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Retired Not Tired Memory Monday

Today, I’m doing something a little different and joining a new meme, entitled Memory Monday, started by blog friend, Judy, from Retired Not Tired.  Each week Judy will furnish a new prompt, then we’ll write our memoirs from her prompt.  You can join in or read other posts by clicking on Judy’s button at the top of this post!

 Today’s prompt is My First Home.


The residence I consider to be “my first home” was the 12′ x 52′ mobile home that Ed and I purchased, shortly before our marriage in 1972.  (We were about to get married and move away from our hometown, and into the big city!)  I remember the total purchase price of  that mobile home, like it was yesterday.  Ed and I paid $4468.09 for our first home!

You may be wondering what prompted us to purchase a mobile home.  The main answer to that question is– the high cost of rent in the city!  We looked at several affordable (for us) rental locations, and most of them were quite awful!  We finally decided we’d be investing our money more wisely by purchasing a mobile home, plus everything would be clean and new.  Neither of us have ever regretted making that decision.

Our little mobile home was small, but big enough for two, and it was decorated in a ‘Spanish Theme’, which happened to be popular back in the early 70’s.  Everything in our home was either red, black, or white. It had lots of windows, which we loved, and best of all, it belonged to us!

100_0195our home, while located in Plantation Estates

After purchasing our mobile home, we decided to rent a space in a mobile home park, located just down the road from the dealership where we’d bought the home.  The name of the park was ‘Plantation Estates’.  Sounds southern, doesn’t it?  Trust me, it was no ‘plantation’ or ‘estate’, but we enjoyed our time there, and called the park our home for almost six years.

After nearly six years of living in Plantation Estates, Ed and I decided to move our little mobile home to his family’s farm, located about sixty miles away.  We felt the need to get out of the city and return to our roots because we were about ready to start a family.  Neither of us had any desire to raise a child in the city.

We boxed up and secured our belongings inside of our home, then followed along as the huge truck towed our mobile home to the family farm.  The date of our move ‘back home’ was March 17, 1977.  We came home, where the air was fresh and we had no neighbors!

Old Photos 1976 and 7744our home, after it was moved to the family farm

Ed’s daddy had given us a beautiful piece of property to park our home on.  The only catch was we had to wait three long weeks to get electricity!  The power company had to special order a power-reducing transformer for our property, since we were the first customers to run electricity from the main lines.  We didn’t learn about this information, until after we’d set up our moving date, so we had to stay with Ed’s parents during the three week wait for our transformer.

Within a year of moving to the family farm, I’d become pregnant with our first child, and we’d built the first addition to our mobile home.  We more than doubled our living space with our first addition! (Ed built all the way down one side, and out sixteen feet.)

Five years later we’d had our second child, and we built a second addition, which added another large bedroom and carport, plus enclosed, and roofed over, the entire mobile home. By now, we’d gone from two bedrooms to four, added a huge living room, turned our previous living room into a dining room, added a laundry room/future bathroom, plus a carport!

12-21-2011 11;21;43 AM Old Christmas Pics2

mobile home entirely enclosed

(Note: the small magnolia tree, to the right, is now a large shade tree in our new front yard)

I’m sure, by now, you’re wondering why didn’t they just build a house instead?  Well, there are a several reasons.  First of all, I was very attached to my first home, and didn’t want to give it up.  It was the first place I was ever able to call ‘mine’. Second, Ed had a dream of building his own house. The third, and best reason of all, was–by building additions instead of an entire new house, we were able to avoid a house payment!

Sadly, ten years later, in 1991, we had to remove the mobile home from the middle of our living area, by tearing it out piece by piece! (We learned that mobile homes are built better than you might think, too!)  The reason for this drastic measure was because our mobile home floors had suddenly become warped during an especially rainy season.  We decided if we had to tear out the floors, we might as well tear everything out and remodel.

It took Ed and a contractor about a week to totally remove all of the mobile home, and ‘dry in’ the new middle section of our home.  Ed continued to work on the inside, every evening after work, and on weekends, until it was finished. During this time, we would cook and take showers in our camper trailer, because we had no bathroom or kitchen in our house!  Our family had grown to include three children, by this time.

Fifteen more years passed, and, by then, all of the children had grown up and moved away.  In 2006,  we faced, once again, more ‘floor issues’. We’d discovered that our home was apparently built too close to the ground, without proper moisture barriers, so excessive moisture easily caused problems with our wood floors during excessive rainy seasons!

Ed and I had a decision to make.  We could either move out and tear out the entire floor of our house, or we could build on an addition to our recently-built game house, next door, and make that our new home.  We chose to add on to the game house, and make a new house! It was a six month long project, with Ed doing almost all of the work.  Through this project, Ed finally fulfilled his dream of building his own home, from the ground up, including plumbing and electrical!

We moved out of our first home, and into our second home on November 7, 2007.  After 35 years of living in our first home, it was quite a change for both of us, but it’s been a good one.

We had no plans for our original home place, but it didn’t go to waste.  Within three months after we moved out, our daughter decided that she and her family would move in.   She and her husband had the floor and roof replaced, as well as the inside and outside of the house painted.  They continue to live there today.  In fact, they’re our next-door neighbors!

my first home, as it looks today

I’ve been enjoying my second home for almost seven years, but I’m glad I can still go over and visit my first home whenever I like.  When we have family gatherings there, sometimes, it feels like ‘coming home’. I do miss the beautiful view out of those sliding glass doors, but other than that, I’m quite content:)


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  1. What a lovely memory! Thanks for joining in.

  2. What a great story!! I totally forgot about this new meme. I will play catch-up tomorrow, and then get on track for all the coming Mondays. A great memory!!

  3. That was a wonderful story. I enjoyed every word of it!

  4. The history of your houses is amazing, involving so much work and love.

  5. Wow! What a great story!

  6. Wow. I love it! How cool that you can still visit your first house. And that Ed is a hard workin’ dude.

  7. What a great story about your first home. Love the history you shared and happy you love your second home.

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