This-N-That On Tuesday…

For some reason, lately, I’m having trouble sitting down and writing a ‘themed’ post.  It could be the heat, or my age creeping up on me, but I can’t seem to stay focused on one particular subject anymore.  I have a couple of ideas floating around in my head, but they haven’t found their way to this blog yet!

Meanwhile, did I mention that it’s hot here?  Apparently, summer has decided to arrive in earnest!  I’ve become a prisoner in my own house, due to the ridiculously hot (90’s and above) temperatures outside!  I’ll spend some time outside first thing each morning, and a little more time in the early evening–sometimes.  If I didn’t have chickens, cats, and plants to take care of, I probably wouldn’t ever go outside!

Yesterday, Ed picked up and counted all of the pears that had fallen from our two over-loaded trees.  Would you believe there were almost 500 pears on the ground?!  That’s a lot of pears!  The branches of the poor trees are really struggling under the weight of the remaining fruit.  Where are the squirrels when you need them?!

pear cobbler, anyone?

We once had a plum tree that over-produced like this.  We gave away buckets of large, red, plums and I made lots of plum jelly, too.  The plum tree died the following year!  I guess you could say it went out in a blaze of glory.  I hope the same isn’t true for these pear trees, but they are getting pretty old…

The garden is doing remarkably well, considering it’s so hot and dry!  The peas are beginning to bloom, so it won’t be long until it’s pea-picking time–again!  I sure hope the weather cools down between now and then!  I’m not in a pea-picking mood, these days.


not welcome on the porch!

The sick ‘girls’ (aka the hens) seem to be doing better since we dewormed them.  I need to devote an entire post to that experience, for the sake of ‘newbie’ chicken owners.  Within days of applying the topical treatment (sort of like you apply flea treatment to dogs/cats) the hens began eating again, and having more energy.  Who knew?!  (The sickest hen lost vast amounts of feathers, and still isn’t quite over the hump, yet.)  Through it all, two of the three girls have continued producing eggs, believe it or not!  Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to eat their eggs for 14 days, due to the medication in their systems. I recently purchased eggs–the first I’ve had to buy in over two years!

My girls free-range all day now, but have become obsessed with the new front porch!  Shortly after the above photo was taken, we had to put up a baby gate to keep them out!  I’ll share my porch with cats, but I draw the line at chickens 🙂

Lately, things have been quiet at Ed’s job.  Let’s hope this is not the quiet before the storm.  The hospital administrator announced, last week, that she will be leaving at the end of this year.  I can’t help but wonder what is going to happen between now and then.  The CFO will be leaving at the end of this month…  Have I mentioned this is the second failing hospital Ed’s been employed with in his lifetime?  He spent twenty years working at the previous one, before it closed its doors in 2000.  How’s that for luck?!

On that note, I’ll just say “Happy Tuesday”–at least I hope it will be!


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  1. I miss posting my blog on a regular basis. Everyone seems to be on vacation. Come stay with us because our weather has turned cool. I am even back to wearing slacks and a sweater.

  2. Glad the hens are better! Wow! that’s a lot of pears! My daughter has a tree that had an abundance of pears two years ago, but not so much since then. She didn’t think she liked cobbler until she made one with her own pears…now she is a real fan!! Been hot here, too. Guess we can’t expect any different here in Georgia!

  3. I haven’t had anything of substance to share in so long, but I loved hearing that the hens are doing better! That is worth writing about and celebrating! I can’t get over all those pears! Sure wish I lived next door to you! It is hot and sticky in Florida, too. The good days are coming, though! Everyone else will have snow up to their knees and we will be walking on the beach!

  4. I’ll ignore your cruelty in pointing out that it’s hot in geaorgia. It was 52 degrees on my deck this morning and 59 in my car when I left for work at 8:48! Fortunately it does warm up to the upper 70’s & 80’s but that’s not summer to me.

  5. I have trouble with a themed blog post … I’ve just given up and post randomness. That’s my life, and as a result, that’s my blog. ha!

    Glad your girls are doing better. Were any of those 500 pears “salvageable”?

  6. Oh my word, that’s a lot of pears! Glad your hens are doing better.
    Hope your have a nice weekend.

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