Five Years Ago…

I can hardly believe it, but our oldest grandson, Caden, turns five years old today!  As I reflect back on his first five years in this world, I suddenly find myself realizing how much things have changed in Caden’s world, and how different his life might have been had those changes not occurred.

Caden’s parents married each other, seven and a half years ago.  Both were in their early twenties back then.  By their second wedding anniversary, the couple found themselves moving back to the ‘family farm’, and they, also, found themselves expecting their first baby.  Unfortunately, around this same time, the couple also found their marriage in deep trouble.

As so often happens, these days, mistakes were made, by both parties, which resulted in a separation, eventually followed by the beginnings of divorce proceedings.  This was a very dark and troubling time for our family.  The couple remained separated throughout most of the pregnancy.

Fortunately, during this time, God was at work in Caden’s family, and when God spoke, they listened!  About a month before Caden’s birth, the couple decided to reconcile and try to work out their problems–and they have.  Praise the Lord!  Because of that one decision, life for them, and especially for Caden, is very different from what it could have been.  Because of that decision, Caden’s blessed with two parents, who love each other, and are committed–to the Lord, to each other, and to their children.  Caden, has a little brother now, too!

I know it hasn’t always been easy (marriage rarely is), but I’ve watched this couple evolve from a couple of troubled newlyweds into the loving family of four that they are today.  They continue to grow and change with each passing day!  This mama’s heart is happy for them–and for Caden.

This is not the birthday post I planned to write for Caden, but, for some reason,  it’s the post I felt compelled to write.  Perhaps God is speaking to me–or to others who may read this blog… because this post is a message of hope–and, after all,  ‘Hope’ is the reason for the season!

I’ll end this post by wishing grandson, Caden, the happiest birthday, ever!   I’ll also end it by reminding myself, and others, who may read this post…even when things seem ‘hopeless’–they’re not.   There’s always ‘Hope’! 


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  1. What a beautiful post, Kathy. I am so delighted that Caden’s parents allowed God to heal their marriage and that you are giving the glory to God. Marriages are almost always worth saving but it takes patience, humility, and forgiveness. I hope Caden’s has a very special day.

  2. Thank you for sharing this and praise God that Caden’s parents are together and he is enjoying life as a 5-year old in a loving family of four!

  3. What a wonderful testimony to what God can do … if we just let Him. Praise God that Caden’s parents allowed Him to work in their marriage!

  4. Amen indeed. Thank you for sharing about God’s work in these young lives. It is hard for moms to step back and trust God to work when their children are hurting. But He is much more effective and creative and loving than we could ever be. Thanks, too, for the reminder.

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