I Can Hardly Drag, But It’s Time To Frag…

Half-Past Kissin' Time


Whew!  What a week it has been!  My brain and body are toast, but it’s Friday, and everything’s gonna’ be alright!  Friday means two things around here–the weekend’s here, and it’s time for Friday Fragments.  First things first, let’s get to the ‘Fragments’.  Thanks to Mrs. 4-4-4-4 for hosting!

Speaking of Mrs. 4-4-4-4, this month, she’s having a ‘Fraggin Fantastic Tercentennial Celebration’ (and give away) over at HalfPastKissintime!   Soon she will be posting her 300th edition of Friday Fragments.   The celebration will last through May 9, so be sure to check it out!

I’ve been on an early schedule this week, due to having workmen at our house each day by 8 o’clock.  I’ve had to feed all of the animals and tend to the chickens before the workmen arrived at eight, because the noise from the construction disturbs my pets.  Today was the one day I could have slept in, but, no, my eyes popped open at six!  Wouldn’t ya’ know?!

Construction on the porch cover is almost complete.  The tin for the roof hasn’t come in, yet, so there will be a slight delay.  Hopefully, the tin should arrive sometime today.  As soon as it does, they’ll be back to finish the job.  For now, our porch has a ceiling, but no top!  This worries me a bit, and I’m sure hoping it doesn’t rain.

We’ve gone straight from winter to summer!  Yesterday, our temperatures were in the upper eighties!  Wow, what happened to spring?  I saw frost on the roof, on Monday, now it’s nearing 90 degrees.  Crazy!

We have seven rows of our garden planted, with 5 rows still waiting to be planted.  (Keep in mind, these rows are over 100 feet long!)  We’ve downsized from last year’s 17 rows, thank goodness!  The main thing we have yet to plant is corn.  The next good planting day is supposed to be Monday, if it doesn’t rain.  I’m thinking we might go against the Farmer’s Almanac and plant a row or two of something tomorrow!

I attempted to sign up for my retirement from TRS (teachers retirement system), earlier this week, but wasn’t successful.  I still have a few months before I’m sixty, but I’m glad I started the process early.  I have to wait for a packet of materials to arrive in the mail, which could take up to 30 days! No need to get in a hurry, huh?

Ed has begun to explore Medicare options, since he’ll turn 65 in November.  It seems surreal to be talking about Medicare!  I remember thinking we’d be young for a long, long time, and wouldn’t have to worry about such things!  Ha!  Time has a way of slipping up on us.

Speaking of time slipping up on us, Ed and I have begun making a few decisions concerning our future.  Some of those plans include death-related issues.  Several years ago, I made the decision that I’d like to be cremated.  Ed has since decided he will be cremated, as well.  When I first revealed my wishes to our children, they didn’t take the news very well.  (Cremation still isn’t a popular option where we live.)  This week, I saw something on Facebook, concerning cremation, that amused me, so permit me to share:


Now I have another excuse for being cremated! Ha Ha

On that note, I’ll say “Have a great weekend!’





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  1. We have been having similar conversations here too.
    I think cremation is getting much more acceptible.
    My father and best friend were both recently cremated.
    Good luck with the roof, have a blessed weekend.

  2. Okay. You made me laugh with that one. haha

    My parents have both decided to be cremated. I didn’t really like it at first, but really it does make more sense and I believe that’s what I want for me too.

  3. We have talked to our children about our wishes. We know that being buried isn’t an option because we take up too much space also no one would come to visit any way. We want to be cremated and have a tree planted instead. Can’t decide between a Christmas tree or a harlequin maple tree. D H turns 65 in July. You are right to start retirement plans early.

  4. I started setting up my S.S. a few months before my birthday last year. My sister will be starting her Medicare in May….I can’t believe we have reached this time in our lives. We decided on cremation years ago with no viewings and our ashes will be spread at Mammoth Lakes. I would like a memorial service but my husband wants no service at all.

    Your garden sounds amazing and glad your porch is almost finished. Hope it doesn’t rain. So after a Winter of crazy weather you go right into Summer….more crazy weather!!!!

  5. thanks for sharing that sign! funny
    We learned from a friend that delaying Medicare signup can cost you later. If you delay and then signup later they want the premiums from the skipped months.
    Death and the whole after-life idea is of course very central to many different beliefs and faiths. I respect that. I do wonder if we were to see some of the decay on old corpses more of us might go for that hot smoking body.

  6. You’re still young — TRS and Medicare or no; I really believe that you are as young as you feel!
    I don’t know how I feel about cremation but that joke is hilarious!!!

  7. i love that last hot smoking body bit! Have a great weekend. Hope the porch gets finished soon.

  8. LOL! LOVED the cremation reference!
    I’m sure I’ll feel the same way when we reach the age for Medicare!
    Poor little chickens…here’s hoping the construction ends early.
    I’ve planted some seeds in a thingy on my kitchen counter.They’re…um…a plant that likes shade–Coleus. Fingers crossed that they live to be potted. The only thing I have good luck with is cacti 🙂

    Thanks for entering the giveaway and spreading the word! Have a great weekend.

  9. Don’t you just hate it when our bodies don’t realize that we can sleep in? ha! Now that I’m no longer watching the Ts, I’m still up at 4:30-ish. What’s up with that??

    Hope the tin arrives on time so you can get your porch covered.

    We’ve got some lettuce and some onions planted. It’ll be another 3 weeks before we can plant much of anything else as it still gets down to the lower 30’s at night. Not much of a spring here. Sigh.

  10. That is still a BIG garden!! Whew!! Lots of work, but lots of good stuff come harvest time!

    Joe and I decided to be cremated, too. The Catholic Church accepts it, as long as the ashes are interred in a sacred place (and not kept on a shelf in a closet somewhere!). It only makes sense, these days. Not a fun conversation, but a necessary one.

  11. Hubby has already decided for cremation. I am still thinking, and your funny saying may just be the deciding fact!

  12. Great post title! surely reflects how I feel as well.
    Wow! you did go straight to summer. The closest we have gotten to planting our garden is to figure out what we want to plant. I guess we will have get moving or we wont have a garden. Hehehe….. that is one way to get a smoking hot body!

  13. We have decided on cremation, too, but our boys took it fine. We want a funeral Mass first, though, with visiting hours. The funeral is for the living and is important (at least that has been my experience). They I’ll finally have that hot smoking body! Ha!! Love it.

  14. These fragments are awesome. I’d like to be cremated and planted with a seedling in a national park. My kids understand it but don’t like the idea of an urn in a funeral home. Oh well.

    Kinda jealous about your retirement application; I’m not gonna lie.

    Thanks for linking up! 🙂

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