Friday Fragments #287…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Another week is coming to an end…and what a week it’s been!  This winter weather is seriously working on my mental attitude.  Sunshine has been in short supply, this week, and it’s so hard to get up and get motivated on a gray, cloudy day.  Our temperatures haven’t been bad, in fact, I’ve had the air conditioning turned on for two days, this week, but there hasn’t been a lot of sunshine.  More rain is forecast for the weekend.  Will poor Ed ever get to burn that field off???  I’m beginning to have serious doubts!


There is one other thing that’s playing a big part in my mental attitude, and it’s called a reduction in Hormone Replacement Therapy Oh the joys of growing older!  In December, I asked my gynecologist to reduce my  HRT dosage, so he did.  Although my doctor was fine with the current dosage, I wanted him to reduce it, in an effort to eventually stop HRT altogether.  Although I’m tapering the dosage down gradually, I can sure tell a difference in my attitude–and my sleeping habits!  Hot flashes at 3 a.m. are not fun!


Apparently, a reduction of Hormone Replacement Therapy has done more to me than make me cranky and sleepless!  On Wednesday, I somehow managed to misplace my glasses!  I’ve looked this house over, at least a dozen times, and I’ve failed to find my glasses!  For now, I’m wearing a pair of old glasses, but if my regular glasses don’t turn up soon, I’m going to be forced to buy a new pair.  This ordeal brought to my mind some of the past adventures we’ve been through with Ed’s mom--like the time she lost her false teeth!   Like I said, oh, the joys of growing older! (To any of my children, who may be reading this post:  Fasten your seat belts.  Bumpy roads [in life] are probably ahead!)


By yesterday I’d developed a serious case of ‘cabin fever,  so I got up, got dressed and hit the road!  I spent the entire day shopping.  I shopped for Valentine’s Day gifts.  I shopped for garden seeds.  I even shopped for some trees, too.  I didn’t buy any trees, but I may go back and get some later!  I’m in the mood to plant something!  Oh, and by the way, there was sunshine all day, yesterday, but it rained (again) last night.


Speaking of planting something, I’ve got 24 cabbage and lettuce seedlings growing in the window, along with three cherry tomato seedlings.  They are pretty puny since sunshine has been in short supply around here, but hopefully, they’ll perk up once the sun begins to shine regularly.  I’ve been placing them outside, on the porch, whenever the weather permits–and hoping I don’t forget to bring them back inside!  (that aging factor, again!)


I enjoyed watching some of the Winter Olympics, last night.  We watched some Snowboarding and Figure Skating.  While watching, I  couldn’t help but think of years past, when Ed and I have watched the Olympics together.  Does anyone else remember skaters,  Randy Gardner and Tai Babilonia, or Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding?  (I’m probably really revealing my age now!)  You just never know what’s going to happen during the Olympics, which is part of their allure.


Ed attended little Micah’s funeral, this week.  Micah was the seven-year-old son of one of Ed’s former co-workers, who recently passed away from Lymphoma.  Ed brought home one of the funeral programs.  On the back of the program was a quote from Micah.  It read:  For Lymphoma is the most rarest of all.  Remember to be brave, and always face the cross!  Don’t be scared of fear, and put fear behind you.   Written by Micah,  November 2013.  Some profound thoughts from a little boy who’d just turned seven, don’t you think?


That’s it for me, today.  I’ll be linking up my fragments over at Halfpastkissintime, and, as always, thanks to Mrs. 4444 for hosting!   Have a great weekend.

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  1. how sad to attend a funeral for such a young child!!
    Hormones…HRT…I remember those times. I know what you’re going through…but if it’s any consolation, you do get through it eventually and all’s well.

    Hope your find your glasses.

  2. Those were very profound words from a 7 year old! I’m not sue that many adults would be able to say that and mean it when facing the same trial that little Micah did.

    I was looking forward to menopause … I would have enjoyed a hot flash or two … when combined with my normal state of freezing, I thought I might actually be comfortable. ha! Then again, I had hopes of when I reached the age where most need bifocals that the need for help with close vision would “blend” with my nearsightedness and mean that I could see clearly. That didn’t happen either! ha!

    Hope you find your glasses soon. You’re right … the “joys” of growing older.

  3. I never had to take hormones, for which I am very grateful. I applaud your effort to reduce them. I had a friend who just stopped…cold turkey…it was rough, but she made it through. Probably wiser to take it slow! So sad about Micah…but comforting to know his eyes were on the Cross! Hope you find your glasses…know how frustrating that must be.Hope you have a blessed weekend!

  4. Oh so sorry about your little brave friend. My heart goes out to his family, and I will be praying for them.

  5. Yes, I remember those skaters! See you’re not the only old one!

  6. lost her false teeth – wow did she think it was funny?
    plant something? – wow again as I look out at about 2-3 feet of snow covering all the ground.
    The sadness of children dying is overwhelming.

  7. The way I feel about HRT drugs is that our ancestors didn’t take them and they made it through menopause so why should we. I’ve never taken any. I enjoyed watching the coverage from last night, I just watched it this morning and there is a male skater from Japan who was amazing! Those are amazing words from a 7 year old. Keeping him and his family in my prayers. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Thank you for your hope of spring – buying seeds! You’ve inspired me. I’m going to attempt a few veggies this year and hope the deer behave themselves.
    Thank you too for Micah’s quote. Perhaps lymphoma only affects the brave. I lost my brother to the dreaded disease, and although he was much older than Micah, at 41, he was still young and ever so brave.

  9. I know about that cabin fever, but my retail therapy was online! Yes, the urge to plant is about to overpower me. Micah’s words made me tear up. Hope next week brings you sunshine.

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