut, and has been going downhill ever since.

I bought rescued the little redbud tree from our local grocery store, a few years back.  The identification tag was gone, so I didn’t know what kind of tree it was, but I liked its heart-shaped leaves.  It was one of their last remaining trees, and looked like it needed a home, so I gave it one.  After I got home, I ‘Googled’ the leaf and discovered what kind of tree it was.  The “girls” and I will miss our little redbud tree 😦


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  1. Unruly children whose parents sit by like they don’t know them irritate me : ) We don’t have a garden, but I do hit the farm stand down the road pretty much every day for our dinner veggies. Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. I have been impressed with your garden stories. I think you are doing a great job! Good luck saving the tree!

  3. Fresh grown veggies- that is an accomplishment! I like nutmeg too- we use it in our bread stuffing- yum! Have a great week 🙂

  4. Wish I could grow fresh veggies, but time, experience and space are against me. Good excuses, right?

  5. You have definitely mastered vegetable gardening. I agree, those are two good spices. “Bedtime” is a great answer!

  6. Too funny about Jack ripping the chevron vest! Tucker says he would have done the very same thing. LOL I have definitely NOT mastered the art of vegetable gardening. Though I do keep trying. I’m beginning to think my thumb is NEVER going to turn green.

  7. Apple cobbler! Sounds wonderful and fall like. You don’t sound old at all, you sound my age and we are perfect!!!

  8. You are as bad as me. Feeling you had to rescue the last lonely tree.

  9. I’m with you on #2 and #6! 😉

    I do find that I’m fussier or more persnickety as I get older … I try hard to fight it … I don’t want to become that “crabby old lady”.

    It’s a shame about your red bud tree … they’re so pretty … I’m sure your chickens will miss the shade.

  10. You and Ed are definitely master’s in the vegetable gardening department. I suspect that even masters will continue to learn something new every season as weather, temperatures, insects and bigger critters vary and as you accumulate more and more knowledge about your own unique garden space.

  11. Bedtime!!!!! That’s perfect 🙂

    I can’t wear chevrons but I’d sure love a chevron rug in my guest room. I like the look of them peaking out from under the bed.

    And yes, home grown veggies are the VERY best!

    Cheers, jj

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