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our pear trees

Spring has officially sprung in our area!  The trees are filled with beautiful blossoms, and the azaleas are beginning to bloom, as well.  I even noticed those little ‘crosses’ on the tops of some pine trees, which always signal spring/Easter.  Ed has mowed grass twice already!  This doesn’t mean we won’t have another ‘cold snap’, but I think all things are in ‘spring mode’–including the animals!  (more on this another day!)

I kept our grandson, Chase, while his parents did some Easter shopping, on Friday.  Chase and I enjoyed each other’s company while watching three episodes of ‘Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and playing with the Mickey Mouse Railroad set.  Things went well until nap time, then Chase’s stubborn streak came out!  Let’s just say…Chase didn’t take a nap–not at my house, anyway!  He sat in the middle of the bed and watched me attempt to rest 🙂  The little stinker!


Chase, playing trains with me

For the first time, in several weeks, our house was noisy, crowded, and very ‘alive’ on Friday night!  Once again, our entire family was able to gather together, and it was great to see everyone, all in one place, again.  Ed was the cook, this time, serving up a delicious ‘Low Country Boil’, something we don’t have very often!  I think it’s safe to say, we all enjoyed it!  Good times and good memories were in the making.

The rest of the weekend remained relatively busy.  Brad and his family left, on Saturday, to visit Jennifer’s family, and Ed and I piddled around the house, working on various projects–or should I say, Ed worked while I watched.  By the end of the weekend, all of our grass had been mowed, including Ed’s mom’s yard, ‘the girls’, aka our hens, had a new extension on the roof of their home, and the water line at Ed’s mom’s had been repaired.  Ed went to bed tired!

Okay, now that the weekend has come and gone, Monday means it’s time to kick-start the week with a little ‘Monday Quiz’.  I’ll be joining Heather and Wayne over at ActingBalanced.  If you wish, you can play along, too, by clicking their button below!

Acting Balanced

1. Wednesday is “Make Up Your Own Holiday day” – what will it be for you?

I may be celebrating with a ‘Spring Cleaning’ holiday.  I’ve been feeling the need to do some of that!

2. Is your March full of madness?

Yes,  the month of March was filled with some ‘madness’ for us!  First, Ed’s work salary was cut by 5%, then our grand baby, Evan, got sick, and stayed sick for two whole weeks, culminating with a visit to the hospital!  Hopefully, April will be kinder.

3. Yesterday was National Chip and Dip day – are you a fan? What is your favorite dip, favorite chip?

I’ll eat chips and dip, but it’s not high on my list of ‘must haves’.  Hamburger dip with tortilla chips is pretty good though!

4. Is it a good idea to write about discord in your workplace on your blog?

Writing–anywhere–about discord in the workplace is never a good idea.  You never know who might find it and read it–and what the consequences might be!  You have to be careful who you talk to, as well.  I once got called in and reprimanded for discussing discord in the workplace, after I confided in a ‘friend,’  whom I thought I could trust 😦   Thank goodness, those days are well behind me, now!  On that note, I’ll just say…

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. So happy you got to gather your whole brood under one roof! That’s our plan for next weekend…can’t wait!! 🙂

  2. I hope the rest of your March and your April are less eventful…

  3. Family gatherings are just THE BEST!!! I enjoyed your answers for the MQAM!!

  4. Beautiful trees and beautiful grandson. I love the way he is sitting in that picture. 🙂

    Sound like you had a terrific weekend.

  5. Pear trees…yum! Sounds like a fun weekend. I’m not sure I would enjoy that holiday….LOL!

  6. We have a saying at our house – What happens at Grammy’s stays at Grammy’s!

  7. Your trees are beautiful. It reminds me of this time of year when I lived in San Jose and the almond and apricot trees would all break out in blossoms – vibrant pinks and whites. Enjoy spring, but then it looks like you are!

  8. Oh my, Chip and Dip Day? I cannot resist that kind of mindless eating … I stay out of them altogether!

    I cannot wait until things are blooming here … I think we have several more weeks (that’s even if our azaleas survived the winter).

    Sounds like a pretty wonderful weekend to me.

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