T’was Two Mondays Before Christmas…

T’was two Mondays before Christmas…and I’m still preparing, but more about that in a minute.  First, it’s time to join “The Monday Quiz” over at ActingBalanced.


1. What song represents your last week?
“I’m In a Hurry” [to get things done] by Alabama.  No matter what I’m doing, I always feel like I’m in a hurry.
2. Have you made your list and checked it twice?
I haven’t actually written a list, yet, but I have a mental one, and I’m checking things off daily (in my head).  If all goes well, I’ll be ready for Christmas by the end of this week–I hope!
3. December 16th (Tuesday) is National Chocolate Covered Anything Day… what is your favorite thing to eat covered in chocolate?
My favorite thing to eat, covered in chocolate, is cake!  My next favorite thing, covered in chocolate, is a doughnut.  Neither is ‘legal’ on my diet, but I have been know to, occasionally, cheat.
4. Speaking of songs, what Christmas Carol is following you around this year?
I’ve already mentioned this in an earlier post, but I bought a new CD entitled “Duck the Halls”, recorded by the Robertson family, of “Duck Dynasty” fame.  That CD has been getting played a lot at my house, this year, because it helps put me in a holiday mood.  The first song on the cd, “Ragin’ Cajun Redneck Christmas” is a lively one, and usually gets me up and moving.  Even though we’re not from Louisiana, in our neck of the woods, we can identify with a ‘Redneck Christmas’!


End of the week wrap up:

On Wednesday, Ed and I went out and did a little Christmas shopping–well, it was more like Christmas browsing, since we weren’t looking for gifts. I bought a ridiculous “Jolly John” snowman for the bathroom.  Jolly sits on the back of the toilet and talks whenever anyone enters the bathroom!  He spouts off one-liners like “You look a little ‘flushed’ and sings “Ho, Ho, Ho, Who’s Gotta’ Go?”  It was my one frivolous purchase for the season :).

Thursday and Friday were spent doing some cleaning, with some gift wrapping thrown in!  I didn’t get finished wrapping the gifts, but, at least, I got started! I also did a little babysitting duty, too.  Grandchildren, Madison and Chase, stayed with me on Friday morning, until after lunch.  The cousins had a good time together, while Chase’s brother, Caden, and his parents went on a field trip together.  Madison’s mom was busy making cookies for a birthday party.

Saturday morning, I woke up to clouds and drizzle. I had some grocery shopping to do, so Ed and I traveled to nearby Pembroke. They happened to be having their annual Christmas Festival and Parade, on Saturday.  I was hoping the rain would cease by 11 o’clock, and we could visit the festival while we were in town.

The closer we got to Pembroke, the harder it rained!  I finished my shopping about the time the parade was scheduled to begin.  By then, the rain had almost stopped, so we wandered downtown to the festival.  Luckily, we took our big umbrella!

Ed and I made it about half-way through the festival when the parade began, and the rain began to pour!   The parade continued on, even in the rain.  The poor vendors quickly covered their crafts!   We watched about fifteen minutes of the parade before we gave up and went to the car.  My feet were wet and cold, and I just wasn’t having fun!  However,  I’ll have to commend the people of Pembroke, they didn’t let a little rain ‘dampen’ their Christmas spirit!  Many were standing and walking in the rain without a raincoat or an umbrella!

After our soggy trip to Pembroke, Ed and I attended our oldest grandson’s birthday party, later in the afternoon.  Those two didn’t let the weather dampen their spirits either.  The weather was nasty, but the spirits were high inside the house!

100_3229 (2)

The brothers both have December birthdays, and they usually celebrate with a joint party sometime in between their birthdays.  Can you look at their birthday shirts and guess how old they are?

Brad, Jennifer, and Evan came to town to join the birthday festivities, and ended up spending the night with us.  Evan had grown so much in the nine days since we’d seen him!  He was much more alert on this visit, and I actually got a smile out of him, once or twice.  Speaking of smiles, I was full of them when Jennifer and Brad surprised us with an early Christmas gift… which I love!  Now to get Ed to hang it for me!


It was busy, but all too soon, the weekend came to a close, and it was time for Brad and family to head back home.  Before they left, Ed got to feed Evan a bottle, and I captured the moment on film…the oldest and the youngest members of our family, sharing a sweet moment together.

100_3257 (2)

Ed and I found ourselves following  Brad, Jennifer, and Evan to the door, as they left,  just like our parents used to follow us when we’d leave.  Ha! I think that must be ‘an old person’ thing, or perhaps it just means we hated to see them go…  The good news is–they’ll be back in a few days for Christmas with Jennifer’s family.  We’ll enjoy these frequent visits while we can get them!

Happy Monday!  If anyone needs me, I’ll be resting today 🙂

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  1. We do that same old person thing, too! We even follow the kids out to the car for one last goodbye and a wave as they drive off. 😉

  2. There is nothing like family time!! Love the photos and the birthday boys!! I think your Jolly John is a hoot!! Now I want one! LOL

  3. You have welcomed a few new little ones to your family since I found you in blog-land. And oh how fast they have grown. May you enjoy the blessings of family and home wrapped in God’s ultimate love gift!

  4. Tell your grandsons only very special people are born in December. I know. I’m one, too.

  5. Hehehe, my birthday was yesterday! December babies rule! I hope that they had a fantastic party!

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