Can You Believe It’s The 144th Wednesday Hodgepodge?

When I went over to Joyce’s blog to copy today’s Hodgepodge questions, last night, I noticed it’s the 144th edition of “The Hodgepodge”.  That sure is a lot of questions!  One thousand and eight questions, to be exact!  Thank you, Joyce, for continuing to surprise us each week, with a new set of thought-provoking questions!  Speaking of questions, here are the ones for today:

1. What’s one thing you learned in September?

I already knew this, but I re-learned that our loved ones can be here with us one day, and gone the next.  Life is very fragile.

2. Acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, yellow squash, zucchini squash, or blech! hold the squash… what’s your favorite squash? What’s your favorite way to prepare your favorite squash?

The only kind of squash I’ve ever tried are yellow squash.  We grow both ‘crooked neck’ and ‘straight neck’ squash in our garden, and I like them both.  Unfortunately, the only way I like to eat squash is fried, but they sure are good!

3. The older I get, the more forgetful I become.  Seriously, these days, I think I forget more things than I remember.

4. What’s your favorite television theme song ever?

My favorite television theme song is from the show “The Golden Girls”.  I also like the theme from “Hawaii Five-O”.

5. What do you wish you’d spent more time doing five years ago?

I wish I’d spent more time doing things with Ed’s mom.  She was still living at home then, but didn’t get out very much.

6. What item do you most need (or want) to add to your wardrobe this fall?

I don’t want any particular item, but I do need some new fall clothes that fit properly.  Most of mine have become too big, since I changed my old eating habits, last December.

7. On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts cartoon was introduced to the world. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

I never really liked cartoons, as a kid,  but I enjoyed watching The Road Runner Show, as a ‘tween’.


Our daughter and her daughter have begun taking violin lessons together.  There’s a lady in our town who gives lessons, and furnishes each of her students with an instrument!  She says this is her ministry.  What a blessing this lady is to our community!

Sometimes Brandy and Madison practice their violins outside.  Whenever they do, I enjoy sitting in my swing and listening to the sweet, soft music of their violins.  It sort of reminds me of ‘Pa’ playing his fiddle on “Little House On the Prairie”…


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  1. Love the fact that the two are taking violin lessons together…that’s a great bonding!! And yes…your answer to the first question really ‘hits home’!!!

  2. Golden Girls- great answer! That is a great reason to need new clothes-great job!

  3. I second your answer to number 1. September I lost a close friend. In July I lost another. Great reason to go add to your wardrobe. That’s the ONLY time ti enjoy clothes shopping is when I’ve dropped weight. Congrats to you! And I love the violin when played well. So smooth and soulful.

  4. Oh, it did my heart good to hear of the woman who shares musical instruments! God bless her!!… My daughter was blessed to try out an instrument her music teacher lent her, back in her elementary school days. It turned out she loved the flute, and continued in band right through her senior year. In time, she returned the flute, so someone else could be so lucky, and my father bought her her OWN flute, but she treasures the fond memories in her heart from her years with the High School Band…. And all of this began with someone who simply had the heart to share!… Have a great week! ~tina

  5. Yes, Joyce does an amazing job each week with her questions. Yes life is fragile and I try to embrace each day, not get mad yet I fail often. I get very upset that my sister and her entire family live right by my dad yet they haven’t been to his house since I was there at the end of June. They have seen him but it’s only because he stops over by him. It breaks my heart because I would be with him all the time. They don’t realize how precious he is. How wonderful that they are playing the violin together.

  6. How great that your daughter is learning the violin along with her daughter! I enjoyed your post today! Hodgepodge is great fun and bless Joyce for continuing to do it week after week!

  7. How nice to hear music coming from you daughter and grand daughter. Yes, life is fragil, handle with care.

  8. I just finished a book by Betty White and thoroughly enjoyed it. She is 89 years old.

  9. Golden Girls! Great answer..I love the theme song! Sweet picture of your own girls. My oldest played the violin, but her mama just listened because she does not have a musical bone in her body : )

  10. How fantastic that she provides instruments!!! I LOVE it! And I love that they are taking lessons together. What a great mother-daughter activity! My grandmother loved The Golden Girls. I can’t watch it because it reminds me of her and then I cry.

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