Wednesday Hodgepodge # 180…

It’s almost impossible to believe we’ve participated in 180 editions of Wednesday Hodgepodge, isn’t it?!  That’s a lot of questions to ponder and answer, but, still,  it never gets old.  My hat is certainly off to Joyce, for continuing to do such a splendid job week after week!  She’s an awesome hostess.

Without further delay, let’s jump right into this week’s questions, shall we?  I hope you’ll leave a comment!

1. Speaking of 180…when was the last time you ‘did a 180’ on something?

The last time I did a major ‘180’ was 29 years ago.  You see, when Ed and I got married we belonged to two different faiths.  (We’ve always been Baptists, but different kinds of Baptists.)  Eventually, we both joined a church of my faith, and even helped organize a new church, at one point!  (Ed didn’t totally agree with the doctrine,  but compromised and went along to keep peace in the family.)  After several years, God finally dealt with me, and I realized Ed’s beliefs were actually much closer to the truth than my own!  We ended up leaving the church that we’d helped start, and joining the church Ed had grown up in.  Ed and I were baptized together–twice!  Once in my faith, and a few years later,  into Ed’s.

2. It’s Independence Week in the US of A! What’s your favorite thing about America right this very minute? Favorites only! Let’s hear what you love about America.

I love America’s freedom–and I hope and pray she will always be able to stay that way!

3. Stars or stripes? Red, white, or blue? Watermelon, homemade vanilla ice cream, or blueberry pie?

Stripes.  Red.  Watermelon.  Enough said!

4. When did you last see stars, figuratively speaking?

A few weeks back, Ed and I were carrying his mom’s old dining room buffet up the steps of our front porch.  The steps and railings are narrow, and Ed accidentally smashed the tips of my fingers in between the buffet and the rail post.  Ouch!  I saw stars, and tears filled my eyes.

5. ‘Clear as a bell’, ‘with bells on’, ‘lots of bells and whistles’, ‘saved by the bell’…which phrase ‘rings’ truest for you lately? Have you ever seen The Liberty Bell?

I’m going to say ‘with bells on’ because for over two weeks, I’ve been going to the garden at 7 a.m. every morning!  Every day I have my apron on, a bucket in each hand, and I’m always carrying a can of insect repellent!  Doesn’t that sound like arriving ‘with bells on’?

Nope, I haven’t seen The Liberty Bell.

6. Are you caught up in World Cup fever? Have you watched a lot or a little or none at all?

No, I’m not caught up in World Cup fever.  I haven’t had  time to watch television in over a month!

7. Bid farewell to June in 10 words or less.

You were a great month.  Hate to see you go!


In case you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing, this week, I’ll give you three guesses–and the first two don’t count!


Nearly 2 bushels of butter beans, picked on Monday afternoon!


Yesterday’s harvest of peas and tomatoes

All of this, just when the garden is winding down…  My thumbs may never be the  same!  By the way,  I’ll  be canning tomatoes for the next several days!  My kitchen counter is covered with them…

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  1. I’m so impressed by your garden’s bounty! I wish we were neighbors and you could share : ) Happy July 4th!

  2. Look at all that garden bounty! LOVE IT! I used to help my Grandmother with all that shucking/stringing/peeling/etc and I still remember the way my thumbs felt! LOL We surely did eat good during the winter with all she put up! Have a happy 4th!

  3. My garden is such a slacker compared to yours … even at its peak, I’ll never have as much harvested! A garden is a lot of work, but I think it’s worth it!

  4. What a wonderful harvest from your garden. I canned tomatoes once however I was pregnant with my son and have never eaten canned tomatoes again.

  5. Those look yummy! I’d say those are a different kind of bells, but they could be extra fun bells.

  6. You definitely have quite the bounty…love fresh veggies!

  7. I envy you your gardening skills. Nice harvest! My garden never produces such abundance. Congratulations on 42 years of marriage. May you have many, many more!

  8. You have been busy, Kathy. Once all the picking, shelling, freezing and canning are done, will you be feeling a bit of that “freedom” you mentioned loving about our country?

    You will be able to enjoy that harvest when the rest of us are spending money on fresh veggies that won’t taste nearly as good as what you will be enjoying.

    And you and Ed deserve to enjoy every tasty bite.

  9. My goodness…I thought your garden was spent! You have been busy! I know you will enjoy the fruits of your labor later, but the work is hard now!! We did a little more corn yesterday and we’ve enough beans to can again…if we don;t decide to give them away! ha! ha!

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