T’was The Last Monday Before Christmas…

T’was the last Monday before Christmas, when all through the house…came sweet aromas, originating from my kitchen!  That’s right, today I’ll be in the kitchen making some candy and cookies!  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?!  Oh, if only I could eat what I’m going to be making…  Sigh.

First things first though.  It’s Monday, and before I put on my holiday apron and get started, I’ve gotta’ participate in “The Monday Quiz” over at Acting Balanced.   However, this will be my last blog post until sometime after Christmas.  By the way, this is my 1200th post!!!


Here are today’s questions:

1. What is left on your holiday to do list?

The last thing left on my holiday ‘to do list’ is to make some ‘goodies’ for Christmas Eve, and make a couple of desserts for Christmas Day.  I’ll be spending the majority of today and tomorrow in the kitchen!

2. December 24th,along with being Christmas Eve, is National Egg Nog Day – will you partake?  Homemade? Store Bought?

No egg nog of any kind for me!  For some reason, I’ve never felt the need to even try Egg Nog.

3. Do you leave treats for Santa and his Reindeer?

We no longer leave treats for Santa or his reindeer, but there was a time, many years ago, when our children left Christmas cookies or candy for Santa.  I think, once or twice, we may have left a carrot for the reindeer, too.  I even had a special plate, designed just for holding Santa’s cookies!  Those were the days, and they were such fun 🙂

4. Elf on a Shelf, pro or con?

I’m definitely PRO  Elf on a Shelf!  In fact, I’ve given each of our grandchildren an ‘Elf on a Shelf’.  Sadly, two of our ‘grands’ don’t participate in ‘Santa’ or the ‘Elf’.  ( I bought the elf before their parents decided this.)  Now, their elf is simply used as a toy.  However, one of the highlights of my days, from Thanksgiving through Christmas, is hearing , from our granddaughter, Madison, what her elf, “Buddy”, has been up to.  Here’s a recent photo:

photo (33)

Buddy’s hiding inside of the Rice Krispies box!

Madison will soon be out-growing the ‘Elf on a Shelf’ phase, but I’ve already given our newest grandbaby, Evan, an elf of his own!

I could have had so much fun, if only my own children would’ve had an ‘Elf on a Shelf’ back in the day…


Weekend Wrap Up:

It was a very warm weekend here in our ‘neck of the woods’.  Temperatures were in the high seventies/low eighties!  The air conditioner has been running for the past two days…and here it is almost Christmas!  After today, our temperatures are supposed to drop significantly–down to the fifties for the high.  There will be no ‘white Christmas’ for us–only rain.

The unseasonably warm temperatures were perfect for our weekend activities.  Like grilling, cutting down trees, and walking around at night!

On Saturday, Tim the tree trimmer came to pay us another visit.  We had to call him to come back and cut our last two remaining pine trees. One had died, the other was on its way out–both victims of wood bores.  Bummer.  It cost us almost one-tenth as much to have just those two trees cut as it did to have 43 of them cut back in the summer!  I guess we should have made a ‘clean sweep’ back then, but hindsight is always 20/20, isn’t it?


Tim in the bucket, trimming off the limbs before cutting down the trees

Both Friday and Saturday nights were spent viewing Christmas displays.  On Friday night we rode to a place called TMT Farms to see the most spectacular Christmas display that I’ve ever seen.  I can’t begin to describe everything that we saw!  There were dozens and dozens of inflatables, thousands of lights, and an entire ‘pretend’ western town–all stuck out in the middle of nowhere!  Several of the buildings were open for touring, and we enjoyed seeing the dozens of antiques displayed throughout the town.  It was a bit like stepping back in time…  I’m amazed that one family has done all of this, and they open it up to the public!  They only ask for a simple donation of some canned food or toys, for the ‘needy’.

100_3279 (2)

A very small portion of TMT Farms

On Saturday night, we began our Christmas journey by visiting a live nativity scene. We especially enjoyed seeing our youngest son and his family portraying Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus.   I could only see the top of baby Evan’s head as we drove by the manger, because the manger was so deep.  Brad said that Evan was content to lay in that manger for about an hour, then decided he’d had enough.

1017206_10151787033976428_688222035_n Evan

Brad, Jennifer, and Evan

After visiting the live nativity, we traveled about 30 minutes, to a place called ‘Guido Gardens’, former home of evangelist, Michael Guido.  Mr. Guido was commonly known, on radio and television, as “The Sower”, for many years.

We’ve been visiting Guido Gardens’ “Night of Lights” since 1997.  Reverend [Doctor]  Guido passed away in 2009, and, for me, visiting Guido Gardens, this year, was sad.  I still remember the years we’d visit ‘Guido Gardens’ when Dr. Guido was living.  Since his home was located in the middle of Guido Gardens, he was often out greeting visitors each night.  His presence is missed, but his ministry is alive and well, thanks to family members.

100_3300 (2)

Ed and granddaughter, Madison, touring ‘Guido Gardens’

Speaking of greeting visitors–this little fellow came by for a visit, on Sunday afternoon!  It had only been a week since we’d seen him, but he had changed so much!


What a difference a few days can make!  This boy is growing like a weed!  I loved watching Evan and Ed talking with each other, during this visit. Such sweet smiles!

Evan’s gone home now, but he’ll be back on Christmas Eve.  I’m excited, ’cause Santa’s going to visit Evan at our house, this year!  It’s been a whole lot of years since Santa has visited our house.  Ho! Ho! Ho!  Perhaps we should leave out some milk and cookies!

Merry Christmas, y’all.

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  1. Looks like it’s just you and me blogging today or maybe it’s still early.
    Grats on the 1200th post and happy cooking/baking. No cooking for me this year, too busy packing for a long trip.
    That’s pretty warm weather for this time of year, isn’t it? It’s rainy days here too.
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays 🙂

  2. Enjoy your baking for the holidays and especially the time you spend with your family. We too will spend Christmas Eve with our grandchildren. The youngest is 8 months old and loves to talk to Grampy.Merry Christmas!

  3. I’m going to be baking/candy making today too! I hope you have a great time!

  4. That picture of Evan and Ed, that’s a real keeper! Love Evan’s expression.

  5. I’m working on all the treats now too and enjoying each moment. I always buy a small carton of Egg Nog. I agree, I would have loved to have Elf on the Shelf back when our children were young! Wow, those trees are really tall. Such sweet photos of Ed with his grandchildren.
    Merry Christmas……………..

  6. Sending this with a prayer for a blessed Christmas for you and yours. And kudos on your post 1,200!

  7. Hope you had a lovely Christmas with your family! I’m behind in the blogs, but not in life : ) Happy 2014!

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