Fading Away…

Old Photos 197536

Front row (lt to rt) my SIL, Ed’s dad, Ed’s mom, my maternal grandmother, my brother.  

Back row (lt to rt) Ed, my dad, my mom (I took the picture)

Lately, I’ve probably spent more time than I should have, sorting and scanning old photographs, but I can’t help myself. Since Vivian’s (my MIL) death I’ve become a bit obsessed with ‘old person’s syndrome’–when the remembering the past suddenly seems more appealing than facing your future.

While I was looking at some of our old photographs, I found the one at the top of this post. It was taken W-A-Y back in the seventies, when Ed and I were still virtually newlyweds. It was near Christmas time, and our family had come to celebrate with us.  Fun times remembered!

Ed and I were living in that ‘crooked-looking’ mobile home in the background.  I never realized our home sat at this angle, before, but pictures don’t lie, do they?  Sitting crooked or not, Ed and I loved our little home, and spent many happy years in it!  (That large, lovely window was located in my kitchen!)

In thinking back, I remember our home only had enough living room seating for four people, and I don’t remember where everyone sat that day.  I do remember we all had a good time, though, as evidenced by the looks on everyone’s faces in the photograph!

If I remember correctly, this was the first, and only, time my grandmother ever visited us, at least while Ed and I lived in the city.  Grandma had a difficult time getting around due to a bad hip and leg (injured in a fall, then later in a wreck), but she was one special lady!  I credit her to making me the woman I am today.

The thing that struck me the most about this photograph is the fact that only three, out of eight, people in it are still alive today!  Over the years, one by one, the subjects of the photograph have slowly faded away…  The people who were the youngest in the photograph, are now the matriarchs and patriarchs of our families!  Time marches on, doesn’t it?

I guess the moral of this story is–love each other deeply, enjoy life always, and treasure each moment together!  Whether we realize it or not, life is gradually slipping away from all of us,.. And, like it or not,  one of these days, before we know it, another person will have faded from those family photographs.

I guess this means I’d better stop with the ‘old person syndrome’ and start enjoying life today, huh?

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  1. Life certainly flies by … good advice to make the moments that we’re blessed with count.

  2. I love the moral to your post…. ((HUGS))

  3. Oh, we can’t help ourselves though, can we, when the old photos come out of the closets and drawers! It kind of hits hard when we realize we are now ‘the old folks’. Sigh. Life and time do march on, as it should. You are right – treasure each moment, don’t hold back on the “I love you”s and look forward to tomorrow. Good post!!

  4. :0)

    Don’t fade away just yet, K?

    It might just be the angle the picture was taken at that makes your little home look crooked. Like maybe you tilted your hand or not everyone was standing parallel to the wall of your house. No biggie, I don’t really think your little home was crooked.

  5. I too always wonder when the torch was passed each year when I go to our yearly ‘cousins’ reunion” and wonder how it is that I came to be sitting with the oldest generation!

  6. I think you are enjoying and honoring family with your sorting, scanning, and identifying. All my elders are gone and with them the answers to questions I wish I had asked. Sorting, identifying, preserving family history and clearing out the clutter can be a gift to younger generations. I need to follow your example and get started!

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