The Saga Of Three Trees…Again!

Ed and I haven’t had a live Christmas tree since the Christmas of 1979.  That’s because during the Christmas of 1979 we put up three different trees!  Not in different places in our home either, but in the same spot!  You can read about that first Saga of Three Trees HERE.

Flash forward, thirty-four years later, and I’ve just experienced another Christmas tree dilemma.  The funny thing is, I haven’t even put a tree up yet!

As I mentioned, Ed and I always put up an artificial tree.  (Actually, I usually put up and decorate a total of four trees, but only one of them is a large one.)  Our main, 7 1/2′,  tree is seven years old.  It still looks pretty good, and all of the lights still burned last year, but it was getting time to start thinking about replacing it.

The decision was made after Ed and I purchased our new washer/dryer from Lowes, in September.  We received an $80 gift card, in a rebate offer, so I designated this gift card to go toward the purchase of a new Christmas tree.  The search was on!

Lowes had their Christmas trees up in early October, so I began looking.  I’d purchased our last tree from Lowes,  and I wanted another one just like it, but a little smaller.  I love huge trees, but I’m getting older, and I’m not sure climbing a ladder is such a good idea anymore.  I decided to choose a 7 foot  tree, for the first time ever.  Lowes had a similar version of our current tree, in the 7 foot size, so I decided I’d go with that one…until I began looking around!

To make a long story short, I ended up purchasing a different tree!  I bought a 7 1/2 foot skinny tree instead.  I don’t know what possessed me to do that, but I did.  We brought it home and decided to take it out of the box to see how it looked in our home.  We didn’t even put the thing together!  It was much too skinny for us, and it was so thin you could see spit through the tree!  Back to Lowes the tree went!

I intended to purchase the first tree that I looked when I bought the second tree, but, once again, I got side tracked!  This time I bought a 7 1/2  foot fat tree!  Don’t ask me why I kept choosing 7 1/2  foot trees, when I was supposed to be choosing a smaller tree, but I did it again. However, something inside me kept telling me I might have made a bad choice.

A few days later, I went back to Lowes to purchase a string of colored lights.  While there, I decided to look at the artificial trees one more time…  I didn’t have Ed with me, so I had plenty of time to compare and look, this time.  I discovered that the tree I’d purchased looked better, at a first glance, but upon closer inspection, was made cheaper than the original tree I’d planned to purchase.  I knew this tree would not stand the test of time.

I got in my car, drove 38 miles back home, loaded the Christmas tree back into my car, then headed back to Lowes!  I returned the second tree, and finally bought the tree I should have chosen in the first place!  While loading and unloading the two trees, I quickly discovered that the third tree weighed more than the second tree, even though it was smaller!

The third and final purchase is sitting on the floor of our pool room.  I won’t put the new tree up until after Thanksgiving, but, hopefully, this tree will be a keeper!  After all, the third time’s the charm, right?  I hope so, but I still have my receipt…just in case!

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  1. I’m sure the tree you finally have will be perfect, and I’ll look forward to a photo, once it’s up and decorated!! Ours is only 3 years old, so we still have another couple of years to go before we have to look for another one.

  2. I had the same dilemma last year with lights. I put the pre-lit tree up only to find that the mid section was not lighting any more. I went to find similar lights to just light that area of the tree. I came home with LED lights, enough to cover the whole tree so it would look consistent. As I looked at those lights in the box, I realized I could have bought a new tree for the price I paid, so I took them back. I found another strand of lights that were similar, but then another part of the tree went dead. I gave up. We had an unlit tree that year! I look forward to putting up the new tree next weekend.
    I can’t wait to see your tree all decorated, I would like to see all of them.

  3. Buying a tree is a huge decision, I’m glad you found the perfect one, third ones a charm! I went with two smaller ones last year because I didn’t want to do the ladder thing either.

  4. Love the laugh and now want to see the tree! We got a much samller one last year because I don’t have room for a big one anymore. Too many grandkids toys around.

  5. LOL… Good luck! After Thanksgiving the trees might just be slim pickins!

  6. I love your shopping tales!
    Now you’re not only a legend at the bakery where you got Ed’s cake, but at Lowe’s as well!

  7. We do are in need of replacing our artificial tree. Last year, I didn’t even box the one we’ve been using for nearly 30 years…I just tossed it. Now, I’m shopping for a new one. Haven’t found one I like yet that will ‘fit’ right in our living room.

    Read your Hodgepodge answers this morning also, and I loved your answer to the teachings of failure….that we’re NOT perfect. That, my friend, is the ultimate answer!!!

    • ….early in the morning…that should read “WE TOO…instead of do”

  8. Can’t wait to see your tree! I’ve been debating getting an artificial tree this year. And I think I will if I can find one that I like in our size.

  9. We hope to get through this season with our tree that is definitely showing its decades. Your tree adventures made me laugh. Lots of work but hopefully a happy ending!

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