Our Non-Traditional Fourth Of July…

Our ‘non-traditional’ Fourth of July celebration began early, when sparks suddenly flew from the plug of my blow dryer on Thursday morning!  I had just finished drying my hair, and was hanging up the blow dryer, when suddenly there was a pop!  Sparks flew all over the bathroom floor, as the lights in the bathroom went dark.  I wasn’t quite sure what had happened so I called Ed at work.  Within an hour, Ed came home and diagnosed the problem.  The insulation on the cord of my hair dryer (near the plug) had apparently broken, causing the dryer to ‘short out’.  The shortage tripped the circuit breaker in the breaker box.

Ed was off on Friday, for the Fourth of July, but instead of the traditional family cookout, we decided to tackle the job of re-flooring our front porch.  You know–the deck we just paid to have covered, back in March!  The one with the boards that suddenly shrank and left huge, ugly cracks in the floor…  Yes, that porch!


taking the porch apart…

Ed spent the first half of the day taking the porch apart.  All of the porch rails had to be removed, then all of the old deck boards had to be ripped up.  The second half of the day was spent putting the new deck boards in place.  Did I mention it was very hot outside?  I felt bad for Ed, working outside in the 90 degree heat, and insisted that he keep a fan blowing on him.

Meanwhile, I stayed inside, under the air conditioning, canning tomatoes and nursing the earache–again!  Just when I thought my ‘swimmers’ ear’ was getting better, it flared up again–over the long holiday weekend!  Wouldn’t you know?  Fortunately, I had a different type of antibiotic ear drops to try, otherwise I’d have been out searching for a ‘Doc in a Box’.


replacing the decking boards…

Ed and I survived the Fourth of July, although we were a sorry-looking couple by the end of the day.  I boiled a few peanuts, bought a strawberry shortcake, and made some baked beans/potato salad.  At the end of the day, Ed stopped working and grilled some chicken.  We ate supper and went to bed–while our neighbors were still shooting off their fireworks!

We briefly saw two of our children and their families at the end of the day, on the Fourth.  Since we were busy, they ended up visiting with each other and grilling hot dogs for supper.  I couldn’t invite them to eat with us because, in addition to being busy,  our dinner table was filled with ripening tomatoes!

Our son, Brad, who lives out-of-town, called us on the afternoon of the Fourth.  He called to tell us there had been a death in the subdivision where he and his family live.  Shortly after lunch, on the Fourth, a four-year-old little boy drowned in the pool of the subdivision.  Details were sketchy, but some witnesses thought the little boy may have fallen and hit his head while some older boys were engaging in ‘horse play’.  Such sad news–especially on a holiday!  The pool was promptly closed, too, which spoiled the plans of many.

The weekend continued on, and it was a busy one.  In addition to finishing up the floor of the porch, Ed and I planted the beginnings of a fall garden, on Saturday,–and yes, you can call us crazy!  We planted a row of sweet potatoes and two rows of peas.  I started some lettuce and cabbage seedlings in cups, too.  All of this, while I’m still canning tomatoes from the summer garden!  I must be crazy!!!


the ‘almost-finished’ project

Our porch floor is now finished, except for being painted or stained.  We’ll have to let the ‘treated’ boards dry out for a while before we can do that.  As always, Ed did a great job on the building project–much neater than any contractors we’ve ever hired.  Every screw is drilled in a perfectly straight line–eight of them into each of the forty-something decking boards…  Now, Ed just has to rest and recuperate!   As for me, I’m still doctoring my ear, but it seems to be responding much better to the new ear drops.  I’ve been able to sleep for the past two nights.

You know what they say, “That which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.”  Ed and I will either be very strong or dead, if we keep up the pace of this past weekend.  Have a restful Monday, everyone!  We’re going to try.


I almost forgot!

7-8-2010 9;08;54 AM BandC wedding2

Today is the 13th wedding anniversary of  our daughter, Brandy, and her husband, Clint!  Wishing the two of them many, many more years of happiness together.

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  1. Your porch looks awesome! Good job, Ed! How blessed you are to have such a handy and talented hubby.

  2. Ed is definitely a multi-talented renaissance man. And as for you, yes, you are crazy – more veggies – aagh!!!!
    Another southern thing you taught me – boiled peanuts?????
    And lastly, you and Ed – get yourselves to St Simon’s Island. That’s an order!!!!

  3. I’ve had that happen with a hair dryer and it really scared me. Glad Ed could come home and help. That is so sad about the little boy. I will pray for his family. Your porch looks amazing, I love it! Happy Anniversary to your daughter and son in law.

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