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I don’t know about anyone else, but the first few days following Christmas are always difficult ones for me.  First of all, there’s the ‘let down’ of not having Christmas anticipation anymore.  Next, there’s the clutter that Christmas always leaves behind.  Last, there are those cold, dreary days of January to deal with!

This week has been especially cold and dreary, but I’ve kept myself busy packing away the last of the Christmas clutter!  I’m happy to say that I packed away the last piece of Christmas decor on Wednesday afternoon, and it’s a big relief to have the house back to normal again!  Of course, the house always looks empty and plain, once the decorations are put away…

The Polar Vortex has moved on, and we’re experiencing temperatures back in the high 60’s today!  It almost feels like summer, compared to the beginning of the week!  Unfortunately, it’s cloudy, dreary, and occasionally rainy outside–which makes it seem like winter, even though it doesn’t feel like winter!  These kinds of days make it hard for me to stay active or positive.

I was beginning to have a bit of ‘cabin fever’, this morning, so I made a trip to town–in the rain!  It was the first time I’ve left the house since last weekend, and it felt good to get out of the house.  It was a costly get-away though.  It cost me nearly ninety dollars to get out of the grocery store–and everything I purchased fit in the bottom of the shopping cart!  I nearly died when I had to pay $4.29 for a bottle of Heinz 57 Sauce, and $4.19 for a bottle of pickled peppers!

Speaking of Heinz 57 Sauce–our grown sons still like to remind me of how stingy I used to be with the sauce, while they were living at home 🙂  I watched the bottle like a hawk, and constantly warned them not to waste it!  After all, boys will be boys, and they don’t think about how much something costs when piling it on their plates.  I, often, had to stay after the oldest son about not eating all of the cheddar cheese, too!  These days,  he says his wife gets after him 🙂

This morning, I took the first tour of our garden, following Monday and Tuesday’s freezing temperatures.  Some plants are in really bad shape, while others have recovered nicely.  The collards, cabbage, and carrots seem to have recovered and are looking okay.  The mustard, turnips, lettuce, and cauliflower–not so much.  I can’t even begin to tell you how dead our poor cherry tomato plant is–even though we tried our best to save it.  The good news is, soon it will be time to plant a spring garden.  We could be planting potatoes, garden peas, and a second crop of carrots and greens in as little as six weeks!

The carpet guy is supposed to come tomorrow to re-stretch our living room carpeting.  We’ve been dealing with a few stray wrinkles for several months, and they need to be removed.  I’m really dreading what all of this entails…  We have a lot of very heavy furniture that will need to be removed, not to mention all of the books and decor that will have to be moved first!  I’ve already packed up two huge boxes of curios, and that’s just the beginning.  My biggest fear is that I’ll pack everything up, and the guy won’t show up!  That would be our luck.

Speaking of not showing up–a contractor was supposed to come this week to give us an estimate on building a cover for our front porch.  His wife finally called yesterday to say that he’d come down with the flu!  He’s not sure when or if he can get to us, now.  Ed and I refer to this type of situation as “Bacon Luck”.  I hope something works out for us.

At least someone in our family had some “Good Luck” this week.  Our daughter-in-law, Jennifer, got a new job!  She’ll still be working at the same hospital, but in a different department, which doesn’t require working any weekends!   Life after maternity leave will soon be beginning for Jennifer, and I wish her (and baby Evan) well with their transition.  Not working weekends should make the transition a little easier!

That’s about it for my Friday Fragments.  I’ll be linking up with Mrs. 4444 over at halfpastkissintime.  See you on Monday!

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  1. I have to watch the peanut butter like a hawk. My husband has a bad habit of scooping from the middle so it looks full but is almost empty.

  2. Congrats to your DIL on the new job. We too have had cabin fever. I finally stuck my nose out yesterday. Our trip to the grocery store was expensive as well although I think we are stocked up for a while. In cleaning out the freezer to make room hubby found several containers of homemade soup.

  3. WEll, if he doesn’t show tomorrow, he’ll show sometime, so at least all your work (on the curios anyway) won’t be for nothing. Maybe you should confirm he is coming and at what time?

  4. I know what you mean about that post-Christmas-anticipation letdown. I suffer from it too, even though my birthday arrives on the heels of Christmas. I think that, after summer, the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve is my favorite time of the year.

  5. Great news about Jennifer!! Nice that you got your decorations stored away for another year. I don’t envy you moving furniture, but we will be doing the same thing. New floors coming for the three bedrooms, and I want to paint two of them first….plus lots of cleaning out goes with it.

  6. Congrats to your Daughter In Law and yay for coming out of the deep freeze! Hope next week is better…

  7. Congratulations on the new job for you DIL!! Too bad about the ‘no show’ with the contractor and flu! And costly groceries?!! Yep, I know what that’s like.

    And even tho it drained your purse of funds, was still good to get out and about after such a dreary week, right?

    • …sorry, for YOUR DIL…not you DIL.

  8. Congratulations to Jennifer … praying that this will make the transition back to work a little easier.

  9. My spouse has done the majority of packing up the Christmas decorations. But for the first time since my stroke, I helped “undecorate” the tree. I removed everything except lights and the ornaments that were on the top foot or so. I am not safe on a step stool yet!

    I am envious of your winter garden. Things still haven’t calmed down from the holidays, but I hope to get out to prep our small garden plot for springtime planting. Congrats to Jennifer on job. No work on weekends is a blessing!

  10. I’m glad your dil landed a position that leaves weekends free. I’m sure the transition back is a little tough…hope all goes well. No gardening in the Garden State in January : )

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