Catching Up On Monday…

It’s hard to believe another week is already beginning, but here we are again!  As usual, the weekend went by in a blur.  They always do!

You may or may not recall that I went for my routine mammogram screening on last Wednesday.  First, Ed bought me a nice lunch at the hospital cafeteria.  Then, afterward, one of his techs did my exam and I came home.  However, the next morning, Ed called me to come back to the hospital to have additional films done.  Joy, joy!  On Thursday, I headed back to the hospital and had four more films done, two on each breast, which concentrated on a certain area of each breast which was questionable by the Radiologist.  I was not happy, as I had to miss a shopping trip with my daughter, plus I was scared to death!

I didn’t find out the results of my second exam until nearly suppertime on Friday evening.   To say I was beside myself would be an understatement!  I felt as if my life was passing before my eyes while I waited for those results.  (I had visions of having to consult with the surgeon again. ) Fortunately, when the results finally came , they were fine!  My second exam was normal.  What a relief!

On Saturday, Ed did some yard work, while I scrubbed our front porch banisters and floor.  I couldn’t bare the thought of decorating a dirty front porch for Christmas!  I haven’t decorated yet, but at least the porch is clean and ready.  My day progressed nicely until I was eating my lunch.  As I was eating the final bite of my hot dog, another tooth broke!  It’s been less than six months since the last tooth broke!  Sigh.  I’ll be hoping and praying that “Santa” doesn’t have to bring me a crown for Christmas, as I head to the dentist as soon as I can get an appointment.

At least, Sunday was a fun day!  Ed and I, along with our daughter and her family, went to Brunswick to do some Christmas shopping.  It had been ages since the five of us had been anywhere together, and we had a great time.  We laughed so much!  We had lunch at The Cracker Barrel, then spent the rest of the afternoon browsing through various stores.  It seemed strange to be in Brunswick and not be heading over to St. Simon’s Island!  Of course, the temps were only in the 40’s, so there’s no way any of us wanted to be at the beach!

That pretty much recaps what’s been happening around here, so now I’ll join in ‘The Monday Quiz’, hosted by Wayne and Heather @ ActingBalanced.


1. Yesterday (Sunday) was National Adoption Day in the US – does your family (or friend family) have an adoption story?

Yes, our family has an adoption story.  After suffering through five miscarriages, the Lord saw fit to bless my brother and his wife with a beautiful baby daughter, through adoption.  Their adoption story is an amazing one.

2. Do you plan out your Thanksgiving preparations? When do you start?

Yes, I do plan out my Thanksgiving preparations, but I won’t actually start those preparations until about Tuesday.

3. Shopping on holidays – pro or con? What do you think of stores and malls opening at 6 PM or 10 PM on Thanksgiving for “Black Friday” What about Midnight or 3 AM? Are you planning to shop at any time this coming weekend?

I’m not a fan of shopping on holidays.  People should be home with their families on holidays.  I think the stores should wait until at least midnight to open, but I really think 5 AM is early enough.  You couldn’t drag me into a store with a ten foot pole this coming weekend!!!

4. Do you have a fireplace? Do you use it? If you don’t, do you want one?

We have an electric fireplace, which probably doesn’t count.  I love a real fireplace, but would only want one if it had gas logs in it!  For years, Ed and I heated our home by burning firewood in a Buck Stove.  The heat was fantastic, but the dust and ashes drove me crazy!  I do miss being able to roast hot dogs and marshmallows, inside, over the fire though.  Fun times!

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  1. So glad your second mammogram turned out okay. Been there, done that – know how it feels. Since I’ll be away from blogs for a week, may I say have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and please chew gently

  2. Glad you got good news after your second mammogram – I too have had to go through that, and it’s not fun. I had my mammogram on Monday and got the results on Wednesday … I’m still waiting for my bone density scan results. I’m with you – 40 degrees is too cold for the beach. Brrrrr

  3. Thank goodness everything was okay with your second mammogram! I hate when they do that to us. I’ve been lucky, though, to have found pre-cancerous leasions twice, during routine mammograms, and had them removed before they turned bad. It is definitely worth doing every year!!

    I joined the Monday Quiz! Looks like fun (and easy for a Monday!). I enjoyed your answers!

  4. I went through that last year with a mammogram and so thankful all was well. I’m so happy for you too! Sounds like a great time shopping. I will do some housework and get ready what I can on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will finish up the last of the shopping. I do not go out on Black Friday.

  5. I totally agree that families should be together during Thanksgiving, not working the sales. Waiting one extra day isn’t going to hurt anyone (except maybe the retailers). It’s crazy these shopping frenzies seem to be starting earlier LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  6. If I do any black Friday shopping it’ll be online! 🙂

  7. So glad you got good news!

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