T’was Three Mondays Before Christmas…

T’was three Mondays before Christmas
When all through the house
I’m still not finished decorating…

For now, I’m taking a little ‘time out’, to catch up with a little blogging. I’m beginning with “The Monday Quiz” hosted by Heather and Wayne over at Acting Balanced.


1. Today is National Christmas Card Day – do you send Christmas Cards?

Yes, I send a few Christmas cards every year, but only to our closest family and friends.  In fact, I should  be addressing them, right now, instead of blogging…

2. What item do you “always” buy when it goes on sale at the Grocery Store?

I buy LOTS of different items EVERY TIME they go on sale–like toilet paper, paper towels, sugar, flour, margarine, catsup, dish detergent, laundry detergent–just to name a few.  I store perishable items in my freezer, and I keep non-perishables in plastic storage totes.   By doing this, I save money, and I hardly ever run out of anything.

3. Certain flavors are associated with Christmas/December – what flavor do you most associate with the holiday season?

I associate the flavor of peppermint with Christmas–as in Candy Canes, even though I really don’t care much for them.  My second choice would have to be Chocolate Covered Cherries.  To me, it’s just not Christmas without a box of Chocolate Covered Cherries.  (Unfortunately, they’re loaded with sugar!)

4. Do you think gift cards are a good idea for Christmas or are they a cop-out?

Personally, I like giving and receiving gift cards.  I don’t think of them as a ‘cop-out’, but rather as an excellent gift choice.

Catching Up:

Since I last blogged,  Ed and I spent a day in the city,  celebrated our son-in-law’s 40th birthday at a party, had our son, Brad, and his family spend the night with us, and finished decorating the main Christmas tree–and all of that took place before the weekend ever began!

I didn’t feel well on Saturday, but Saturday night found Ed and me, along with most of our family, watching an evening Christmas Parade in a neighboring town.  The weather was unusually warm (80 degrees) and we were actually able to wear short sleeves while watching the parade!


One of my favorite floats

 Unfortunately, about three-fourths of the way through the parade, it began to sprinkle, then it began to pour!   We didn’t stay for the rest of the parade.  Ed and I left the parade, got a bite to eat, then shopped until almost 10:30 in the evening!  Since Ed had his cataracts removed, we’ve turned into a couple of ‘night owls’ 🙂

The weather on Sunday continued to be rainy, but the temperatures cooled down to the mid-sixties.  It was an excellent day to laze around and watch Hallmark Christmas movies, which is exactly what we did!  I think we watched a total of four.  I’m a sucker for a good Christmas movie, and Ed’s a good sport, so he watches, too.

I’m hoping to finish decorating the, fourth and final, Christmas tree today!  After that, I can wrap the Christmas gifts and clean up the last of the clutter that’s scattered about.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to get all of this accomplished by the end of the week!  Only then, will I be able to relax and enjoy the rest of the holidays.  I need to get busy, ’cause come Saturday, we’ll be celebrating more birthdays with our two oldest little grandsons.  December sure is a busy month, isn’t it?

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  1. Always a busy month for sure! This week alone has us out late each night for play practice, basketball practice, the Christmas play itself, a basketball game, and a few other activities meshed in between!

    Next week it will be back to “normal” except for the kids’ school Christmas performance.

  2. Haven’t started the decorating because we aren’t home yet. We will definitely be scaled down.

  3. Temps in the 80’s! Coooling off to the mid-60’s. I’m jealous! December was always busy for me too. Christmas along with my b-day as well as my dad’s and ex-husband.

  4. You really got a lot done in a short amount of time! The float you chose as your favorite is quite nice!! Jesus IS the reason for the season! In spite of all the hustle and bustle, it is a wonderful time of year!

  5. Wow! 4 Christmas trees!!! I haven’t even got my one tree up yet!

  6. I’ve got two trees up plus one at work. I have one more to do at home. I’m going to try to get it done tonight.

  7. I hope Dec holds no more procedures for Ed. May your energy and spirits stay high as you absorb all the love and laughter your loved ones share! And may the only other downpours you experience are showers of blessings.

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