Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

It’s Friday and a few fragments is about all I can stand to write today!  I’m running on just a few hours sleep, thanks to Baby, the cat.  I feel a nap in my future!

I had to confine Baby to the laundry room last night, because she was due for spaying surgery at 9, this morning.  Baby is an outside cat, and she didn’t take kindly to being confined!  She was fine as long as I sat with her, but the moment I’d leave, she’d start scratching and meowing.  This scenario went on until well after two, this morning!  At 1 a.m. I was stretched out on the floor of the laundry room, trying to keep Baby quiet so Ed could get some sleep.

As I type this, I’m sitting beside three connected cardboard boxes, containing eight growing, rowdy, baby chickens.  They’re all flapping their wings, scratching at the bottom of the box, and generally making a mess.  Why am I sitting here?  To make sure nobody picks on ‘Della’ while she’s in the same box with her sisters!  Slowly, I’m trying to incorporate Della back into the flock.  It’s going to be a long process.  For some reason, I’ve noticed that Della’s twin sister, Dixie, seems to pick on her the worst!  Go figure!

Della has been doing better since I added ‘chick grit’ to the chicks’ diet, this week.  The grit helps with digestion, which, in turn, helps with her constipation.  Della still looks like she could use a little Preparation H, at times, so I’ll have to keep my eye on her for a while yet.  What an experience raising this flock has turned out to be!

As I’m typing this, one of the chicks almost flew out of the box–and the side of the box is almost 2 feet high!  It’s a good thing I have the top of the boxes covered with netting!  Crazy birds!

Yesterday, Ed finished putting the tin on top of our chicken run.  Now he just has to build the coop for the chicks to lay eggs and sleep in, and make sure the tin on top of the run doesn’t leak when it rains!  Only three more weeks until we can put these babies outside! Yay!

You won’t believe what my daughter and I saw yesterday!  We were on our little dirt road, waiting to pull out on the main highway, when we looked to the left and saw a HUGE bald eagle sitting in the middle of the four-lane highway!  That’s the biggest bird I’ve ever seen!  He was having an early lunch of dead armadillo, before a pick up truck drove by and caused him to fly.  The eagle tried hard to take his lunch with him, but dropped it in flight!  Now I’m all anxious.

You see,  I had ‘eagle troubles’, about ten years back, when an eagle was spotted hanging around our farm.  My smaller cats suddenly began slowly disappearing, one kitty showed up severely injured (had to euthanized), and, finally, I came home from work to find my favorite Siamese kitty dead in the yard, with its tail skinned and its insides missing–telltale signs of a large predatory bird.  We never actually caught the eagle in the act, but were pretty sure that’s what the predator was.  Now,  I’m thinking that ‘Baby’ or ‘Jo Jo’ will be prime targets, not to mention my free-ranging hens!  As I’m writing this, I recall Ed recently mentioning that all of the wild rabbits have disappeared.  Now we know why!

We don’t have much planned for this weekend, other than working on the chicken coop.  I hope the weather is nice, and we can enjoy a slow, relaxing weekend.  Soon the month of October will be here, and it will become very busy.  We have three October birthdays to celebrate, in our family, as well as other various fall festivities taking place throughout the month. I’m a bit sad to see September go. Time is passing so quickly, these days.

I’ll be linking my Friday Fragments up at Half-Past Kissin’ Time, and I really appreciate Mrs. Fours taking time to host this Friday meme.

I’ll be back, bright and early, on Monday!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. An eagle in your neighborhood is awesome and a bit scary considering all your beloved critters. I guess it is seeking a place with a steady food supply. Will you put your free range hens back into a coop?

  2. An eagle in the area around your farm is very scary. They are awesome birds though. Get some rest!

  3. At first I thought– How cool, a bald eagle… then I read the rest of your story. Scary stuff. I hope all the critters are okay.
    Happy Friday Gragments.

  4. Kathy, You make me appear sane! God bless you.

  5. Maybe your cats should learn to stay inside for their own good! I didn’t realize eagles went after cats.

  6. Scary stuff, those big birds stealing the smaller babies. What can you do? We have coyotes roaming and killing pets here. Ours stay inside!

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