Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Second time around…

Yesterday was the day for Ed’s second cataract surgery.  He had the surgery about 11:00 in the morning, and we were back home before noon.  I forgot to time the procedure, but I only had time to read 20 pages in a book with large print, before Ed was back!  Things went pretty much the same as the first time around, with the exception of the nurse having to make two attempts at starting Ed’s IV!  Bummer.  Ed says he didn’t feel as good after the second surgery, as he did with the first surgery.  In fact, he came home, went to bed, and slept until 4 o’clock, when I woke him up!  He seems okay today though.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

Colder weather has finally arrived!  I switched on the heat Wednesday night, but had to turn the air conditioning back on after lunch on Thursday.  Since we no longer have shade trees, our house gets warm during the day.  This morning it’s in the high 40’s.  Tonight is supposed to be our coldest night yet.  We’re expecting a low of around 42 degrees.

We’re having a baby…

Jennifer called this week to let us know that her c-section is scheduled for next Wednesday, October 30.  According to this week’s sonogram, baby Evan weighs about 6 lbs, 11 oz.  Sort of makes me wonder how much he would weigh if his mom was able to carry him for 40 weeks or more!  Jennifer will be at 38 weeks on the day of her c-section.  Did I mention I’m excited about the arrival of this little fella’?

Gearing up for a party…

Our granddaughter turned seven on Wednesday, but she’s having her birthday party on Saturday.  Her mama has planned a ‘carnival themed’ party for her.  It should be lots of fun–with carnival games, hot dogs, popcorn, and a bouncy house!  With all of that going on, the kids probably won’t even notice the cooler weather.

I’m outta’ here…

Ed’s off today, recuperating from his surgery.  He has a follow-up doctor’s appointment today, as well.  It’s also my day for errands and banking, so we’ll have lots of things to do today.  We’ll also be kicking off the weekend, with a family pizza get-together tonight!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’ll be back on Monday.  Oh, and special thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting Friday Fragments!  If you’d like to participate, too, simply click on her button at the top of this post.

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  1. Glad that Ed’s cataract surgery went well, all things considered. Wow, a new grandbaby to love next week! Exciting!

  2. Good news about Ed’s surgery. Enjoy Maddie’s big day and loving on that little Evan when he arrives. This comes with a prayer for Evan, Mom, Dad and grandparents.

  3. Lots of things to celebrate and all with family!! Enjoy!!

  4. Glad things went well with Ed’s eye surgery. Have fun at the birthday party and I can’t wait to meet the new baby on Wednesday. Keeping him and Jennifer in my prayers.

  5. I’m glad Ed’s surgery went well, and I hope you all enjoyed your grandgirl’s birthday party. We’ve been in the 30’s this weekend with frost on the front lawn. Winter is sneaking in. So excited for you welcoming a new grandson. Praying all goes well for mom and baby both!

  6. I am off today recuperating too. After my jaw surgery on Friday I slept until Sunday (pretty much) That is why I’m late:(
    Congratulations on your new little one I will keep his safe arrival in my prayers. OMGoodness its in like two days:)
    I hope the party and pizza night went well!

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