Running Behind…

I’m afraid I’m running a bit behind, this week.  I knew if I took the time to write a post yesterday, my house would suffer–again.  This time, housework won out.  I never even turned on my computer until nearly ten o’clock last night, but I got a lot of [much-needed] cleaning done!

We had another one of those crazy busy three-day weekends, since Ed was off on Friday.  Unfortunately, on Friday, Ed got a phone call, from work, concerning an issue that had come up during his absence, so he had to mull over a solution to the problem all weekend.  Not a great way to relax, but we gave it our best effort.

It seems there’s never enough time, these days.  Something always needs doing!  Poor Ed needs a clone of himself, especially now that he’s not feeling his best.  We’re trying to prioritize and do what needs doing the worst–and, these days, that would be finishing the chicken coop!  Can I tell you I’m beyond ready to get these birds out of my house?!  The amount of dust they are causing in my house is unreal!  Ed didn’t have a chance to finish the chicken coop, but he’s probably three-fourths of the way finished.  Maybe he’ll get finished this coming weekend, in plenty of time to move them outside at age six weeks.

It was a different kind of weekend since our oldest son’s wife and family were out-of-town visiting a friend, and our daughter was having a yard sale.  There wasn’t much time for ‘family time’.

After almost eight years of holding onto most of her baby stuff, daughter,Brandy, finally decided to let it go.  She sold a lot of stuff, and made a lot of room in her storage building.  Brandy says having the yard sale was “bittersweet”, and I totally understand.  I recently sold some of my ‘grandbaby stuff’ and it made me sad, too.

This weekend, Ed and I did something a bit out of the ordinary, and took a test drive of a ‘Town & Country’ mini van.  We stopped by the dealership, just to look, and discovered they were open on Sundays!  We liked what we saw, but I don’t think the time is right to buy, just yet.  We just want to get a ‘feel’ for what’s available.  After all, it’s only been thirteen years since we went car shopping!  I’m a bit nervous at the thought of making such a big (and expensive) decision again.

We had our first real taste of cold weather, on Sunday morning.  We woke up to a chilly forty-seven degrees!  I knew Ed’s thyroid was definitely ‘out of whack’ when he walked out of the house wearing only short sleeves!  Ed usually wears a coat if the temperature drops below 70!  Our cold spells never last long, and the temperatures are already rising again, although I did have a chance to open the windows and let in some fresh air yesterday.  Gotta’ love doing that!

Brad and Jennifer were in town for a birthday party, so they stopped by on their way home, Sunday.  It’s always amazing to see how much Evan grows in two weeks’ time!  He’s gotten two more teeth, has learned how to hold and drink from his sippy cup, and walks like he’s been doing it all of his life!  Only about three more weeks until he’ll celebrate his first birthday!  Where has the time gone?

I think that’s pretty much what’s been happening around here, with the exception of another ‘issue’ that’s come up concerning ‘Della’, the baby chick, who’s had so many problems since birth.  Now something else has happened to her!  I won’t write about it, yet, except to say, it’s not looking good for her…  Bless her little heart!

That’s it for today, but I’ll be back for The Hodgepodge tomorrow!  Have a blessed Tuesday.


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  1. I haven’t kept up with blogging much either. It’s been just too nice outside and I know that time is short as it will be cold here soon. Enjoy your family time.

  2. I am STILL behind, but catching up a bit here. I had to let some of the blogs go. After almost two weeks, there were too many. We were able to open the doors and windows the past few days, too. It does feel good! Hard to believe Evan will be a year old. Seems like yesterday, you were announcing his birth! Time flies.

  3. You are so right about time! Hubby has three big projects in progress and a list of other biggies awaiting his attention. He, too, is facing some physical issues, so we both just do a little and take lots of timeouts.

    We also drive our vehicles for years and years. Glad you had some cool weather. Ditto here; 4 days of no AC, but it is back on today. Blessings to you, too!

  4. If you get a new car, you’ll have no automotive mis-adventures to blog about . Mini-van, huh? Think of all the baby chicks you can bring home in it!

  5. Ah, poor Della … hoping that whatever she’s going through now will pass. No AC here … open windows during the day … furnace at night, though.

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