Growing In Our Neck Of The Woods…

Last week, I noticed that “Sabrina”, our Confederate Rose, finally has some blooms.  Her blooms are always a welcome sight, during the fall, when almost everything else is dying.  A former co-worker, named Sabrina, once gave Ed some Confederate Rose seeds, which he, in turn, planted to grow our bush.  Sabrina, the person, has since passed away, but her bush is alive and well.


Ed and I have a ‘volunteer’  tomato plant growing beside our chicken pen.  It came up from a stray seed, I’m sure, but what’s amazing is how well it’s grown with absolutely no special care!   We’ve even enjoyed a few fall cherry tomatoes in our salad, thanks to our little ‘volunteer’ tomato plant.

100_2870 (2)

Unfortunately, the fall plants in our container garden haven’t done as well as the ‘volunteer’ tomato plant.  We have both squash and cucumber plants growing, and, so far, we’ve only been able to harvest one edible squash because we’ve been plagued by worms and mold.  In case you’re wondering, that’s another ‘volunteer’ tomato plant growing in the cucumber container!


Speaking of plants, Ed and I planted some greens, in our garden, a couple of weeks ago.  Some of our greens have sprouted, but nothing is doing quite as well as all of the ‘volunteer’ corn plants that have sprouted among our greens!  It seems to be the season for ‘volunteer plants’!  (Sorry, I don’t have a photo of the garden.)


One thing we’ve had plenty of is pears!  In the past, we’ve had problems with squirrels stealing our pears.  After we had most of our pine trees cut down, the squirrels no longer had easy access to the pear trees.  To gain access to our pears, a squirrel now has to cross our yard, on the ground.  Our yard is usually filled with several cats, and I think the squirrels decided the pears simply weren’t worth the chance!

Speaking of pears, I learned how to make ‘pear tarts’ this fall, and they’ve been a hit with Ed.  A friend told me to unroll and stuff crescent rolls with cooked, seasoned pears, then bake them in the oven.  The eight unrolled crescents make four triangular, flaky tarts when stuffed and sealed together.  I drizzle them with a little powdered sugar frosting once they’re cooled.  They’re quick and easy–and good!

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  1. Those pear tarts sound wonderful!

    Sorry your fall garden isn’t doing too well. We’re getting some tomatoes, not a lot considering that we have 16 plants, but we are at least getting some tomatoes. Our raised bed frames are built. We will be getting some top soil delivered in a few weeks .. in early November when DD and DSIL have a weekend free to help us carry the dirt back to the frames. Hoping we have a better garden next summer.

  2. Wow! I’ve never seen a rosebush like that. A city slicker exiled to the suburbs like me would have thought it was a maple tree!
    And as for the pear tarts, I’m going to make them. Thanks!

  3. Your pear tarts sound delicious!

  4. Yum! Volunteer cherry tomatoes and pear tarts!

  5. Love your garden, it all looks so good. Ours is just about dead as we are having a hard frost a few times this week. YUCK.

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