Tales From A Simple Woman’s Daybook…

FOR TODAY – October 15, 2013

Outside my window…

the sun is finally beginning to shine!  It was cloudy and cool earlier this morning.  Several of my cats are lounging around outside of the house, enjoying the last remaining coolness of the morning.

I am thinking…

it’s been too many days since I last blogged or visited any blogs!  I’ve been busy with other things, but I still feel guilty for neglecting my blog and my blog friends.  I’ll be making my rounds soon.

I am thankful…

for far too many things to list here!  2013 has been a trying year for our family, but I’m thankful that we have survived and continue to persevere.

In the kitchen…

are lots and lots of pears!  They’re waiting for me to peel, cook, and freeze them for later use.  I’ll be doing that later in the day.  I’m trying to decide whether to have spaghetti or taco soup for supper.  Perhaps I’ll make a pear cobbler for Ed, too.

I am wearing…

a long, bright yellow, lounging dress.  I’d hoped to be free from having to wear house dresses by now, but, alas, it hasn’t happened.  Candida albicans (yeast) is a tough nut to crack!  It comes and goes, at will.  Sigh.

I am creating…

some fall silk arrangements to take to the cemetery.  I’ve also been working on some photo books, using Ed’s mom’s old photographs.

I am going…

to catch up with some of my housework today.  It’s been three days since I’ve done anything, and everything has piled up!

I am wondering…

how long it will take before we finish cleaning out Ed’s mom’s house.  It’s a tough, tedious job, and, so far, it’s been just Ed and me doing the cleaning and packing.

I am reading…

a book entitled “The Year We Disappeared”.  It’s the true story of a cop and his family, who are forced into hiding, as a result of an attempt on his life.  The cop is severely wounded, and loses the bottom half of his face in the assassination attempt.  I can’t wait to see how this story ends!

I am hoping…

our grandson, Evan, will continue to ‘stay put’ in his mommy’s womb, for about two more weeks, then be born happy and healthy.  So far, so good.

I am looking forward to…

the birth of baby Evan, who will most likely be our last grandchild.  Evan is the grandchild we never really thought we’d have, due to his mom’s prior health issues.

I am learning

to have more patience than I used to have.

Around the house…

clothes need washing, and folding, and all of the floors need vacuuming!  However, outside of the house looks wonderful because Ed spent yesterday doing yard work.

I am pondering…

whether, or not, to buy a new, smaller, artificial Christmas tree, this year.

A favorite quote for today…

“No matter what you say, it is your actions that speak for you.”

One of my favorite things…

is this time of the year.  I love pumpkins, festivals, colorful leaves, and little children dressed in costumes!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

after catching up with my own housework, I plan to continue cleaning out Ed’s mom’s house, as time and energy permits.

A peek into my day…

By 9:30, this morning, I’d already gotten dressed, fed all of our animals, washed a load of laundry, made the bed, gone to the doctor’s office to have blood work done, and to the grocery store to buy groceries!  I’ll be putting groceries away, catching up on some housework, cooking pears, and, perhaps, doing a little more blogging this afternoon.

From my photo files…



Our oldest son, and the grandchildren watching a Youtube video.  I don’t know what they were watching, but, judging from their faces, it must have been interesting!

Thanks to Peggy Hostetler for hosting The Simple Woman’s Daybook!

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  1. I love the Simple Woman’s Daybook. I love hearing about the little things in your life. Although, those pears don’t sound like a little thing. I would not be looking forward to that task.

    Hope your little grandson will not get to anxious to be born and wait until he is “completely done.” 🙂

  2. I enjoyed your answers! I will have to think about doing this, as I am currently doing the Wednesday Hodgepodge. These things take time to do them properly!!

  3. I enjoy doing and reading Simple Woman’s Daybook. I haven’t done one in quite a while and will have to do one again soon. It’s such a neat way to get a glimpse into our everyday lives, isn’t it? 😉

  4. I enjoyed your post! I don’t do the Simple Woman’s Daybook too often, but it gives great insight into other’s lives, doesn’t it? I haven’t blogged much lately, either. It seems to ebb and flow with me. We bought an artificial tree a couple of years ago and I’ve enjoyed it. I don’t miss the dropped needles, although I do love real trees. But the artificial one we have is really pretty, so I’m happy with it (the lights came with it, which makes things SO much easier!) Praying your grandson is born at just the right time! Have a great week!

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