On A Cold And Frosty Morning…

I guess cold weather has officially come to our neck of the woods, since we had our first official frost last night!  When I flung open the front door, this morning, I saw a thick blanket of frost covering everything in sight.  The frost will officially end our grass mowing season for 2013, thank goodness!

Unfortunately, the frost will also end the crop of ‘volunteer’ watermelons, peanuts, and corn, too.  Ed covered the huge ‘volunteer’ cherry tomato plant, growing next to the chicken house, with a tarp.  I’ll uncover and check it in about an hour, to see how the plant survived the night.  As I mentioned, it’s huge, and was still covered with blossoms and little tomatoes.

Our little sweet potato patch looks pitiful, this morning, so I suppose we can officially dig our sweet potatoes, now.  Those potatoes have been growing since late spring when I started growing sweet potato ‘draws’ in my kitchen window!  (For those who may be wondering what a ‘draw’ is, it’s the vine that sprouts from the eye of the potato.)


potato draws growing in the window

Anyway, Ed planted the ‘draws’ back in early June, right before our excessive rainy season began.  It’s a wonder the vines didn’t drown, since they were underwater for quite sometime!  Somehow they survived and have been growing in a patch of very dry dirt, lately, since we’re now in the middle of a drought!  (Our precipitation can’t seem to get regulated!)  I can’t wait to see if we actually grew any potatoes, after all that!  Ed dug around the vines last week, and found four very small potatoes, which I baked for supper!  They were small, but delicious.100_2140 (2)

my little ‘green’ house

We’re using my little green house to keep two strawberry plants warm, (which bloomed and had berries all summer), as well as to house a squash plant (with a squash on it!) and an aging tomato plant that has a few tomatoes left on the vine.  This will be our first full winter using the green house, so we’ll see how it goes.  I wonder how much electricity we’ll use keeping four plants warm???

We have mustard, turnips, collards, cabbage, lettuce, and carrots still growing in the garden.  We’ve been running the sprinkler in the garden because, as I mentioned, we’re in the middle of a very dry spell.  Frost and ice covered all of these plants, this morning, too, so it will be interesting to see how everything looks later in the day.  It should be fine, since all of these crops are cold-weather tolerant.

We’ve been enjoying eating mustard greens for just over a week.  Since we’re southern, we love our greens and cornbread!  We’re looking  forward to trying some of the other stuff soon, but most of these veggies were planted for “the girls”, aka our hens.


“the girls”

Speaking of “the girls”, they’ve finally recovered from the illness that plagued them back in early summer, when we lost one of them.  They’re fat and very sassy, these days!  In fact, one of the ‘sisters’ reached up and pecked me on the butt cheek, the other day!  I quickly swatted her away, and told her that was a great way to end up in the stew pot! (I’m sure she’s not worried much about that!)  Egg production has slowed, due to the shorter days, but we’re only three eggs away from 1850!   That’s a lot of eggs for five hens to lay!  The girls have kept more than three families supplied with eggs, for over a year!

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  1. We’re warming up here in NY after temps in the 20’s earlier this week. 60’s in store for this weekend & Monday. Much as I hate to see winter set in, there’s something comfy about wrapping up the gardening season, although mine doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as yours!

  2. So glad that your girls are healthy again! It was 18 here yesterday but will be up to 70 on Sunday. Crazy, crazy weather here!

  3. Glad the girls are feeling well. Wow, I am still amazed when I read about everything you have been growing. I love your little greenhouse, hope it works out well for you.

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