Catching Up On Monday…

It’s been four days since I’ve spent anytime here in blog world.  Lately, I can’t seem to keep up with everything life keeps throwing at me, so I had to give myself a blogging break.  Something had to give, but I’m back, for now! 🙂

I devoted part of last week to getting ready for Halloween.  Halloween is a ‘big deal’ at our house, and I have lots of inside and outside decorations.  I’ve been collecting inside Halloween decorations for about twenty years, so you can imagine!  After two days of dragging around plastic tubs of decorations, I’m officially decorated!

I’ve almost gotten my house back in order after doing the furniture switch-er-oo in Ed’s bedroom, last weekend, too.  I only have a few odds-n-ends left to put away, thank goodness.  There’s one last piece of furniture at Ed’s mom’s that we still need to move here, but, for now, it’s staying put!

On Friday, I spent some time in Ed’s mom’s house.  I began cleaning and packing in one of the bedrooms.  The room belonged to her oldest grandson, whom she raised, most of his life, until he joined the Navy in 1992.  His room hasn’t been touched since then!  Ed’s mom simply closed the door and left everything just as he left it.  Of course, her grandson, occasionally, came home for visits, over the years, but never really bothered to take the rest of his stuff with him.  I’m packing up all of the things he left behind, and, hopefully, he’ll claim them when he comes home for Christmas.

On Saturday, Ed and I finished washing down the house.  People will tell you that ” keeping up vinyl siding is easier than painting”, but it’s still not easy!  I don’t know how many more years Ed will be able to climb up and down the ladder to reach the high areas, but for now, the outside of our house is “as clean as a whistle”!

Sunday found Ed and me ‘in the city’.  I cooked lunch early Sunday morning, then packed the food up and took it to Brad and Jennifer’s house.  It was the first time we’d seen Jennifer since she’d spent time in the hospital.  (Brad had surprised us with a Thursday evening visit to our house, since he was working in our area that day!)  We all ate lunch together, and visited for a little while before Ed and I headed out to do a little shopping on our way back home.

Jennifer seems to be doing well, although she is somewhat miserable, of course.  Evan’s nursery is very cute, and all it needs is him to make it complete!  (It’s blue, and is decorated in a ‘sports puppy theme’.)  The tentative plans are to schedule a c-section for Jennifer toward the end of October, if Evan continues to stay put until then.  Ed has cataract surgery scheduled for Oct. 24, so I’m hoping the two surgeries don’t conflict with each other.

Speaking of Ed’s cataract surgery, he had to make an appointment back to the eye doctor last week.  The eye, from which he’d had the cataract removed, suddenly became red and irritated, over the weekend.  Fortunately, nothing was wrong except an extreme case of eye irritation, from being outside.  I guess Ed’s new lens is going to be sensitive to dust and wind, so he’ll have to use special drops for the irritation.  Another side-effect of growing older, I suppose.

Anyway, Ed and I finally made it back home from the city just before dark, last night.  It was good to leave the fast pace, rude people, and heavy traffic behind us.  I only regret that we had to leave our son and his family behind, as well…

Our passel of pets were all happy to see us, since it was well past their supper time!  First we stopped by Ed’s mom’s  house to feed “Trouble”, the cat, then made our way to our own house to feed our own twelve cats and two dogs.  Unfortunately, “my girls”, the hens, had already roosted for the night, so they missed their evening ‘treat’!  I sprinkled some scratch feed in their pen, so they’d have an early morning surprise waiting for them.

Yes, life sure is good, here on the farm, and there’s nothing like a quick visit to the city to remind us of this!  To borrow a phrase from an old John Denver song, “Hey, it’s good to be back home again!  Sometimes, this old farm seems like a long, lost friend.  Hey, it’s good to be back home again!”

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. You had a very busy weekend. Yes we have to be more careful on those ladders, that’s why I got two smaller trees last Christmas so I didn’t have to get up on the ladder. Glad you had a nice visit with your family.

  2. Sounds like a very busy time! Getting home is always good, though. Twelve cats!! I’m a ‘cat lady’ and would have 12 if I had room for them! Five are more than enough for us. Pressure washing is almost as hard as painting, especially if you don’t have a ‘professional’ strength pressure washer. Hard work!!

  3. As you know, I’d take the city in a heartbeat. I just had to get that in but why I’m really commenting is to say you should get a power washer. I have one and am able to wash the whole house at once. I usually stop when it runs out of gasoline.
    Besides think of all the blog posts you could get out of it when it breaks down and you and Ed have to get it repaired!

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