The Monday Quiz And A Few Other Tidbits…


1. September is National Library Card month – when was the last time you checked a book out of the library?
I haven’t checked a book out of the library since my children were little–and my youngest is now 28 years old!  I prefer to purchase whatever books I’m interested in reading, and am excited about entering the new world (to me) of ebooks!

2. What are you most looking forward to about autumn?
I’m looking forward to some cooler temperatures and no pesky insects, especially mosquitoes!

3. Has the word Christmas entered your vocabulary yet?
Yes, some of us (in the family) were actually talking about Christmas over the weekend.  It’s time to start thinking and planning.

4. Do you care that Football season is starting?  Who is your team?
No, I really don’t care that football season is starting.  I’ll root for the Georgia Bulldogs, as usual.  They lost their first game, on Saturday night.  I don’t have a favorite NFL team since I don’t really like football.
My question for you:
5. What kind of washer do you have, and are you satisfied with it?
(I’ve been shopping around for one, and can’t make up my mind what kind to buy.)
Weekend Recap:
Ed’s gone back to work today, but what a busy weekend we had!  Friday was my birthday, so Ed took me to St.Simon’s Island to celebrate.  We spent most of the day under our favorite tree, just enjoying the lovely atmosphere.  The island wasn’t crowded at all, so it was really nice, and we left before the Labor Day Weekend crowd actually began to arrive.
Ed and I did a little shopping ( we looked at washers, then picked up a few groceries) after our beach outing, then ate supper at Zaxby’s.  It was actually dark by the time we arrived back home, which rarely happens!  We can stay out a bit later, now that Ed has one good eye again! 🙂
Ed spent most of Saturday outside, while I rested and relaxed indoors.  Poor Ed was ‘chompin’ at the bit’ to catch up with the outside chores he missed doing last weekend, due to his eye surgery.  He cut all kinds of grass with his new mower, then burned two piles of trash that had been demanding his attention for a while.  At one point, he even rode his tractor a little bit!  Saturday was a good day for Ed!
On Saturday evening, our daughter and daughter-in-law hosted a birthday supper in my honor, and the food was simply delicious!  Fried chicken, country vegetables, and a six-layer chocolate fudge birthday cake–it just doesn’t get any better than that!  I received several gifts along with two precious cards, hand-made by the grandchildren.  I treated myself to the new Kindle Fire I’d been wanting, as well. ( Now, if I can just figure out how to navigate the thing!)
After dessert, the children and adults went outside and participated in several relay games!  There’s nothing quite like a brisk relay race after a huge, satisfying meal!    There was a bit of reasoning behind this particular after-dinner activity, however.
100_2797 (2)
Madison and Uncle Brett sprinting to the finish
 Reason #1- granddaughter, Madison, loves to play games, and reason #2- granddaughter, Madison, can use a bit of practice playing relay games, so she’ll feel more confident about her athletic abilities during home-school co-op and AWANA.  It was a fun time, but next time we’ll get an earlier start since darkness fell upon us during the last game!
Sunday afternoon,  family fun continued, as Ed grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for the whole gang.  Once again, my kitchen was filled with food, fun, and family, as we were able to gather the entire family together, once more.  Brad and Jennifer came in from out-of-town, for a one-day visit, and joined the rest of the crew. They missed Saturday night’s celebration, which had originally been planned as a joint celebration for me and for Jennifer, since her birthday falls just two days before mine.
Speaking of Jennifer’s birthday, on Wednesday–she had a somewhat ‘memorable’ birthday, this year, for a couple of reasons.  #1-she is 6 1/2 months pregnant but was, also, sick with a sinus infection.  No fun, especially when pregnant!   #2- she accidentally caught a bit of her hair on fire while she was attempting to blow out her birthday candles!  Fortunately, the only witness to this near-disaster was Brad, who quickly yelled, “Your hair!  Your hair!”  (Jennifer, I know it wasn’t funny, at the time, but in a few years, I promise it will be!)
After lunch, on Sunday, Ed and Brad decided to ‘tinker’ on my ailing washing machine.  Those two are notorious for their ‘tinkering’, and Brad was feeling pretty confident, since he’d recently fixed Jennifer’s ailing machine :)! After their first attempt, my washer had even more problems than before, however, after a second attempt it seems to be working correctly–for the moment.  Hopefully, they bought me some time to decide on a new one!  Better yet, wouldn’t it be great if I no longer needed one at all?!  (Positive thinking)
We wrapped up the weekend by watching Sunday night’s episode of ‘Big Brother’.  Oh, my goodness!  It was the best episode of the season, so far!  I don’t think it could get any better than having both Amanda and McRae put up for eviction, while Judd and Spencer were sitting around wearing their chicken suits!  Fun times!
Have a great Labor Day Monday, everyone, and thanks to Heather and Wayne, over at ActingBalanced for hosting The Monday Quiz!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Beach time, good food and most importantly-time with family!

  2. I have a Maytag … just a standard machine. We looked at a front loader, but since I’m notorious about finding one more thing to add to my load, I didn’t want to go with that … especially since they’re pretty pricey. My only disappointment was that it’s so noisy … this is the first house we’ve owned with a laundry room on the main floor (as opposed to the basement), so I didn’t stop to think about how noisy a washer and dryer can be. We shut the door to the laundry room when doing laundry, but it’s still louder than I’d like. 😉 Good luck with your washer shopping.

  3. I have an Indesit front loader. When my first Indesit front loader gave up after more than 10 years, I went straight out and replaced it with a newer model. Good luck finding one you like 🙂

  4. I have a GE. I like GE brand but I didn’t buy this one and it is the most basic, cheapest model out there as I rent and as subsequent works but not as well as it could. I have a GE washer/dryer. No complaints about them.

  5. I think it’s a whirlpool. We live in an apartment and have a w/d in the unit (heaven!) and it isn’t the best thing out there.

  6. The best dishwasher we ever had was a portable one. It was a whirlpool and we never had any issues with it unlike the one we have now.

  7. Every blessing to you even though I am late with bday wishes! Glad you had such a wonderful weekend with beach time, family time and FOOD! I think I’ve gained 5 pounds reading about it, especially that chocolate cake!

  8. I’m glad that you had a nice birthday. I’m sorry about Jennifer’s hair. I’m glad that it didn’t get out of hand and do her harm. The brand of our washer and dryer is Frigidaire. So is our refrigerator. It is fine as far as the fridge goes, but the washer and dryer…well, I won’t be buying them again. The dryer died and the washer and dryer both have snagged clothes along the way. I’m line drying clothes until we can afford another dyer. When we can afford it, I want to get another Maytag set. I believe it was the Maytag Neptune line that we had before. They were great! The freaky wiring in this house killed them shortly after we moved in this house, as it has all of the major appliances since we’ve been here.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Have a great week!

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