Odds-N-Ends On Monday…

When I last blogged, it was Friday, and Ed was off from work, with a ‘honey-do” list facing him.  I’m happy to report that, by Saturday afternoon, the “honey-do” list was completed–including fixing the toilet!  I tell you, that Ed’s a keeper!  In addition to fixing the toilet, Ed plowed up the sweet potatoes, drained the fountain and covered it for winter, made a new arbor for our thorn-less blackberry bushes, did some repairs around the greenhouse, changed the spark plugs in his truck, and took time to celebrate his birthday with all of our family!  (Ed may have been happy to go back to work, this morning.)

I’m thankful that Ed’s still able to do most things himself, because he’s saved us a ton of money over the years.  He recently checked the price on a ‘spark plug change’, and was told the cost would be $98.00!  He did it himself, on Saturday, for nothing.  At one point, I looked out of the window, and saw Ed standing in a lawn chair, with the upper one-half of his torso buried underneath the hood of the truck!  I’m not sure how many more years Ed will be able to pull off these moves, but for now we’re still good 🙂

The results of our first attempt at growing sweet potatoes were fair.  We made LOTS of potatoes, but the majority of the potatoes were small.  I’m not sure why they didn’t grow larger, but at least there are plenty of them!  Now all we have to do is figure out where to store our ‘bounty’…


Ed’s birthday celebration was good.  All of our family was able to gather, once more, so our house suddenly became very full and very noisy!  We ordered some  bar-b-que  from a local restaurant, so nobody would have to spend much time in the kitchen.  Our son-in-law, who enjoys cooking, made some delicious Brunswick stew to go along with the bar-b-que.  (Thanks, Clint!)

Ordering Ed’s birthday cake turned out to be a bit of an ordeal for me.  I couldn’t make up my mind what I wanted!  I went to the store’s bakery, ordered a cake, then came home.  Two hours later, I called the bakery and completely changed my order!  Two days later, when I picked up the cake, the lady still remembered me 🙂


I thought about taking a family photograph of everyone, on Saturday night, but never did.  By the time we finished eating, I was pooped!  In fact, I nearly forgot to have Ed open his birthday presents!  I don’t think Ed thought about opening them either.

I’ll make it a point to take an updated family portrait on Thanksgiving, then we’ll have one that includes our newest family member, baby Evan!  In the meantime, here’s a picture of me getting some ‘Evan sugar’ on Saturday afternoon.  Evan had gained thirteen ounces, last week, so, as you can imagine, he was visibly larger!  I enjoyed rocking him and giving him his bottle 🙂

100_3089 (2)

Wow!  In looking at these pictures, I’ve come to a realization! Ed and I looking an awful lot like our parents used to look!  Who are these ‘aging’ people who have taken over our bodies?   I don’t feel like I should look the way I do!  Ed says, the down side of having cataract surgery is, now he can see all of his wrinkles, clearly!  For that reason, I’m thankful my vision is declining…

On that note, I’m joining  The Monday Quiz:



1. According to the source I use for strange and wonderful days, today is Occult Day – are you a believer? 
I’ve never really given much thought to the occult, so I guess not.
2. Have you ever attended an auction?  Did you win what you were bidding on?
I attended a car auction, once, and it was rather interesting.  Ed and I went with our daughter and her boyfriend, and we met the boyfriend’s parents at the auction.  Ed and I were just spectators, and didn’t bid on anything.
Every year, around Mother’s Day, our school used to hold silent auctions on gift baskets, to raise money for ‘Relay For Life’.  I bid on a few baskets, over the years, but never won anything.
3. Have you started your Christmas shopping?  Finished it?
I have begun my Christmas shopping, and have been having some interesting experiences while shopping on-line!  Every time I’d finish my shopping, and start to check out, at least one of the items in my cart would have become out-of-stock while I was shopping!  This happened to me three times over the weekend!  I finally finished purchasing our gifts for the grandchildren, last night!   Hurrah!
4. How’s your weather?
Our weather is strange!   We’ve been experiencing vast fluctuations in our temperatures, lately.  We experienced freezing temperatures mid-week, and now it’s back in the eighties!  We desperately need rain, as well.
My question for you:
5.  How do you feel about stores having ‘Black Friday’ sales on Thanksgiving Thursday?
I think stores need to wait until Friday, to begin their sales, so people can spend Thanksgiving with their families.  There’s plenty of time to shop afterward.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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  1. I agree that Thanksgiving should be a day for friends and family, not fighting a mad rush of people.

  2. Sweet picture of you an Evan. Funny story on the cake. I picked up a DQ cake for my husband on Saturday. I wish I lived close by because I would come over for some of those sweet potatoes. I love them and your crop looks awesome to me!

  3. Boy Ed sure is a keeper and do you rent him out?? Your sweet potatoes look fine to me and they all cook up just fine.

  4. Your Ed is most definitely a keeper!! So great that the whole family was together for the celebration! I love seeing you holding your precious grandchild! A great photo. I can’t wait to see the Thanksgiving family portrait!!

    Your sweet potatoes may not be large, but you sure got a bunch of them!! Awesome crop, in my opinion!

  5. That Ed, finishing your list, his own list and having energy for a major birthday party. Happy birthday, Ed! You and Evan are picture perfect. And thanks for your sweet comment. You are an encourager!

  6. I have already talked about my feelings of stores opening on Thanksgiving on my blog. The short answer, they should not open until Friday.

  7. Our weather has been crazy here, too. A low of 18 earlier in the week with a record high of 80 yesterday, Your Ed is certainly a keeper.

  8. Wow your potatoes are awesome! I just bought some, but would surely love to taste home grown. Glad your hubs had a happy day. Baby Evan looks like a keeper : )

  9. Sounds like a productive and busy weekend – the best kind! I agree, being handy definitely saves a bunch. As for the bakery – you are now famous or maybe infamous. At any rate – you are not anonymous! The baby looks right at home in your lap!

  10. I don’t get it either. Why can’t they wait 24 hours to open instead of a day when everyone’s gathered around for Thanksgiving?

  11. I think the Black Friday stuff is crazy! With all of the store competing to be the one to open the earliest I just want to avoid it all. In the news each year someone is always hurt!

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