It’s Just Me On Monday (Again)…

Acting Balanced
Happy Monday, y’all!  I’m going to jump right into the ‘Monday Quiz’, this morning,–for inquiring minds, who may want to know a little more about me…

Thanks to Heather and Wayne for hosting!

Today’s questions:

1. National frozen food day is this week – are you a big frozen food shopper?  Do you freeze your own veggies or fruit?  

National frozen food day?  Really?  Who knew?

No, I am not a big frozen food shopper.  I’ll buy a few frozen items , but not a lot of vegetables or fruit.  Occasionally, I’ll buy some frozen creamed corn, brussel sprouts, or tiny lima beans.  I usually buy fresh fruits, or, occasionally, I buy some canned fruit.

As for freezing veggies, yes, I do freeze vegetables every summer, and sometimes I’ll freeze peaches and pears, too.

2. What annoys you?

Ha! Ha!  (Do you really want to get me started???)  

Here are just a few of the things that annoy me–in no particular order:

Disrespectful or poorly behaved children, people who get in the ‘express checkout line’ when their cart is full, rude people, political ads, poor drivers, and people who brag.

3. It’s Wine and Food Festival week here in Charleston, do you have a favorite type of wine?

No, I don’t drink, never have.  There are too many alcoholics in my family tree.

4. What do you think is an appropriate age for a first cell phone?

These days, many young children have cell phones, and I, personally, don’t get it.  The ramifications of giving a cell phone to a young, irresponsible child could be devastating. (I’m thinking of inappropriate pictures being emailed or unrestricted access to the trash on the internet)  Our children only got a cell phone after they began driving–so they could call us, in case of an emergency.

Two of our children  did really well with their cell phones, and never abused the privilege.  However, the third one loaned his to a ‘friend‘ (and I use this term loosely) who promptly used it to make an excessive amount of phone calls, while it was in her possession!  Needless to say, the minutes on the plan were exceeded, and when the phone bill came, it was huge!  Fortunately, our son was able to pay us back.

I’d wait, at least, until a child becomes a teenager, before turning them loose with a cell phone.

5.  My question for you:  Do you have an interesting tale to tell concerning a cell phone?


It was a beautiful weekend, in our neck of the woods, and Ed and I took every opportunity to enjoy the great weather!  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and temperatures rose into the 70’s.  I spent most of Sunday afternoon, sitting in a chaise lounge chair, watching Ed cook ribs on the grill.  Life doesn’t get much better than that!  Ed’s ribs were delicious, by the way!

Spring must be getting near, because our pear trees are getting ready to bloom.  I sure hope we don’t get another freeze, once the blossoms pop out!  We’ve had an abundance of robins and cardinals visiting us, lately, too.  One particular pair of cardinals visits daily, to eat the bird food I leave for them.  The male is unusually vivid and beautiful.

Over the weekend, Ed and I continued doing some yard work.  Our yard borders woods, on two sides, so we cleaned up a bunch of leaves and fallen tree limbs.  Our ultimate goal is to get some grass growing on those two sides of our house.  It may take a while, but we’re working on it!  The first step was getting the straw, limbs, and leaves raked up.

Our son, Brad, and his family had planned to come for a visit, on Sunday, but their plans changed because baby Evan had tummy troubles, and wasn’t feeling well.  Our little fellow turned four months old on Friday.  Technically, his 4 month birthday would have been on the 30th, but there is no February 30.  Anyway, I’m sure he’ll have grown a couple of inches by our next visit!

“The girls” reached a milestone, on Sunday, when they laid their 2000th egg!  That’s a lot of eggs for a tiny flock of just five hens.  Actually, the ‘runt’ of the flock doesn’t lay on a regular basis, so  just four ‘ladies’  actually furnished the majority of those eggs.   I’m planning to write a ‘my girls’ update, soon, because there’s never a dull moment with that crew!

Well, that’s a brief glimpse into my weekend.  So how was yours?

Happy Monday!   It’s going to be a cool and cloudy one, here…

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  1. I got my first cell phone when I started back to work in 1989. I left the lights on in my car while at work. Needless to say I came out at 9:30 pm to a dead battery. I was able to get a group of men in a car to help me boost the car and get home. After that experience I bought a “car” phone and a membership to the auto club.

  2. I was in university before I had a cell phone… And we still all have pay as you go plans with cheap phones…

  3. Yes, I have a personal experience to share. One time, we needed to replace our toilet seat and DH asked that I send him a picture of it. So, I did. I waited, and waited for his response till at last I got one. The problem was it was from someone else who made a joke about the toilet seat. I died of embarrassment at first, and then just laughed and laughed before I sent a quick apology to the person for my mistake. I finally sent it to DH, as well told him about my screw up. I swear I could almost hear his eyes roll! Great to meet you today!

  4. I buy some frozen berries at Costco for smoothies but that’s about it. Sadly there are a lot more rude people around these days 😦 I know kids get phones way to early these days. Years ago I felt they needed one when they started driving.

  5. I love the sound of your weekend. Ribs on the grill and some relaxing and nice weather…Nice!!

    I personally think kids don’t need a cell phone until they are driving or if they are on a sports team…it makes it nice when plans change and they are running late. That being said, I still think there should be some restrictions on its use.

  6. Yep, those things annoy me, too! Hope the baby boy feels better. We had corn and peas from our freezer (that we put up) for lunch yesterday. So good!! Cool, cloudy and misty here. A good day for staying in…if I could! 🙂

  7. I buy frozen fruit to use in smoothies.

    My kids do not have cell phones. However, we live and work on the same campus as their school so that makes it easy. If they were to walk home from school or spend too much time away from where my husband or I were, they would probably have one for emergency purposes, even at age 12 and 10. When they walk to the park together they always take my phone and have needed it on two different occasions.

    So while I totally agree with you on cell phones (if my kids needed one it would be completely basic with no internet access) I think it depends on the circumstances you live in too.

  8. No interesting cell phone tales to tell. Happy to read your answers today, though!

  9. No interesting cell phone stories here (although my sister dropped her cell phone in the toilet at work a few years back). 😉

  10. Sitting in a lounge chair, barbecuing ribs?!?! Give me a break! And you had to go and remind me that there are probably tons and tons of twigs and leaves lying in wait for me if the snow ever melts. Speaking of snow, the best i can say from here is we dodged the bullet and didn’t get a flake of snow despite all the hoopla that Titan was coming our way. Seriously, it sounds like you had a lovely weekend.

  11. Sending this with a prayer for little Evan and his parents. Cold and rain have returned here to the coast. I am discouraged and thinking a garden might not be in the cards this year. If its cold or rainy, I am indoors. If it is pretty weather we are on the road. Sigh. At least I will get to read about your garden and the girls! 2000 eggs!

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