Miscellaneous Monday…

Another weekend has quickly come and gone, like they always do…and of course, there’s never quite enough time.  Enough said about that, but here’s how I spent my ‘not long enough’ weekend…

My weekend got off to a rough start, when I went to the grocery store on Friday.  It rained on me, my groceries were ridiculously expensive, and to top it all of, I dropped my car keys in the parking lot, as I was leaving.  This might not have presented a problem, except for my Origami Owl key chain–a gift from my grandsons.  The little compartment of the key chain [which holds the four birthstones of my grandchildren] popped open when it hit the pavement, and little birthstones flew everywhere!  With cars parked on each side of me, and my eyesight, there was no finding the missing stones.  I’m left with only one stone 😦  Fortunately, our daughter-in-law came to my rescue, later, and helped me re-order new stones 🙂

Friday night, Ed and I kicked off the beginning of our weekend by spending time with some of the family.  We ate spaghetti and subs, with two of our grown children and their families, then watched some of the movie, The Life of Pi on television.  (The grandchildren were captivated by the sight of the zoo animals in the life boat!)  It had been quite a while since we’d spent time with our son, Brett’s, family, due to the illness that’s been attacking their household.

On Saturday morning, I’m happy to report, the ‘carpet man’ showed up, and did a great job!  It only took him about 45 minutes to move the furniture, stretch and cut  off the carpet, then move the furniture back into place.  The carpet man had this woman helping him move furniture, who could put most men to shame!  We have two couches in our living room with two recliners in each one–and they weigh a ton!  I can’t lift the couches at all, and Ed struggles just to get one end lifted up.  This woman picked up her end of those couches as if they weighed nothing–and she moved three heavy bookcases, too!  We were impressed.

During the recent cold snap, the fan to our electric fireplace stopped working. Isn’t that always the way it goes?  While we had the furniture moved, on Saturday morning, Ed pulled the fireplace insert out of the console so he could get the model number to order a new fan motor.  Ed sprayed the fan with WD-40 and suddenly it started working again!  I love when things like that happen 🙂  We wrote down the model number, anyway, just in case!

It took both of us most of Saturday afternoon to put everything back on the living room shelves, after the carpet man left!  The good news is, everything got dusted and organized in the process, but I sure hope we don’t have to move everything again any time soon!  I didn’t even tackle putting all of the curios back in their cabinets, yet.  I’ll do that today.

On Saturday afternoon, I discovered that chivalry isn’t dead.  It’s alive and well at my house.  I went outside to feed and water the chickens, and while I was in the chicken coop, suddenly we began having a downpour.  It wasn’t  just raining, it was flooding!  I had no choice but to stand there, stranded under the shelter of the coop, along with the chickens.  After several minutes, I looked up to see Ed splashing his way through the yard, dressed in a poncho, and bringing a second poncho for me.  My hero rescued his damsel in distress:)

The rest of the weekend was spent doing a little shopping (for exciting things like freeze-dried meal worms and scaly mite spray for ‘the girls’), and burying our “grandcat”–at least I think it was our grandcat.  It was really kinda’ hard to tell, since the carcass was rather battered up when it found its way to the yard…   “Spencer”, our grandson’s tom cat,  had begun living in the woods, quite a while ago, but would stop by to eat with our cats, occasionally, so we considered him one of ours.

I’ll miss Spencer’s visits, and I can’t help but wonder if the coyotes I keep hearing in the woods (even during the daytime), brought Spencer to his untimely death.

On that unsettling note, I think I’ll change the subject, and join “The Monday Quiz”…

Acting Balanced

1. It’s International Skeptics day – what are you skeptical about?

I’m skeptical about pretty much everything, and now,  I have my own holiday 🙂   LOL

2. Wednesday is National Hat Day – what is your favorite hat? Do you wear hats often?

I don’t like hats of any kind, and rarely wear one because they give me a headache.  If the weather gets extremely cold, I’ll wear a knit hat, but it doesn’t happen often.

3. What one movie or two would you say should be on everyone’s must see list?

I’m going to say “The Wizard of Oz” , simply because it’s a classic that I watched as a child, then watched again( several times) with my own children.

4. If they were going to make a reality show about your life what would it be called?

Married, With Grown Children–and Grandchildren, too!

My question:

How do you spend the cold, dreary days of January?

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  1. Glad you got your carpet restretched. We have begun to talk about replacing our carpet … the prospect of having to get everything ready for that is reason enough to keep postponing the replacement! ha!

    Yay on the fireplace fix!

  2. Oh no, it’s too bad about those birthstones. So glad you’re getting them replaced.
    It’s in the 40s here, I’ll bet it’s colder in other places but still I’m finding reason to hibernate 🙂

  3. I too can’t wear hats. Glad the fan is working. Hopefully you won’t need it for a while.

  4. We don’t get too many dreary days in Tucson, but if we do have one I usually stay indoors and stay as warm as possible!

  5. So glad the fan started working again. Love it when that happens.

    Since I still work full-time, I have no trouble getting days in. Sometimes I wish I did have the time.

  6. You had some weekend. Loved the poncho rescue! Your tales of the girls early on had me googling keeping urban chickens and wanting a couple. But with extra cold weather rainy winter plus a nephew’s difficulty at making his urban set uo fox-proof, I am thinking maybe not.

    He has not yet succeeded.

  7. I enjoyed reading about your weekend! We are going through emptying out bedrooms so they can be painted, and then get new floors installed. Our house looks like a tornado came through, with clothes hanging in the dining room, next to mattresses and everything else we have pulled out so far…more to come. It is good to do it now and then. Like you said, things get cleaned and I intend to get rid of a whole bunch of stuff, too.

    Our January has been chilly, but we don’t normally get house-bound in the winter, in central Florida. We did have to put the furnace on a couple of nights.

  8. Once again, our mechanical maladies are connected, only this time they’re opposites. The fan on my propane wall heating unit wouldn’t turn off. I had to unplug it. but bonus! I discovered the house gets warmer without the fan. Radiant heat works better. Now I find out! I had it installed 14 years ago. 14 winters!!!!!!
    Sorry about your grandcat.

  9. I’m sorry to hear about the birthstones, but glad they are able to be replaced.

    It’s not cold here for our January. It’s supposed to be in the 70’s this week. It’s kinda crazy. And we need rain so, so badly.

    While I’m kinda glad for the nice weather I kinda wish we could get our normal rain, so we’re not worried about droughts this summer.

  10. We usually have okay whether in January as long as it does not get too cold it’s okay since the sun is usually shining. We usually do some sledding for the kids and some cross country skiing. Lots of indoor activities too like crafts and baking.

  11. The weather hasn’t been too bad here… the boys still bike ride after school most days but when it’s cold and rainy we tend to hibernate with the ipads

  12. My hubby won’t watch the Wizard of Oz (he is scared of the flying monkeys). But I was able to get him to watch Oz, the Great and Powerful. I love most of the classic movies.

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