Rolling Into Another Hodgepodge…

Once again, Wednesday has rolled around, which means The Hodgepodge has rolled around, too.  This is the 170th edition, and I’m still lovin’ it!  Thanks so much to our hostess, Joyce, for all of her effort in keeping this fun meme rolling along.  Without further delay, why don’t we roll into today’s questions…

1. April showers bring May flowers, or so the saying goes. When did you last ‘shower’ attention on someone or have attention ‘showered’ on you? Did you love it, or did all that attention make you squirm?

Around here, most of the ‘showering of attention’ centers around birthday time.  The last time I remember ‘showering attention’  one anyone was in October, when I hosted a small family birthday party for our daughter, Brandy.  I prefer to do the ‘showering’, rather than being the one who’s ‘showered’, but I have to admit,  it feels good to be ‘showered’ every now and then 🙂

2. Share a favorite ‘spring break’ memory. Not talking about just the ‘college spring break’ thing, but any favorite spring break memory you’d like to share. Keep it family friendly please!

One year, while our children were still in elementary school, we took a family camping trip during Easter break.  We pulled our camper to Florida, to my brother’s house.  After we left there, we camped at Ft. Clinch, on Amelia Island, Fla., too.  While we were there, we learned that Ft. Clinch would soon be having a ‘war reenactment’, so we ended up returning a short time later, to experience that, as well.  Ladies, in period dress, actually cooked over open fires, while men in uniform pretended to go about the business of war.  I still remember one ‘soldier’, in the infirmary, screaming at the top of his lungs because his leg was supposedly being amputated.  The look on our children’s faces, during this, was priceless!

3. It’s National Pecan Month…are you a fan? If so, what’s your favorite dish that calls for pecans?

Yes, I’m a fan of pecans!  I  enjoy growing them, but what I enjoy most is selling them!  Pecans usually bring a good price, and the extra money comes in handy at tax time!   My favorite dish, using pecans, is pecan pie.  Unfortunately, it’s very high in sugar, so I don’t eat much of it anymore.

4. ‘Put all your eggs in one basket’, ‘egg on your face’, ‘rotten egg’, ‘walk on eggshells’, or ‘a good egg’…which egg-spression could most recently be applied to your own life?

I’m going to say I’ve been putting all of my eggs in one basket, simply because ‘my girls’ have started laying eggs again, and I have to gather eggs every day.  I know that’s probably not what Joyce meant, but that’s how it rolls around here.

5. In my experience–the older I get, the faster time seems to go! Whatever happened to the days when time seemed to d-r-a-g?

6. What’s a favorite song with the word rain in its title or lyrics?

I have two favorites.  The first one is “Rainy Night In Georgia” by Brook Benton, and the other is “Rainy Days and Mondays” by the Carpenters.  Both are old songs from the 70’s, and tend to put me in a melancholy mood whenever I hear them.  “Rainy Night In Georgia” was popular when Ed was in army basic training.  We missed each other so much during that time, and have since shared how the song made us both sad whenever we heard it on the radio back then.  “Rainy Days and Mondays” makes me remember Karen Carpenter, and how she left this earth at such a young age.  There will never be another voice quite like Karen’s.

7. What does the word hope mean to you?

Well, sometimes I’m not very good expressing myself with words, so I’m afraid I had to turn to Wikipedia for help with this one!   It said, ” Hope is the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best” or the act of “look[ing] forward to something with desire and reasonable confidence” or “feel[ing] that something desired may happen”.   In other words, hope is the light at the end of the tunnel!


Since next weekend is Easter, but we’re not having ‘The Hodgepodge’ that week, here’s a little something to put you in a festive mood.  It’s a montage of my favorite family Easter memories–so far.


I’m so excited to have another new grandson, who will be celebrating his first Easter, this year!  Guess I’ll have to make a new Easter montage, before too much longer!  The only problem is, ‘One True Media’, the company I normally use to make montages, is going out of business, next month. Bummer!


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  1. Good morning! I enjoyed this! Loved reading about your spring break fun. Such a cute video, thanks for sharing it! Enjoy your day!

  2. I agree about Karen Carpenter. She had such a beautiful voice. I had a dear friend that had huge pecan tree in both their front yard and back yard. I loved grabbing a paper bag and filling it up. They had so many and would tell me to help myself. I was in heaven and was so sad when they moved.

  3. What a precious family! Looks as if the egg hiders have as much fun as the finders, too. Your hostess does an amazing job with asking questions week after week for sure. And, one last thing, thank you for stopping by!

  4. You took me back with the Karen Carpenter song!! I grew up listening to her songs. You’re right…she’s missed!!!!

  5. Wonderful video. Too bad they are going out of business. Have a happy Easter.

  6. I agree about Karen Carpenter. There was something so haunting about her voice with its absolute perfect pitch and tone. Enjoy Easter with your newest little grand-chick!

  7. I said Rainy Days and Mondays too. Love Karen Carpenter and you’re right, there will never be another like her.

    Loved your video montage too! So sweet.

  8. Hope you can get another video put together before the company goes out of business … they’re such sweet remembrances.

  9. Birthday are always celebrations at our house too! That sounds like a fun Spring break. That’s right, I forgot that you had pecans. That was a good answer for #5, the older we get the faster times does go by! I really enjoyed your family video.

  10. Boy, do I agree with your #5!!! Love the montage! You have a beautiful family!!

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