Wednesday Hodgepodge #171…

We’re back in ‘Hodgepodge Mode’ after taking a week off!  I missed it, so I’m glad it’s back.  As always, thanks to our busy hostess, Joyce, for taking the time to furnish us with some great questions, and for providing a place for us to link up!

Here are today’s questions:

1. April 22nd is Earth Day. Are you inspired by nature? In what way?

Yes, I’m inspired by nature, especially in spring!  After a long, cold winter, just being outside in the green grass, watching birds building nests in trees, enjoying the  blooming flowers, and feeling the warm sunshine–I suddenly find myself feeling refreshed, energetic, and alive!  Those pine trees, exhibiting their little crosses on the tops, near Easter, are pretty inspiring, too!

037 pine tree crosses

photo courtesy of Google

2. Down to earth, four corners of the earth, move heaven and earth, not have an earthly chance, or salt of the earth…which earthly idiom have you most recently encountered? Explain.

I’m going to say ‘not have an earthly chance’ because it rained so much here, on Friday and Saturday, the grandchildren did not have an earthly chance of being able to have an egg hunt outside on Easter Sunday!

3. Share one piece of advice you might give a newly engaged couple.

I say go to Fromthissideofthepond and read all of Joyce’s 2014 A-Z posts!  She’s provided a wealth of wonderful marriage advice, and has 30 years of experience to back it up 🙂  In the meantime, treasure these moments, and each other–and stay focused on what’s really important–and believe it or not, it’s not the wedding!

4. When did you last engage someone to perform a job, task, service, home repair, or improvement? On a scale of 1-10 (ten being the best) how would you rate their work and/or your satisfaction with the job or service provided?

We hired a contractor to build a roof over our front deck back in mid-January, but it was two months later before he got around to us.  On a scale of 1-10, I’d give them an 8 because (a) we had to wait so long, and (b) they accidentally cut through some of our electrical wiring on the first day of construction.  Other than those two things, they were great, and I’d used them again, if  need be.  (I’ll post a pic after we finish painting.)

5. When did you last find yourself engaged in small talk? Are you awkward or an expert or somewhere in between?

I last found myself engaged in small talk, last week, while at the doctor’s office.  An elderly lady struck up a conversation with me while we were waiting to have blood work done.  I think I fall ‘somewhere in between’ on the ‘small talk’ scale.  I probably wouldn’t have initiated the conversation, but I didn’t mind talking with the lady once she got it started.

6. What was the last historic place you visited?

Savannah, Georgia.  In January, I went to the circus at the Civic Center, which is located in the middle of Savannah’s downtown historical district.

7. The world would be a better place if we just followed the teachings of the Bible.  It’s life’s handbook.


How wet has it been at our house?  Here’s a picture of our garden, taken on Easter Sunday(after some of the water had already soaked in).  Our plants are up on those raised beds.  Hopefully, that will keep them from drowning.  By the way, it rained again last night 😦




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  1. I love the pine trees! That’s awesome! You do look soggy there. We seem to have a day of rain about every other day. Between that and all the snow this winter I guess we will not have to deal with a drought this summer. It’s always somethin’ : )

  2. I’ve never noticed that about pine trees in the springtime. How observant you are! Thanks for sharing that with us. Now I have to go outdoors and look. 🙂 And yes, springtime is inspirational to me too, especially when it hits 60 degrees.

  3. Sorry to hear your Easter was a washout. I know how much planning you do for it. Hopefully the April rains will bring May flowers.

  4. I love the pine trees! You definitely have had your share of rain. As farmers, my husband’s uncle always claimed that we can do more with it than without it! There is a time, though, when enough is enough! Happy Wednesday!

  5. Looks like you had more than your share of rain. WOW! I agree, Joyce has been giving some excellent marriage advice.

  6. Oh my goodness, that is a HUGE garden!! Such bounty that will come from it in a few months!! Yum!!

  7. I’ve never seen the crosses before. So cool!

  8. I’ve got to go look at our pine trees and I love and agree with your answer to #7. We missed the heaviest rain but friends north of here won’t be able to plant for days, maybe more.

  9. Love the crosses on the pine tree. That is a lot of water in your garden. Wish you could send it to CA. That is true, Joyce has given a lot of wedding advice so her daughter just needs to read her moms blog! Very nice advice on following the Bible. The Ten Commandments would be a great place for people to start.

  10. Those pine trees…amazing! Glad your garden survived the rain…we had our share here, too! Savannah truly is an historic place….and pretty, too!

  11. I love those pine trees and have never noticed the crosses on top! I’m going to have to check out our pines here!

  12. I’ll surely take some of that unwanted, drowning, rains you’re getting!!

    I swear, I’ve never noticed the ‘crosses’ on the new pine growth before. Now I will be sure to pay attention!! That’s phenomenal.

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