Listening To That Still, Quiet Voice…

A few weeks back, I mentioned that I couldn’t wait to get some new baby chicks, when spring came.  Little did I know that baby chicks would go on sale in February–when the outside temperatures were hovering around freezing!

The first time Ed and I encountered baby chicks, at Tractor Supply, it caught me quite off guard.  I wasn’t expecting to see chicks for about another month!  I stood and admired the great selection of fuzzy babies, then we left.  An hour or so later, we made our way back to the store to buy some chicks!  (I tend to do things like that, sometimes.)  I went back because I remembered what a fiasco I’d had the last time I decided I wanted to raise chickens, then couldn’t find any baby chicks for sale.   Anyway, by the time we got back to Tractor Supply, most of the pullets (female chicks) had already been sold, and only a few ‘runts’ remained.  I decided to wait for the next shipment of pullets.

The following week, I tried, repeatedly, to catch a new shipment of pullets whenever they came in at Tractor Supply, but I wasn’t successful.  Either the shipment of chicks hadn’t come in, or the pullets would have sold out whenever I called.  I never could get my timing just right.

Then, I began thinking about how much work goes into raising baby chicks, and I began thinking about having to keep those chicks inside of my house, for six long weeks, with all of the dust and mess it entails.  I, also, began thinking about having to enlarge our current chicken run, to accommodate the new flock. (I‘d planned to temporarily use our dog kennel to house the new flock, but, in the meantime, our daughter began using the kennel to house her dog.)  Then, to top things off,  Ed received the news about his pay cut!  I began to seriously wonder if the Lord was trying to tell me something.

About the same time all of these things were happening, our current hens began to ramp up their egg production again!  After several months of molting and resting, ‘the girls’ were back in the egg laying business!  All of the sudden, I had three dozen eggs in the refrigerator again!  Finally, I came to the conclusion that the Lord really was trying to tell me something, and, this time, I was going to listen!  I decided there wouldn’t be any new baby chicks at our house, this year.

You know, it’s kind of funny, but I went back to Tractor Supply, a couple of weeks ago, and guess what they had gotten in?!  More baby chicks!  Guess what two things they had left?  Pullets and ducklings–the hardest kinds of birds to find!  Do you think the Lord could have been testing me?  It was hard, but I came home empty-handed.

However, I did purchase some new baby chicks, the other day, and here they are:


 They’re not nearly as warm, fuzzy, and fun as the real thing, but they’ll have to do–for now:)

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  1. It’s not always listening and obeying, but it is always worth it. Love your new “baby chicks”. 🙂

  2. My brother-in-law found an a local source for chickens older than chicks but not full grown. They were more expensive but he decided less work, worry and less feed to get them “grown up” were worth it.

    Do you think your girls’ resumption of laying means you can add “messengers” to their list of accomplishments? He used a donkey. I think he could well use hens and chicks! Whether messengers or not, they are blessing your family with fresh eggs and blessing me with non-fattening entertainment and food adventures via your posts.

  3. I like your new baby chicks, just fine!! Sometimes we really have to listen to what God is trying to tell us. Seems like you finally heard Him!!

  4. Obeying God’s message isn’t always what we want to do in the beginning, but in the end, we always learn that it was the best thing to do. Good for you to listen and obey.

  5. Sometimes it takes us a while to catch on, doesn’t it?? But He is faithful and patient and gives us time to figure it out!! Those are cute little chicks…a lot less trouble!

  6. I do the same thing. I see something in the store and I think “naw”, then 15 minutes later find myself doubling back. In this case, it’s rewarding when you “get the message”, isn’t it?

  7. I loved this post. I read it at a particularly opportune time. Moments ago I turned down an opportunity to participate in a mentorship program that I had looked forward to being a part of. I applied in February and was accepted; however, there was no protege to pair me with. In the meantime, my father developed some health issues. When the email came this morning offering me a pairing if I was still interested, the Lord made it very clear my family needed to be my priority right now. It is hard to ‘turn down’ opportunities to do good, but when the Lord speaks, it is best to listen.

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