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Wow!  The weekend is over, once again, and it’s time to begin another week.  I won’t take much time to write about our busy weekend, except to say that it went by in a hurry and included lots of work!   I’ll spare you the details, but just know that Ed and I were very tired and very dirty on Saturday night–and I went to bed with some sunburn!

We had planned on having a Sunday visit from our son, Brad, and his family, but things didn’t work out.  Just as I was dragging out the pots and pans to cook, Brad called to say sickness had struck their family–again, and they wouldn’t be coming.  Note to Brad & family here:  Country living is healthier for you than city living 🙂  Anyway, I put the post and pans away, and Ed and I went shopping, instead–all day–because it was raining!  Believe it or not, I went to Lowe’s and actually shopped in their garden center, while using an umbrella–and I wasn’t the only one doing it!!!  Gotta’ love that!

Our summer-like temperatures have temporarily left us,  and cool, rainy days have taken their place.  Thankfully, the workmen were able to get the tin on our porch roof before the rain got here 🙂  Hopefully, the ‘April Showers’ will make our newly planted garden grow because these cold, dreary days really suck!

Speaking of the garden, did you know it’s “Garden Week”?   On that note, let’s hop right into today’s questions of ‘The Monday Quiz’, shall we?  Thanks to Heather and Wayne for furnishing the questions and hosting.  Feel free to join us, if you can, by clicking the button below:

Acting Balanced

1. This week is “Garden Week” – do you garden and what progress have you made on this year’s garden… Wayne also wants to know what May Flowers you want these April Showers to bring?

Last week, Ed and I spent three different days working on this year’s garden.  We currently have ten (140 feet long) rows of vegetables and one row of flowers planted in our garden.  Ed plans to plant a row of peanuts and a row of watermelons, then we’ll be finished!  Since I planted zinnias and sunflowers in the garden, on Saturday, I hope ‘April Showers’ will cause them to bloom sometime in June!  I use the ‘garden flowers’ to make bouquets for the house, plus they make the vegetable garden look pretty!  See-

100_2586 (2)

Sunflowers in last year’s garden

2. Monday is No Housework Day – will you celebrate?

Yes, I think I will celebrate!  I have several other chores that I need to do, today, and none of them involve housework 🙂  I don’t like to do housework when it rains, anyway.

3. Wednesday is Name Yourself Day – would you change your name if you could? and if so, to what? If not, why not?

If someone would’ve asked me this question forty-five years ago, I probably would’ve answered “Yes, I’d like to change my name”, because I didn’t like my name back then.  I’ve always been glad that my mother spelled my name with a ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’, but I used to wish that she’d ended it with an “i” or an “ie”.  However, now that I’ve had my name for almost sixty years, it’s kind of grown on me!   These days, I’m happy being plain, old Kathy–with a “y”.

4. Friday is 8 Track Tape day – do you remember them? Did you have one? What 8 track song will you sing in honor of this day?

Oh, yeah!  I remember 8 track tapes and 8 track tape players (of the 70’s) very well!  Ed had one in his car, and I had one in my bedroom, back when  we were dating.  In fact, Ed actually bought my 8 track  player for me, cause he was nice like that.  (He, also, left all of his 8 track tapes with me while he was off serving in the military.)

One of the tapes I remember us listening to a lot, back then, was ‘The Supremes Greatest Hits’. “Baby Love” was one of my favorite songs on the tape, and hearing it, now, takes me right back to those nights of riding around in Ed’s 1961 Pink Mercury–without a care in the world–except what time I had to be home! With that happy thought, I’ll end this post and say “Happy Monday, y’all!”

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  1. I don’t need a special day to not do housecleaning! ha! We plan to get out some time later this week to work on our garden … plant some more lettuce, maybe some spinach, and more onions. So we’ll be doing some gardening during Garden Week. I’m sorry to hear that Brad and his family are sick again!

  2. Sorry to hear that sickness is back in your son’s family. The changing weather isn’t helping to get rid of the germs. Love your garden.

  3. You have a wonderful garden!

  4. Your garden looks fabulous! Hope you can get a family visit in soon!

  5. Love that song. I probably most remember listening to the Jackson 5 on 8-track in my 1967 Ford Fairlane that had a hole in the floorboard on the passenger side. 🙂

    Beautiful garden – hope this years will be as beautiful for you.

    Yep, when I was younger, I definitely would have like to have changed my name too. Now, I’m satisfied with Cathy. 🙂

  6. Glad you got that tin on your roof before the rain. That was one beautiful garden last year and the sunflowers are gorgeous. I didn’t even know I was celebrating no house cleaning today, I will continue to keep it up! Yes we had 8 tracks too and times have really changed.

  7. Had to chuckle at your shopping in the rain. I too went to a garden center – at Walmart’s. All they had was pansies – which worked for me!

  8. Hope Brad and family are on the mend again. Too bad you missed the visit. I enjoyed your MQAM answers!!

  9. We have had mostly cold dreary weather with only a day or two of sunshine sprinkled in. Gorgeous yesterday but rainy again today. Our ground is still frozen so no gardening here. My dermatologist wouldn’t like me to say it, but I’m jealous of your sunburn : )

  10. Oh yea, those 8 tracks were the “bomb” back in the day!! ha! ha! Glad the porch is coming along. Working for a dermatologist, I must say…wear your sunscreen! That sunburn may come back to haunt you in a few years! 🙂

  11. Kudos on the garden progress. We are have been back to cold and rainy for several days here, too.

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