It’s Monday Again…

It’s been a few days since I last blogged.  I always have good intentions, but life keeps getting in the way.  I’m not complaining, mind you, just sayin’…  I’ll do my best to get caught up, this week, and visit all of my blog friends!

On Friday morning I tagged along, on a shopping trip, with my daughter and granddaughter.  It had been a while since we’d been off together and it was nice.  (I really enjoyed getting out of the house for a while, too!)  With the exception of Ed, there’s nobody I’d rather spend a day with than my two girls.

Ed and I kicked off the weekend by having a cookout at our house, on Friday night.  We used to grill a lot, to kick off the weekends, but, these days, not so much.  Anyway, it was nice to have [almost] everyone join us for bar-b-que chicken.  It was a good way to end the week, even though we missed having Brad and his family with us.

You may recall, I mentioned the Jesup fire, on my blog, a couple of weeks ago.  One of the historical buildings, destroyed by fire, housed a thrift shop which raised money to help battered women. Another store owner (not affected by the fire) offered use of their vacant building to house the thrift shop, so our newspaper mentioned the shop was in need of donations to get the thrift store stocked.  On Friday night, we all decided to send some donations with daughter-in-law, Christina, who happened to be going to Jesup the next day.  I spent most of Saturday morning, sorting through ‘stuff’, and between our three families, I think Christina’s car was pretty full when she left for Jesup!

On Saturday, Ed spent most of the afternoon painting the floor of the new front porch.  It was very hot and miserable outside, but Ed stuck with it and finished shortly before suppertime.  I’m afraid I wasn’t much help with the painting, since the oppressive heat kept me indoors until late afternoon.  (I’m sure I’ll get the chance to paint some, since we still have two more porches in need of a fresh coat of paint!)

Ed and I traveled to Jesup, on Sunday, where we ate a delicious lunch at a restaurant called Sybil’s. Sybil’s has a fantastic Sunday buffet, so we both came home feeling stuffed!   From our house, Jesup is about halfway to St. Simon’s Island, so it felt strange to stop in Jesup and not travel on to the beach. We’ll be going back to the island within a few more days, so I consoled myself with that thought!

Brad, Jennifer, and Evan stopped by our house for a visit, late Sunday afternoon.  They were heading back to their house after a birthday celebration with Jennifer’s family.  I couldn’t believe how much Evan had grown and changed since their last visit!  The boy’s growing like a weed!

On Sunday night, after church, the rest of the family came over to visit with Brad and Jennifer, too.  It had been a few weeks since everyone had been together, so there was a lot of talking going on!  The four cousins seemed to enjoy each other’s company, as well, and they played around the house.  I loved how Evan joined up with his older cousins to play!  It was the first time I’ve seen this happen.


Everyone had such a good time, before we knew it, it was almost bedtime!  Everyone reluctantly said their goodbyes, and went home.  Since it was so late, Brad and family decided to spend the night, and drive home early this morning.  I don’t know what time they left, but they were gone when Ed got up for work at 6 o’clock. They slipped out so quietly, we didn’t even hear them leave.


One last bit of news before I go.  You may recall I mentioned how we have an ‘over-load’ of pears, this year.  It seems this over-load is proving to be a bit too much for the trees.  On Saturday, another large branch broke out of the top of one of the trees.  I estimate there were over 100 pears on that branch, alone!


Notice how close to Ed’s car that broken branch landed.  I don’t think Ed will be parking close to the pear tree anymore!

I once blogged how Ed used to battle those pesky squirrels over pears every summer.  (He’d sit outside with a BB gun and chase them away)  We haven’t had our usual ‘squirrel problems’ since cutting down all of the surrounding trees, last year.  I couldn’t help but comment to Ed how the squirrels may have been doing him a ‘favor’ all of those years, by making the load of pears lighter on the branches.  You just never know!

Happy Monday, y’all!

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  1. i have missed keeping up with you and your sweet family’s lives, but not because you missed a few days posting. Evidently I am suffering this summer from a severe case of “avoiding the computer” syndrome. I am sure it is not terminal and should not be as severe when things slow down a bit.

  2. So glad you posted today. I love family get-togethers especially with all of the grandchildren.

  3. Wow – that’s a lot of pears!! Ed does need to find a better place to park his car! Oh my! So nice that the whole family could get together over the weekend! That is a fun picture of the cousins!

  4. Everything you grow explodes into massive quantities. I’ve never seen a tree so loaded down with pears. But then, I’ve never seen a pear tree!

  5. Yikes, that’s a lot of pears on that tree. Yep, Ed needs to find another place to park, that’s for sure.

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend. I cannot believe the amount of pears you have. I just ate two today that I bought at Costco!

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