Staying Warm and Dry On Monday…


I hope everyone had a warm and wonderful weekend, because now it’s a dreary, chilly Monday! For many, it’s the first day back to school or work, since before Christmas. I’m thankful I don’t have anywhere that I have to be, this morning, so I can join “The Monday Quiz”!

The heater’s cranking, and I’ve got a warm cup of cocoa!  I’ll be wrapping Christmas ornaments while I watch the temperatures drop throughout the day–but, first, I’m going to answer today’s questions!

Here are today’s questions:

1. It’s National Hobby Month – will you be starting a new hobby or just keeping up with current ones? What are your hobbies?

I don’t plan on starting any new hobbies, at this point in time.  I’d be happy to just have more time for my old hobbies!  My newest hobby is gardening, but some of my older hobbies include making scrapbooks, making ornaments, crocheting, embroidery, and sewing.

2. January 6th is Bean Day – what is your favorite bean? Bean recipes to share?

We eat a lot of beans at our house, but I don’t really have a favorite bean because I like them all!  The kinds of beans I cook (and eat), most often, are baked beans, green beans, or butter beans.   Ed and I grow and ‘can’ our own green beans and butter beans, since we started gardening, so we usually have plenty on hand.

Sorry, no recipes to share today.

3. Wayne got a question from a student yesterday… and we’d love your input – “I just got good news – I got a promotion into management – the problem now is that that I’ve moved to a salary position after working hourly. I used to get paid for overtime so now I make less money – what should I do?”

I’m not sure anything can be done, once a person has already agreed to move into a salary position, but I suppose he/she could occasionally take some time off [with pay] for compensation.  That’s what my husband does, if he has to work extra hours.

4. Have you ever bought a gift that you regretted giving later?

Of course, hasn’t everyone?!  Nothing particular comes to mind, but I’m sure I bought my children some kind of noisy toy, back in the day, which I regretted buying afterward!

These days, I’ll often buy a gift for someone, then have second thoughts about what I chose…  I think this comes with getting older.  For this reason, I prefer to give money, gift cards, or get gift ideas for the grandchildren from their parents.

My question for today:

Are you prepared for the cold weather that’s sweeping our nation, and how cold is it expected to get at your house?


Weekend Recap:

Time sure flies on the weekends!  There’s always so much to be done, and so little time, but Ed and I managed to get a good bit accomplished over the weekend.

We got up early, on Saturday, and headed out to get our shopping done.  We were in Walmart by 9 a.m., and it’s located 38 miles from where we live!   We quickly observed that everyone in Walmart, on Saturday, at 9 a.m., are senior citizens!   I guess great minds think alike 🙂

We rushed back home, and the spent most of Saturday afternoon visiting with Brad, Jennifer, and baby Evan, before they left to attend a birthday party for Jennifer’s nephew.  Later, I got ‘inspired’ and cooked supper on Saturday night–fresh steamed cabbage and baked sweet potatoes from the garden, along with pork chops and cornbread!  I rarely cook on Saturday nights.

Ed and I spent the rest of the weekend preparing our pets for the cold wave that’s headed our way.  We have lots of outside animals, so we have to make sure they all have warm, dry places to stay!   We’ve added more plastic, a heat lamp, and some extra blankets to help them through the more extreme temperatures.  We’re expecting a low of about 17 degrees tonight.

Ed and I, also, managed to get all of the outside Christmas decorations taken down and packed away, over the weekend.  I am very happy about that!  On Sunday evening,  we took down the tree in the living room, too.  The tree’s safely back in the box, but the decorations aren’t!  I’ll  be working on that today, while I watch last night’s recording of “Downton Abbey’ –along with watching the temperatures drop.

Have a happy Monday, everyone…and STAY WARM!

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  1. My first though was the noisy children’s toys too.

  2. It is supposed to go below freezing here in the sunny south but it is only to be that way for about 48 hours and then we will be back in the 70s for the weekend. Not such a bad trade.

  3. Sounds like you had a good weekend, busy but good. Saturday dinner sounded really good.

    On the way into work it was -2. Don’t know the windchill right now though. I think today’s high is 0.

  4. Your weekend sounds busy. I am just going to hunker down with tea and a good book. I might actually try to find a decent tv show and of course I will get in a few hands of “Hand and Foot” with hubby.

  5. We are going to be cold here in Charleston, but not nearly as bitterly cold as the rest of North America… we have winter clothes for everyone that I’ve already dug out and have at the ready…

  6. We’re in the mid-40s in west Canada. Mornings are frosty and chilly, roads are icy and it’ll be rain for the next few days. I guess it’s not as bad as some other places.

  7. My favorite is black beans. My sister and BIL do their Walmart shopping on Sunday mornings. I hope someday my husband will join me! I was so excited to watch Downton Abbey last night. Will watch it again with my husband during the week. He is not sure if he wants to keep watching or not. Stay warm….

  8. 17 degrees must be a record in your neck of the woods, no? Stay warm, and enjoy Downton Abbey. I did, last night. I’m always amazed at hosw they manage to hook me right from the start each year.

  9. 60’s are the high mostly this week, so thankfully we are escaping the bitter cold this week. Those weeks in November where our temps were low, we were running at 17 degrees at night time, thankfully not during the day. Although the day we had a high of 24 wasn’t too much better.

    I wanted to let you know, that I have added a second blog where I am posting my 365 pictures daily. I wanted to challenge myself to a 365 picture posting of our ordinary lives. Ya know, cuz the ordinary really can be extraordinary, especially when you take a look back at those days, the best memories always seem to be there.

    The problem was I didn’t really want to do it on my regular blog so I started a new one. It’s called:

    Hope you’ll take a peek!

  10. Oh and PS….

    I am still posting on my regular blog as well, even if I only post here and there!

  11. Here in the Tennessee Valley (Knoxville), our high (21°) came yesterday morning and the temps slipped gradually all day. This morning, we are at a bone chilling 1° with a high forecasted to be 23°. Usually when we are facing frigid weather, we make sure to leave the water running at the sinks to keep the water from freezing and keep all unnecessary doors shut so the rest of the house will feel more comfortable. Last night I piled another fleece blanket onto our bed, which made for snuggly conditions for DH & me. This is really quite unseasonably cold for us and I’ll be looking forward to the warm up starting tomorrow. What I’m really looking forward to is the return of spring.

  12. Took all the Christmas stuff down last night. I’d forgotten how difficult it seems to be for DH and me to put together or take apart artificial trees before we bought our new one. Ugh … my arms have the battle scars to prove it.

    I didn’t know that January was National Hobby Month … not that I need any excuse to make time for my hobby! ha!

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