“Jo Jo” The Cat…

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“Jo Jo” and “the girls”

It’s time to write an update to my previous post entitled “Trouble and the Man With the Can”.  It’s a continuing, and ever-changing saga, so I’ve waited a while to update.

When I last wrote, “Trouble”, the cat, was living at my son’s house, along with one of the feral gray kittens.  The mother of the kittens had disappeared.  The second feral gray kitten had found its way to our house.  This scenario lasted for three or four days, then all of the cats went back to my mother-in-law’s house for a while!

Since that time, Trouble and one gray kitten continue to migrate between my mother-in-law’s empty house and my son’s house. We’re never sure where we’ll find them when it’s feeding time!  Trouble is always happy to see us, no matter whose house she’s at.  That feral kitten remains nearly as wild as ever.  We can’t get close enough for a thorough look, but Ed and I suspect this kitten is a female.  The other day, the feral kitten actually ran toward Ed’s car, which told us she was happy to see him, and recognizes him as “the man with the can”!

The second feral gray kitten ended up coming back to our house to live permanently.  I guess you could say he’s the smarter of the three cats!  When I finally was able to get close enough, I discovered the kitten is a male, so I began calling him “Smokey Joe”, because of his gray color.  Somehow, the name never stuck, and I eventually shortened his name to “Jo Jo”.  It wasn’t long before “Jo Jo” figured out his name.

Every day I spent time talking to “Jo Jo”.  He remained skittish, but, in time, began to come a little closer.  At first, “Jo Jo” made sure he stayed well out of my reach.  Any attempts at touching him would send him shooting off in the opposite direction!  It was very frustrating, but I’ve been down this road before (with my cat, Bobs), and knew I’d have to be patient.  (If you have some time, you can read the three parts of Bobs’ story HERE, HERE, and HERE.  It’s quite a story!)

Soon, I noticed “Jo Jo” paying close attention as I would rub the other outside cats.  Every time I’d talk to “Jo Jo”, at least three other cats would appear, begging to be rubbed!  I’d stroke the other cats, and gently talk to them (and “Jo Jo”) in a calming voice.

One day, I decided to try to touch “Jo Jo” while he was eating his food.  He nearly jumped out of his skin the first time I tried it, but every day or two, I’d try again, very slowly, and very gently.  I don’t know which one of us was happier when the day came, and I was able to give”Jo Jo” his first ‘official’ back rub!

These days, “Jo Jo” has become quite the pest!  He’s always under my feet whenever I’m outside.  He enjoys his daily back rubs, and will even roll over and let me rub his chest and tummy, too!  I haven’t been able to pick him up, yet, but I’m working on it!

“Jo Jo” and “Bobs” have become good friends, and I frequently see them hanging out together in the yard.  I often tell “Bobs” that “Jo Jo” is the kitten she was never able to have.  (Well, she technically had some kittens, just wasn’t able to raise them.)  Bobs does seem to watch over Jo Jo, at times.  Believe it or not, both cats seem to enjoy hanging out with each other around the chicken coop!  Jo Jo is fascinated with “the girls”.

photo (32)

“Trouble” sitting on the hood of my MIL’s car

“Trouble” seems to spend most of her days at my MIL’s house, and is always thrilled when somebody stops by to spend a little time with her.  For now, my MIL’s house continues to sit, empty.  I can’t help but wonder what the future will bring–for the house, and for “Trouble”, the cat.  I’ll keep you posted on this continuing saga.

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  1. I don’t have to tell you how much I loved reading this post, do I?

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