A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Yesterday, Ed had the cataract removed from his right eye.  His surgery went well, and we both survived 🙂  One eye done, one more to go, in about another month.  The whole experience was an interesting one, but it’s one I’ll share it in another post.

The toughest part of the surgery, so far, has been keeping Ed relatively inactive.  He’s not one to sit around much, but he can’t bend or lift anything very heavy right now.  He was thrilled, this morning, when, at his post-op check-up, the doctor cleared him to ride his new lawn mower tomorrow!  Me?  I’m not so thrilled with that idea!

Guess what?!  We are continuing to get rain!  It rained another inch yesterday, and, once again, our yard is underwater.  However, after watching the local news the other night, I’m not going to complain anymore!  Some people, in nearby towns, actually had their homes and cars flooded, this week.  Thankfully, we’ve avoided that catastrophe, so far.  Suddenly it doesn’t matter so much that our yard looks like a pond or that we have to wear rain boots to walk outside!  At least it’s still dry inside!

We’ve also been having some random lightning strikes, along with our evening showers.  This week, a football player at a nearby university was struck by lightning during football practice!  Fortunately, he survived the strike, but the incident served as a bold reminder of just how dangerous lightning can be.

We had another interesting encounter with a Dish Network technician, this week.  Our service went out on Monday night, and Ed called to report it.  The representative blamed our signal interruption on the rain, and said she couldn’t do anything to help us until the weather cleared.  The problem is, it wasn’t raining here at the time!

So, I called and reported the problem to a different representative.  He, also, tried to tell me it was due to the weather, but I told him it was not raining here at the moment!   I then proceeded to tell him that we had a spliced cable that had been taped together with electrical tape–and then buried!  The rep finally agreed that we needed a service tech, but said he didn’t have an available appointment until two days later!

When the service tech arrived, two days later, he informed me that he had a “quick fix” for me–moving the satellite dish to my flower bed!  I.think.not!  The tech was not a happy camper when I declined his “quick fix”, but he smoked another cigarette, then remorsefully dug a long trench and buried a new piece of cable.  We’re back in service again.

Sorry about that last fragment, it was a long one, but that’s it for this week’s edition!  I’ll be linking my fragments with others, over at halfpastkissintime.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for Ed’s eye update. Hope he wears safety glasses while mowing. it would be bad to get an eye full of dust . . . uh mud!

    Rain keeps pouring here, too, altho a bit of blue sky was a welcomed sight yesterday.

  2. Are you kidding me? It wasn’t a long fragment at all….it is mighty helpful that you went to such detail ’cause it seems these days the customer service so lacks, and we have to fight for our ‘rights’…which to me is all kinds o’ wrong. Good for you for standing your ‘ground’ so to speak. I wouldn’t mind having a ‘pond’ for a back yard ’bout now. But it has rained 3 times in 3 days, so I’m taking all I can get.

    Hope the 2nd surgery goes well. I’ve heard so many good things about eye surgery these days. My BIL had it done and before had to wear tri-focal lenses. Now, he needs NO corrective lens at all. Amazing.

  3. I am glad you shared that long fragment too. I have trouble speaking up with these tech people and have had to live with weird placements and unsightly wires because of my fear of speaking up!
    I hope Ed continues to improve and you keep your heads above water.
    We have had some annoying flooding issues the past few weeks and it is messy!!
    Have a blessed weekend!!

  4. Send. Us. Some. Of. Your. Rain. PERIOD.


  5. Glad to hear Ed’s surgery went well. One down, one to go. Also hoping a ginst hope, things dry up and you get your TV back to normal

  6. So glad that Ed’s cataract surgery went well … praying for the same results with the other eye. How’s his “shingles” doing?

    Ugh on the rain … I can’t believe you all are STILL getting rain. 😦

    Hope this time the repair was done properly and that you won’t have any more problems with your TV reception.

  7. Glad the cataract surgery went well. Also glad to hear that the football player was okay. Way to go on not letting the guy do the easy fix!

  8. Glad the surgery went well but sorry that the rain has gone too far and worse, knocks out the cable!

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