Remembering The Seventies…

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I was a 70’s girl

Forty-two years ago life was good!  It was June of 1972, and I’d just graduated from high school.  I was less than a week away from marrying the man I’d been engaged to for almost two years, as well!  Did I mention that Ed and I had only recently been reunited after spending almost two years apart?!  It was a time of changes, but they were all good, at least as far as I was concerned!

Not only was I finished with high school, and about to get married, I was preparing to move to a new city, too!  Ed had recently finished his time in the military, and found a job in a hospital, located sixty miles away from our hometown.  A move was definitely in order for the two of us!  Within three weeks of graduating high school (at the ripe old age of 17), I was married and transplanted to a strange city!  Oh, how I loved the excitement of it all, though, and I still consider the early seventies as some of the best years of my life!

The 70’s were a time like no other.  A time of bell-bottomed jeans, and smiley-faced t-shirts.  The 70’s were a time of  bikinis, ‘hot pants’, ‘scooter skirts’, halter tops, and ‘go go’ boots–and I wore them all, even though I’m sort of ashamed to admit it, these days.  What was I thinking?

6-15-2011 10;24;27 AM early Kathy and Ed4

Kathy and Ed, (at Disneyworld) in the early 70’s

Long hair was all the rage, in the seventies, on both men and women.  I grew my hair down to my waist, and wore it straight and parted down the middle.  I wore my hair this way through the first half of the seventies, when I suddenly opted for a short, shaggy hair do!  Ed was sad about my decision to have my hair cut, but having short hair felt so much better and was so much easier, I never grew it out again.

Speaking of hair in the seventies, Ed’s hair was thick, curly, and a bit unruly, so he never grew it very long–except on top. Ed’s hair had a mind of its own, and it flipped and curled every which way, except the correct way!  Each night he’d shampoo his hair, then comb it over to the wrong side to dry, which he claimed made it lay down better the next morning.

The seventies’s was a great time of music!  Some of the best music, ever, was written and recorded in the seventies (in my humble opinion).  The Guess Who, Carole King, Jame Taylor,  Elton John, Jim Croce, Three Dog Night, The Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Bread…I could go on and on with a list of my favorites.  A large stack of old vinyl records still sits in a corner of our house–and I still play them, occasionally, believe it or not!

Two of my all-time favorite bands, The Eagles and the Doobie Brothers, became popular during the 70’s, too.  Ed took me to see each of these bands in concert, and I was thrilled!  I’ll never forget, while we were standing in line at one of these concerts,  Ed said to me, “Do you smell that sickening sweet smell?  That’s pot!”  I was shocked because I had no idea what ‘pot’ smelled like, or that anyone would dare smoke it in a public place!  I was (and still am) a naive person.

Ed and I started out our marriage with a [hand-me-down] black and white television set, but when it died,  we soon established our first line of credit to buy a new television.  We purchased a 19 inch color television from K-mart–and we made payments on it until it was paid for.  We thought we’d done something big!  I still remember watching ‘The Price Is Right’ (when Bob Barker actually had black hair), watching the premiere episode of ‘The Young and the Restless‘(with a young David Hasslehoff playing ‘Snapper’ Foster), as well as  the very first episodes of ‘The Waltons’  (Ed never liked John-Boy!) on our new Zenith color television!


Our car on the day of our wedding –  (the hood was up because somebody was up to ‘no good’)

 The seventies heralded the last era of muscle cars, and oh, how I loved a fast, sporty car!  GTO’s, Roadrunners, Firebirds, Chargers, Mustangs, and more!  Gas was cheap back then, and speed and sportiness was what counted. Ed and I had a 1970 Chevelle , with black racing stripes on the hood, and a ‘four-in-the-floor’, which I didn’t know how to drive!   (We owned that car for over four years, and I never learned how to drive it.)  By the way, the air conditioning, in our car,  was referred to as a 4-60 model–four windows rolled down, going sixty miles per hour!  We were cool–NOT!

I could sit here and reminisce all day about my favorite era, the 70’s, but time’s passing quickly, so I’ll stop and get busy before 2014 is gone.  Yikes, I can’t believe the year is already half over!  Before we know it, it will be 2020…  Speaking of 2020, I’m reminded of another great song , released just prior to the 70’s…  The lyrics kind of send a chill up my spine, especially with all that’s happening in the world today!

How about you, do you have any special memories of ‘the seventies’?  Those were ‘the days’!

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  1. Kathy this was a very nostalgic post! The 70’s were my favorite time of life also. I protested the war, said good-bye to friends as they left for Viet-Nam.Three of which never came home. I helped to cause mayhem in school. I loved the music, and still today prefer it to any other genre. You missed one car that is my favorite…THE CAMERO. Oh my, but that was some fine car!
    Thanks for a lovely trip down memory lane!

  2. What a fun post! I graduated in 1975 and I bought a 1967 Ford Fairlane with a hole in the floorboard and 4/60 air conditioning too. haha In 1976 I started working where I am still working today! Lots of fun and good memories from the 70’s for me too.

  3. I graduated in 1970, and got married 7 months later. Went right from Mom & Dad’s to hubby’s. The 70s were not that great for me, I’m sorry to say. That marriage ended in 1981. Enough said. I enjoyed your memories, though, and we do love the same music!!

  4. Well, I graduated in 1971, married in 1973 and had my first baby in1979!
    I saw the Carpenters in concert in 1972…that was exciting! Bought my first car in 1970…a ’61 green and white ford falcon for $200. I made monthly payments of $18 for a year to pay it off!! Moved from my hometown to where we live now in Jan,1976 when Hubby got his job with Xerox. And we bought this house in Aug. Those are my highlights! Guess it was a pretty good decade for me! 🙂

  5. Let’s just say my ’70s were X-rated.

  6. Ah, the 70’s … my “mountain range” decade … lots of highs (DD was born, returned to school full time to finally get my BS) and lots of lows (lost my first child, a divorce).

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