Easter 2014 Revisited (part 1)…

Easter weekend 2014 began with rain on Friday.  Lots and lots of rain!  Almost four inches of rain fell within twenty-four hours!  This meant that almost everyone in the family was out traveling around in the rain, at some point, on Friday.  Thankfully, all made it home safely.  Brad and family arrived at our house around 5 p.m., driving two cars!  These days, they don’t travel lightly 🙂


our very soggy yard

Most of our guests arrived, on Friday night, wearing rain boots, and bearing umbrellas.  By Friday night, our yard looked like a pond!  Things were not looking very promising for our upcoming egg hunt, on Sunday.  We cancelled our Sunday cookout plans, and I bought a ham instead.

Meanwhile, on Friday night, all of the grandchildren got together, at our house, to color some Easter eggs.  Once again, Chase got right down to business.  Look at him with that Q tip in hand!  He sure acts grown for a two-year-old!  Boys will be boys, so the guys had to remove their shirts during the egg coloring!  (I offered Caden an apron to wear, but he was having none of that!)  Soon, after the children had tried every color, they grew tired of coloring eggs, and decided they’d rather go play for a while.

Chase, Caden, Madison coloring eggs

So the children went to play and left the women in the kitchen coloring eggs.  I discovered, with age, I’m quickly losing my ability to decorate Easter eggs.  The stripes on my eggs now resemble those of a first grader!  (I even dropped an egg on the floor!)  I soon gave up the fight and watched the girls decorate the rest of the eggs.


my girls –  Jennifer, Brandy, and Christina

Jennifer decorated several eggs, in honor of Evan’s first Easter, while Brandy made our traditional ‘Egg Head’, in honor of my mother. Someone even decorated an egg in honor of ‘Trouble’, the aging cat who lives my MIL’s old house.  (Trouble is still with us, for now.)  I usually display the eggs, but didn’t take time to do that, this year, so excuse the egg carton!



my crooked stripes, ‘Egg Head’, and ‘Trouble’s’ egg

While the eggs dried, our family feasted on pizza and subs, quickly followed by Easter cookies, cupcakes, and brownies!  I told everyone how good it was to have them all together again, and I meant it from the bottom of my excited mother’s heart!  Brett told Brad and Jennifer they need to move back to Gooseneck, and I quickly agreed!  Maybe if we keep reminding them, they’ll listen, one day 🙂

After supper, we moved into the living room– and quickly discovered we have a leak in our roof!  Uh oh!  Water was dripping on top of the entertainment center, in the exact spot where it leaked two years ago– except it’s leaking worse, this time. ( I’m not happy about this!  It means Ed will be making a journey up on the roof in the near future…)  Did I mention we just paid the contractor to seal the screws on the back half of the roof–and now the front half is leaking again.  Sigh.  After cleaning up the wet mess, then placing a container to catch future drips, we proceeded with the evening.

While the ladies had been coloring eggs, our son,Brett, had found himself in our storage/junk room, looking at old VHS tapes.  After supper, he popped one of the old tapes into the VCR and for the next hour or so, our family took a walk down memory lane–and we laughed a lot!!!  In the space of an hour, we watched an egg hunt from a l-o-n-g time ago, two different Christmases, a family vacation, Brandy’s homecoming court experience, and Ed’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary celebration!  Fun times!

I wouldn’t take anything for the clip of Ed’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary footage, because I didn’t know we had any pictures of it!  You see, I was in charge of taking the anniversary pictures, which I did, but, at the time, I didn’t realize there was no film in the camera!  When I finally figured this out, days later, I was heart-sick, and have been ever since.  What a pleasant surprise to discover this lost footage of our lost loved ones, on their special anniversary!

Unfortunately, all good things must come to and end, and all too soon, the home movies ended.  By then, it was late, and everyone had to go home for the evening–except for Brad, Jennifer, and Evan, who ended up spending the entire weekend with us.  (to be continued…)

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  1. What a wonderful family time. And enjoying those tapes of past family times made your family’s Easter even more special.

  2. The Easter eggs looks awesome. So sorry about the rain and the leak you have 😦

  3. How exciting to have everyone there, and to enjoy the old movies! Finding the 50th anniversary footage had to bring tears of joy! I loved seeing the picture of your loved ones!

  4. Love your part 1. Can hardly wait for party 2. I agree, Chase is definitely applying a lot of concentration to his egg. And of course, you know me. I love that someone remembered Ol’ Trouble!

  5. Yep, the rain changed the plans here, too. But plan B was good, too! Sounds like you had a grand time!

  6. What a wonderful Part 1. I’ll bet watching those old tapes was fun.

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