Thursday’s Thoughts ~ Days Gone By…

Recently, I found a couple of very old newspapers among my MIL’s things.  Pictured below is an ad for one of  three local grocery stores, at the time.  At one time or another, both my daddy and my husband, Ed, worked at this particular store, which I find sort of interesting!  (Note: Our town only has one grocery store, these days.)

The prominent business man, who owned this particular supermarket, lived in a beautiful home, about a block away from his store. Both the store and the home were located on the far end of Main Street.  The man had a beautiful family–a wife, a daughter, and a son.  (I went to school with his son, who was in the same grade I was.)

Life was very good for this prominent man and his family– until the man’s wife and daughter were both killed in a plane crash, while on a trip together.  Suddenly, one-half of the man’s family was gone!  This event rocked our little town, back in the late sixties, and I’ve never forgotten it.  I’d be willing to bet most of the other folks in this town haven’t forgotten it either!  It was the only time, in my fifty-nine years, that I remember anyone from our town getting killed in a plane crash.

Life goes on, but the man was never the same after suffering such a blow.  His son grew up, but went through a few tough times along the way. The grocery store eventually closed, and was turned into a thriving local pharmacy, ages ago.  The beautiful home still stands, on the corner, but is now owned by another family.  Time marches on, and things change.

Speaking of things changing–take a look at the food prices back then!  Man, those were the days!


5-1-2014 7;15;51 AM old pics2

One last note:  You’ll notice at the bottom of the ad, the supermarket is advertising custom slaughtering, which is unusual for a supermarket.  The business man owned an abattoir (slaughter house), too!  Farmers, in the area, used to utilize it to have their beef and pork processed for the freezer.  I have some not-so-fond memories of helping Ed’s parents wrap their processed beef in the place!  These days, I don’t know if the abattoir is still in operation or not, but now I’m wondering…

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  1. I’d never heard of the term “abattoir”. You got me wondering, too, if it’s still in operation.

  2. Wow! Look at those prices!

  3. Good golly – roll back the clock!!

    I can’t imagine how awful it would be to lose a child AND spouse at the same time. My grandmother survived my mom, and I know it was hard for her. I’m so thankful in so many ways that my parents didn’t have to live through the death of my brother. Unexpected death, especially when too young, can really mess up the psyche.

    My little hometown only had an IGA. We had to travel 15 miles or so to find a big chain grocery store. Nothing like small towns, though. It was a great way to grow up.

  4. A reminder how fragile life really is! And i remember those prices. our first year of marriage those were the prices we saw, although we waited for sales. And sales were really sales at the three groceries in the small north Mississippi town where my husband worked on a weekly newspaper.

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