A Few Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

I should be doing at least a dozen things, other than blogging, but five years from now, who will really care?  So, here I am, posting a few Friday Fragments to link up at Half-Past Kissin Time,  instead of packing away decorations or heading to town to do errands…

Let me begin by saying, “Brrr, it’s cold outside, this morning!”  I don’t know what the morning low was, but at 8 o’clock, after the sun had begun shinning, it was still only 30 degrees.  I bundled up and went outside to feed our animals, and I found this:

100_3430 (2)

It’s hard to tell, but those are the water bowls, for our outside pets, and they’re frozen! I guess Ed left some water dripping from the hose, and the water froze in mid-stream!  Cool!

I feel a bit guilty, complaining about the cold, when I know my friends up north are having blizzards and such, but snow and ice are pretty foreign to us, here in the south.  (I’d never make it in Minnesota!)  It’s nice to see the sun shinning again, after two solid days of rain, rain, and more rain!

As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the process of packing away Christmas decorations.  It takes me a little longer to pack it all away, than it does to unpack it and decorate, because I don’t like putting it away…  I know it will be another whole year before I’ll see my decorations again, so I drag my feet a bit.  I have to savor every moment 🙂

We have no big plans for the weekend, other than continuing to pack up decorations.  I received an email from Brad’s wife, Jennifer, last evening, saying they are planning to stop by for a visit, on their way to her nephew’s birthday party, on Saturday.  She sent some photographs of baby Evan, too, and I couldn’t believe how much he’s changed since Christmas!  (He turned two months old, on December 30.)  It looks like Evan’s hair is going to end up being blonde!

photo (37)

Hopefully, I’ll see our other two grandsons this weekend, too.  They’ve had sickness in their household, this week, so I haven’t seen them in a while either!

 Chase, the younger of the two, celebrated a birthday on December 27th.  He’s now officially two!  Time is passing quickly…

1509236_10151798958011428_1924615922_n - Copy

I’m really enjoying sitting here, enjoying the warmth and glow of the fake fire in the media console, but I really need to get up and get moving.  Like I just said, “Time is passing quickly.”   I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful weekend. Bundle up!  See you on Monday.


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  1. Baby Evan is adorable!

    Have fun putting away all the decorations. We finished ours on Wednesday. So glad.

  2. Baby Evan is a handsome boy! We’re at a balmy 10 degrees right now, with several inches of snow having fallen overnight. So gorgeous though! I should begin the pack up, but honestly am just not in the mood. I likely won’t do it all in one fell swoop, but will take my time and do a bit here and there. I might be inspired later to at least take the stockings off the mantle : ) Enjoy your day!

  3. That Evan is a precious baby, just smiling so sweetly. And how thoughtful of the new mom to send you pix. Happy bday to that cute Chase. We are trying to stay warm here too. It was below 30 on our screened porch this a.m. Have a great weekend!

  4. Handsome baby however look at his grandparents so we know where his cuteness comes from. We are at -30 C this morning so I am staying in with a cup of tea and my knitting project.

  5. Evan (as are all of the little ones) is adorable! And yes, he does look like he will be blonde! I’m with you on the cold. We don’t get frozen ice, but we are cold (for us) today! It is 50° at 4:46 p.m. Brrrrr. I wouldn’t make it up north anymore, either!! Have a good weekend!

  6. We’re gonna be a little chilly Monday: HIGH of -14. EVERYTHING is frozen.

    Good thing, since I live here that I LOVE it.

  7. Hope you stay warm! We have storms here in the UK at the moment and our west coast is being battered by wind and high tides. They tell us snow is on the way too… I had better make sure our bird feeders are topped up, although I don’t know how I’m going to stop the bird baths freezing over like your water bowls!

  8. It’s all relative about the weather, isn’t it? I complain about the forecast for next week (high of 0 low of -11), and then I see what people in Wisconsin and Minnesota are dealing with. Still, we haven’t seen weather that cold in almost 25 years, so it’s a pretty big deal (as are the 6-12″ of snow that precedes the cold weather).

    That Evan is so adorable … as all your grands are. Hopefully you’ll have some time with them this weekend!

  9. That is cold for the water to freeze in mid stream. I have a habit of packing things up in a way so that if we for some reason moved they would be in moving condition so it does take me longer to pack up each year. I’m waiting one more week before I start! Evan has changed, it always amazes me how quickly they grow up, I didn’t notice that when I was raising my children. Enjoy packing up your Christmas this weekend.

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