Catching Up On Monday…

It seems like forever since I’ve had the time or peace of mind to blog, when, actually, it’s only been five days.  So much has happened in those five days!  It’s been the best of times and the worst of times…

On Wednesday, Ed and I arrived at the hospital in plenty of time for our grandson, Evan’s, birth, even though morning traffic was horrible.  In fact, due to an emergency, we had to wait for a couple of hours before Jennifer was able to have her c-section done.  A total of thirteen people waited for Evan to be born, that morning, including his parents.  Finally, at 11:20 in the morning, baby Evan arrived, and he was absolutely perfect!

Shortly after Evan’s birth, Ed and I were standing at the nursery window, admiring our new grandson from afar,  when my cell phone rang.  Another one of our children was on the other end of line, and they were frantic–with good cause!  In that single moment, everything in our lives totally changed. Ed and I had to quickly leave the hospital, and we didn’t even get a chance to meet the newest member of our family.  One of the best moments of our lives quickly turned into one of the worst.

I can’t blog about the situation at home, but, trust me when I tell you that it was something nobody would ever want to experience!  In the end, it turned out that ‘ the situation’ was all caused by someone’s mistake!  Thankfully, after two of the longest days of our family’s lives, things appear to be getting resolved.  It’s one of those situations where someone really should be held accountable for the error, but probably never will.  It also makes me want to hire a lawyer to sue for pain and suffering, for our family!

The day after Evan’s birth, Halloween came and went.  Our family went through the motions of Trick-or-treating, but it definitely wasn’t one of our best years.  We’ll need to have twice as much fun next year, to make up for what we missed this year!

I took a picture of the grandchildren when they stopped by for their candy, and


Jennifer dressed baby Evan up for Halloween, too.  His outfit even glowed in the dark!

601784_10200498653181986_1971572644_n Evan

Finally, on Saturday, Ed and I were able to go back and meet our newest grandson!  By then, Evan and his family were already home.   I spent a couple of hours just holding the little fellow–and I enjoyed every minute of it!  There’s nothing sweeter than a newborn baby.  Just look at that little face…

941477_10200519914833514_956836855_n Evan

(Evan pics were borrowed from his mom’s Facebook page)

After our visit with Evan and his family, the rest of our weekend was spent doing a few errands, packing up Halloween decorations, and trying to adjust to the time change.  I don’t know why someone insists on changing the time twice a year!  It takes me an entire month just to adjust!

Speaking of time, since it’s Monday, it’s time for the Monday Quiz over at ActingBalanced so here goes:


1. November is Peanut Butter Lover’s Month – are you a peanut butter lover? Do you have a favorite brand? favorite peanut butter recipe?
I like peanut butter, but I don’t love it.  I usually buy Peter Pan peanut butter.  My favorite peanut butter recipe is for candy called ‘Buckeyes’, which taste sort of like home-made Reese Cups.
2. Do you wear white after Labour Day?
Yes, sometimes I continue to wear my white shorts after Labor Day!  Occasionally, I’ve been known to wear white shoes in September, too 🙂
3. Do you use non-English phrases in your everyday speech?  What do you tend to use often?
I can’t think of any non-English phrases that I use in my everyday speech.  I rarely use non-English phrases.
4. How was your Halloween?  Did you dress up?
Our Halloween was filled with anxiety and turmoil, thanks to ‘the situation’ which I referred to earlier.  I didn’t dress up, but I did wear my orange Halloween t-shirt, in a effort to regain some sense of normalcy.
My question for you:
5.  What are you most thankful for, this year?
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  1. I am thankful for so much. There really isn’t room for that long of a list, but topping it is faith, family, and friends!!

    So sorry you had such a tough situation to handle when you should have been celebrating the birth of your beautiful grandson. He is adorable, and I’m glad things are back to (somewhat) normal for you!!

  2. Up until 15 minutes ago I was filled with so many things to be thankful for and I know the feeling will return, but right now all I see is doom and gloom. 😦

  3. The kids all looks so cute. I am thankful you were there for Evan’s birth but my heart sank deeply regarding your other news. I am so sorry your family had to suffer but thankful that all is going to be okay. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. ((HUGS))

  4. So sorry for what you endured and the fact that it marred the joy of Evan’s entrance into the world.

  5. I’m thankful for the lunch I just had 🙂

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