Easter 2014 Revisited (part 2)…

On the Saturday before Easter, rain continued to fall, off and on.  Some of the area egg hunts were cancelled, but some folks managed to have egg hunts in between rain showers.  I was still hoping it would dry off before Sunday, but I was having serious doubts!

Our Saturday was low key, since we didn’t have any plans.  Brad made breakfast for us, and he grilled hamburgers for lunch, too.  Ed and I got to spend lots of time with Brad, Jennifer, and baby Evan.  We caught up with events of the past three weeks.

It was nice having plenty of time to be with Evan and learn his likes and dislikes.  It was, also, nice to have time to take lots of pictures of him 🙂

Over all, Evan’s a happy baby.  He smiles at the drop of a hat, and, usually, only cries when he’s hungry or tired.  Evan’s only problem is he still doesn’t sleep through the night.  This didn’t really bother us, but I sure did feel bad for Jennifer!  She was up and down all night, both nights.

The video, above, is of Evan, along with the Easter Bunny that I bought him.  I bought Evan this particular bunny because of the song he sings.  The song is a variation of a little tune, called Three Little Fishes, that Ed’s mama used to sing to our children when they were babies.  Hearing that song brought back such happy memories!  Besides, I liked the way the bunny’s ears flopped, too 🙂

Sunday morning began early, with Brad and family getting up and dressed to make it to the sunrise service.  For some reason, Evan wasn’t ‘feeling it’ Sunday morning, so he wasn’t his usual pleasant self–until he got to church, his parents said.  After that, he was fine.  By the time Ed and I got up and got lunch underway, Brad and family were already back from the early morning service.

I had a bit of a mishap concerning Easter lunch!  I preheated the oven, then put the ham in.  I set the timer for two hours, then went about the business of preparing lunch.  At eleven o’clock the timer went off, and I opened the oven–only to find my ham sitting there in a lukewarm oven!!!  Apparently, at some point, the oven had cut itself off.  I panicked!  Fortunately, it was only eleven, so I turned the oven back on, but at a slightly higher temperature, this time.  The oven worked fine, the second time around, but the ham got a bit over-cooked in the ordeal.  Thankfully, nobody complained.

After church, everyone came for lunch.  Of course, before we could eat, we took lots of family photos, as usual.  We didn’t take our usual group picture though. The living room was crowded with toys, baby gear, and Easter goodies–and it just didn’t seem quite worth the effort of cleaning up to make room!  Besides, we were hungry!  (I tried to share some photos, but the uploader isn’t cooperating today)

It was our first Easter without Ed’s mom, so in her honor, I used her china and silverware for our Easter meal. It made me feel like she was a part of our holiday, in a small way.  The night before, during our home movies, I’d seen those same china plates on her kitchen table!

The ground outside of our house was still soggy wet, on Sunday, so I made the decision to hide some of our Easter eggs inside of the house.  Early Sunday morning, Ed and I took turns hiding plastic eggs throughout the house.  Between the two of us, we hid 80 eggs.  (Since our home is a bit on the cluttered side, we had no shortage of places to hide eggs!)


searching for eggs in Mimi’s bedroom

After lunch, we had what I call, a ‘controlled egg hunt’ (taking turns hunting eggs), and this kept inside activity down to a minimum.  The children found 78 of the 80 eggs that were hidden.  One of the still-missing eggs is a prize egg! Perhaps Ed and I should delegate egg hiding duties to someone else, next year 🙂

Speaking of egg hiding, our plans are to have that post-poned cookout and egg hunt soon!  We only hid eighty of our two hundred sixteen eggs, and, besides, the adult siblings and spouses didn’t get to participate in looking for lost eggs, this year.  We’ll probably be hunting eggs sometime in May!

When all was said and done, I think Easter 2014 turned out just fine.  It was great having all of the family together, no matter if it rained, the roof leaked, or the oven malfunctioned!  None of that stuff really mattered, in the end.

Update:  Since writing this post, I accidentally found that missing prize egg–when I tried to put on my shoes yesterday afternoon!

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  1. Seems you did a great job of “rolling with the punches”!! I bet the kids loved “plundering” your house! Sweet that they were patient enough to take turns. Funny about the egg in your shoe….guess Ed hid that one!

  2. Sometimes our Plan Bs (or Cs or even Ds) turn out to be more enjoyable than our original plan. Memories were made and the day was spent with family … doesn’t get much better than that!

  3. Good save on the ham. And your prize-egg discovery gave me a good laugh.

  4. Glad you saved the ham ! I couldn’t help but thinking when I saw the picture of all the doll’s in your bedroom “What a job Marble could do on that!”

  5. You are so right – nothing else matters when family is together! So glad your Easter was so nice!! I enjoyed the photos you were able to share, especially the bunny video!

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