A Rough Start To The Weekend…

Wow!  I just noticed this is post # 1301.  That’s a lot of blogging, but here I go again…

On Friday, our three-day weekend got off to a rough start.  Despite our best efforts, we lost another hen on Friday morning.  We’re now down to three.  This hen suffered from the same ailment as the hen we lost a few weeks back. Coincidence or something contagious?  We don’t know, but time will tell.

After he buried the hen and I gave the coop a thorough cleaning, Ed offered to take me to St. Simon’s Island for the day.  I quickly took him up on his offer.  We threw our chairs and cooler into the car and hit the road, without looking back.

Our visit on the island was a little shorter than usual, since we got a late start, but I enjoyed every minute of it!  Of course, in all of the fuss, I forgot to take my camera, and, wouldn’t you know, I missed several great photo opportunities.  Here’s the only photographic reminder of this trip, taken after we returned home:


the drink cups from our picnic lunch

Meanwhile, at St. Simon’s Island, the walking man was still walking, the sight-seeing plane was still flying, and people were still fishing off the pier.  Speaking of the sight-seeing plane, here’s a shot I took of it on our anniversary visit.  That day, it took me several tries to get a decent photo of that plane!


One of these days, I need to get up my nerve and take a ride!

On the way home from St. Simon’s, Ed and I ran into an awful storm, about fifteen miles from home.  It rained so hard we could barely see the road–and it hailed on us, too!  What made this storm even worse was the fact that it stretched for miles!  It took us at least ten or fifteen minutes to drive through it.  Thankfully, we made it home without incident.  I didn’t check the car for hail dents, but I probably should.

We got home from the beach early enough for a Friday night visit from two of the three of our grown children and their families.  On Saturday evening, we gathered again, at our daughter’s house, and laughed and talked about some old times.  It’s times like those when we miss having Brad and family with us, the most.  Cousins playing together, while adults reminisce…  Good times!

The rest of the weekend was rather slow and non-eventful.  It rained off and on all weekend, a total of three inches, and when it wasn’t raining, it was unbearably humid outside!  Ed and I watched more television than usual, and even finished watching a couple of series.  We’ve recently become new fans of the shows 24 Live Another Day, and  The Bridge.  Good shows, but not for the squeamish!  We’ve been catching up on seasons missed, through Amazon and Hulu Plus.

Today, our granddaughter officially begins her second year of home-school.  She’s in the second grade.  My daughter burned the midnight oil making sure everything was just right for her daughter’s first day of second grade, then she shared a couple of pictures with me before going to bed.  I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the email accompanying the pictures.


Apparently, Madison went to bed stressing about second grade being too hard, and worrying about not liking the new ‘video teacher’.  Like mother, like daughter. (A new school year was always stressful for Brandy, as a child, too.)  I’m wishing both mother and daughter a wonderful, and very productive new school year, and I’m sure that it will be!

Well, I began this post by talking about our hens, so it’s only fitting that I should end it the same way. Now that our flock is so small, we’ve decided to let the girls free-range all day, but we leave the door of their coop open so they can have access to their nesting boxes, feed, and water.  This scenario has led to a strange phenomenon at our house.


What’s up with this?

We can’t seem to keep our cats out of the chicken coop!  Every time I look, there’s a different cat inside of the coop!  The cat in the above photo  was actually sitting on top of an egg!  Strange, but true…

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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  1. A cat sitting on a chicken egg….now I’ve seen it all! Oh my goodness!!

    Thanks for catching us up on your news!! Glad you had some good family time over the weekend!

  2. Sorry you
    re St Simon’s Island trip had a sad start, but at least you got there. As a roomie to 3 cats, I see nothing strange about the cats rotating through the chicken coop! Cats rule, don’t they?

  3. Never thought I’d see a cat sitting in a nest on an egg!

    Sounds like your weekend ended better than it began.

  4. Several folks coming to the wedding festivities got caught in that storm on their way to the island Friday. We came in the morning and missed it!
    Sorry about the hen…know that was sad. We drove thru Jesup Sunday and saw the results of the fire. That was sad, too! Know your granddaughter will have a great year!

  5. Sorry about your hen, so sad. Your time at the Island sounds like it was very nice. Glad you made it home safely through the storm. Always nice being able to spend time with your children and grandchildren.

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