Since I Last Wrote…

Since I last wrote, another weekend has come and gone.  They do come and go quickly, don’t they?!

Since I last wrote, the first day of the new school year has come and gone.  For some reason, our school district chooses to start back and get out earlier than most.  Last Friday was ‘the day’.  All of the little kiddos got dressed up in their new school clothes, and posed for ‘first day of school’ pictures–which were immediately posted to Facebook by their parents.

My own little family wasn’t affected by the back-to-school hoopla since neither school-aged grandchild is enrolled in the public school system.  In fact, both school-aged ‘grands’ and their families were gone (together) on a weekend trip to St. Simon’s Island, on Friday!  That sounds  much more fun than going back to school, doesn’t it?

Since most of our family was out-of-town for the weekend, it was extra quiet in our neck of the woods.  I didn’t even leave the house for the entire weekend, but we did have a little company for part of the weekend.


I caught three generations in one shot

Brad and his family came in late Friday night (after Jennifer got off from work), and stayed with us until after lunch on Saturday.  It had been several weeks since they’d been to our house, because we made two trips to their house during July.  Little Evan is crawling, pulling up and cruising everywhere!  Babies sure do grow and change quickly.  Evan turned 9 months old last week.


little fall garden

Our little fall garden is really growing.  The weather here has been so hot and dry, I’m surprised it’s still alive.  Thankfully, we finally received a shower of rain on Saturday night.  We were happy to see it!  A few days ago, I saw a mama deer and her twin babies  out in the field–in that grassy spot at the end of the garden! Every day I’ve been holding my breath, afraid that the deer will come over in the garden and eat our peas.  Deer love to eat peas!  Notice our sweet potato vines, to the right of the picture, are beginning to run.  Rabbits love sweet potato vines, and we have an abundance of rabbits, too!


my ‘under-the-weather girls’

Lately, “my girls” (aka the hens) haven’t been eating much.  Usually, I can’t seem to fill them up, but a few days ago, they stopped eating very much.  I’ve tried to figure out what could be wrong with “my girls”, but I’m clueless.  I tried a different brand of feed, which helped, but only temporarily. Then we dusted them for mites, since some hens are losing feathers, too.  I’ve been letting the hens free range more often since they still seem to enjoy foraging for bugs, but they’re losing weight.  When they’re in their pen, they just sort of sit. I have a couple more things to try, but after that, I’m at a loss for what else to do.  Who knew raising chickens could be so frustrating?!

Speaking of frustrating, I can’t say a lot, but things at Ed’s workplace have been really frustrating and stressful for a while now. We’ve been through a salary cut and weeks of mandatory vacation days.  Several people have lost their jobs, with more cuts promised, as the hospital attempts to ‘restructure’ itself.  There has even been some talk of a total hospital closure.  Ed’s future is uncertain at this time, and it’s very difficult going to work every day, wondering if it may be your last day… Last week, two of Ed’s co-workers (one with 35 years of service) were terminated.

Wow, this post sure is full of ‘heavy’ stuff!  Deer threatening our peas, sick chickens, and uncertain job security for Ed…  Yeah, some days are just like that.  Have a great Monday, y’all!  I’m sure going to try!







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  1. Well, the good news is you had time with a grand, right? I’m sorry about all the other stuff. Hope he gets to keep his job! I’ll keep y’all in my thoughts and prayers. We go back to school on Monday, the 11th, and the kids come back on the 18th. To say I am not ready would be an understatement.

  2. Well, Evan seems to be growing and thriving, so there is that good news! I’m sorry for your worries, and will be praying about them all for you.

    Schools here aren’t back until the 18th.

  3. Praying that things start to get better at Ed’s job because not know it definitely stressful for everyone. Also sorry about your hens, hope they bounce back soon. Your garden looks lovely and how awesome for the family visit on Friday night! Hope your week goes well.

  4. Certainly pray that Ed’s job is safe…as well as your garden! Hope the hens feel better. I know you feel helpless…like when our babies were sick and couldn’t tell us what hurt! I do hope you are having a nice Monday!

  5. Hope Ed’s job turns out to be secure. A lot of smaller hospitals are closing or being taken over by bigger hospitals here.
    Yes, you posted quite a bit of sad news but for me, it was back to school. The poor kiddies, all of August in school?
    They must get out in May for the summer. Schools are required to have a 180 day calendar. (Not that I was counting!)

  6. Praying that things at the hospital will get settled quickly so that cloud of uncertainty will be lifted (and praying that Ed will be able to keep his job for as long as he desires). Good luck with your girls … hopefully you can figure out what’s going on and treat it.

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