Memorial Day Weekend…

We kicked off the weekend, on Friday afternoon, by spending time relaxing outside.  I sat in the swing and relaxed, while Ed built a fire in the field, and continued burning the remains of all of the pine trees we cut down last summer.  Ed and I have different ideas of what it means to relax!

On Saturday morning, I pruned some of the bushes around the yard, while Ed did a little touch up painting.  Later, I cleaned out my corner of the storage shed (I have my own little space in Ed’s shed), while Ed continued his burning adventures.  In the afternoon, I took more time to relax in the shade, while Ed spent more time on the tractor, pushing burning logs around.  By the end of the day, he’d burned two very large piles of logs, and I was very tired of smelling smoke!

I cooked supper on Saturday night, and we ate fresh squash and green beans from the garden.  The first fresh vegetables are always the best!  Although, after a week or two of eating them, they tend to lose their appeal somewhat.


green beans from the garden

On Sunday, our son, Brad, and his family came by for an afternoon visit.  We hadn’t seen them in two weeks, so you can imagine how much baby Evan had grown.  He weighs 17 1/2 pounds and will turn 7 months old this week!  He’s sitting up alone, and can say “Da Dee”, which he demonstrated for us!  Evan’s getting to the ‘fun stage’ now, and is quite entertaining to watch.  Unfortunately, all too soon, it was time for Brad and family to leave us to go visit with Jennifer’s family for a while.


little Evan

Ed and I began Memorial Day 2014  in the garden.  Unfortunately, the green beans needed to be picked!  We picked, and later canned, six quarts of beans on Monday.  This wasn’t how I’d envisioned spending Memorial Day, but it had to be done!  Ed fertilized and mowed the grass, too, which also needed to be done, since we’d gotten a huge rain the night before.

We didn’t spend the entire day working, though.  About mid-afternoon Ed and our son-in-law, Clint, got out their grills and began cooking.  Everyone ate fresh boiled peanuts and watermelon while we waited for the ribs and chicken to get done.  The grandchildren played in the kiddie pool and under the sprinkler while everyone else kept a watchful eye.


 Memorial Day fun

Memorial Day is one of the few days we’re able to eat outside, due to the heat and humidity here in the deep south.  If weather permits, we usually set up tables in the shade and eat in the yard, like people used to do, in the good ole’ days.  At one point, rain clouds blew in and threatened to chase us indoors, but, thankfully, the clouds quickly blew over, leaving only a gentle breeze behind.


another picnic under the Magnolia tree

Our Memorial Day meal consisted of grilled ribs, bar-b-que chicken, baked beans, pasta salad,  potatoes, and french bread.  The french (loaf) bread seemed to intrigue the grandchildren, and they kept calling it “old-fashioned bread”.  Strawberry shortcake, brownies, and cake balls completed our meal, and everything was delicious!

The only things missing at our Memorial Day picnic were Brad and his family.  Their presence was sorely missed, as always, under the shade of the old Magnolia tree.

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous end to the holiday weekend.

  2. Sounds totally wonderful!

  3. I like your patriotic tablecloth. How fortunate you are to have so much family so close by! Your green beans look delish! They’re my favorite!

  4. It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful weekend, in spite of the work you had to do! Thanks for sharing the great photos!

  5. It’s almost time for dinner so reading your BBQ menu has my mouth watering. Boiled peanuts – that’s very Southern.

  6. You had a busy weekend! Glad your garden is doing well and that you had a fun time with your family “under the magnolia tree”!

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