Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Oh, my!  It’s been another fast week.  The weeks are going by so quickly, I find myself unable to keep up with the pace.  Another Friday, means another edition of Friday Fragments at Mrs. Fours’ place, so here goes…


‘year round’ tree

It took me two days, but I got the Halloween decorations out, and the ‘Year Round’ tree decorated for Halloween.  I still have to put up the outside decorations, but I’ll do that over the weekend, while Ed is here to help me.


teddy bear trick-or-treaters

My daughter, my granddaughter, and I had a girls’ day out on Wednesday.  We were celebrating my daughter’s birthday.  We had lunch together, shopped a bit, then came home and enjoyed some birthday cake and ice cream.  It was a good day.


the birthday girl

The baby chicks are getting ridiculously large!  They’ll be four weeks old, on Monday, and they are already out-growing their ‘chick condo’ again.  We will probably have to add another box within the next few days.  Two weeks from tomorrow is the target date for putting them in their outside coop.  I’m beyond ready!  ‘Della’, the chick who’s had so many problems, is now living in the ‘condo’ with her sisters, even though she’s much smaller than they are.  She continues to have ‘issues’, but she’s tough little bird (otherwise she would’ve died by now).


chicks are getting so big

Ed’s still not feeling well.  He went back to the doctor, this week, but didn’t find out much more than he already knew.  He’s still taking anti-inflammatory medication, and waiting for this thyroid thing to run its course.  He’ll be having a few more tests, to rule out other possibilities of his problems– just in case something else is going on.

I’m sure everyone is aware, by now, that Ebola is now in Texas.  I figured it was just a matter of time.  This concerns me greatly, especially since two members of our family work in hospitals, directly in healthcare!  I wonder how long before this horrible virus will begin to spread…

Ed’s off on another ‘mandatory’ vacation day, today.  He’s outside working on the chicken coop.  He hopes to finish most of it today, if his stamina and the weather cooperate! (it’s cloudy) I sure have been missing our trips to St. Simon’s Island on those ‘mandatory’ vacation days… (can’t go because of the baby chicks)

I don’t know why, but I’ve been sleeping really good this week.  This is a rare treat, since I rarely experience restful sleep!  I’m usually up and down, at least two times per night, sometimes unable to fall back asleep for hours.  I don’t know what caused this sudden change, but I hope it lasts!

Someone posted the following saying on Facebook, this week, and it really struck a chord with me.  Now that I’m older, I ‘get it’.  I just wish some of these younger folks, who are up to their eyeballs in debt, could understand what really matters in life.

960108_682225135155179_506504160_n finding peace

That’s all for me today, folks! Have a blessed and happy weekend!  I’ll see ya’ back here, on Monday.

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  1. Yes! finding joy in the simple things. Love spending time with the family. Enjoy your weekend and hope Ed gets good news next week.

  2. Good quote and so very, very true. I love just spending time with my hubby in our home. Feeling so blessed in this time of our life.

  3. Enjoyed the update on the first of your family’s October birthdays. Will keep you and Ed in prayer for his health issues and your sleep challenges.

    I can usually go right back to sleep following my nighttime trips to “take care of business.” Occasionally, though, I won’t be able to go back to sleep. I don’t see how you do all that you do without consistent restful sleep. May your weekend be restful and rewarding!

  4. Ya know… I’m all new to the essential oil thing so I couldn’t give any recommendations. But maybe you should do a google search and see if there isn’t a natural way to deal with Ed’s thyroid issue.

    I’m learning to manage my asthma with esential oils and while I haven’t found that winning combination yet, I definitely feel better using them. Less toxins in my body is a good thing too.

  5. As soon as we get some cooler weather I will probably sleep better through the night. I do like to sleep when it’s chilly. I hope everything is ok with Ed. And that your family caregivers stay healthy!

  6. You decorate more for Halloween than I do for Christmas – where you get your energy, I’ll never know! hard to believe you don’t sleep soundly every night!

  7. Love that quote! I gave up an extra bus run at work this year to have more time at home and everyone at work thinks I’m nuts…or up to something. They don’t seem to believe me when I say I just didn’t need the extra money as much as I needed to have time to get things done at home.

    Love seeing your chicks. I like chickens. A lot. We’ve had them before…too many of them. I like having a couple as pets and for eggs, but we’re not good at butchering them when the time comes. Not good at all. I end up calling them by name and usually have one that is almost like a dog or cat. Haven’t had any for a while now. Maybe I’ll just have one or two again some day.

  8. Glad you’re getting some restful sleep, as I’m not. 😦 Up at 3:00AM this morning. A long day ahead of me and a busy day tomorrow. 😮

    Glad that Della is back with her sisters.

    Sure hope that Ed’s thyroid thing runs its course SOON.

  9. Your decorations and tree look awesome! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

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