Friday Fragments…

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Hello there!  It’s Friday, again!  Ed’s off on another ‘mandatory’ vacation day, so who knows what this day will bring.  Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be filled with outside activities.  Ed loves being outside on his days off.

Last weekend, we had no plans, but we ended up having company from out-of-state!  Saturday, out of the blue, my brother, who lives in Florida, called and said he, his wife and oldest grandson were going to be in our area, and would stop by, if we didn’t mind.  Four hours later they were here!  We had a nice visit, and they ended up staying overnight with us, too.  I’m not much of a football fan, but, on Saturday night, even I ended up watching the last quarter of the Florida/LSU game with them!

I moved the baby chicks outside, on Monday, and made so many trips back and forth to the chicken coop, now I’m having foot problems. Ha!  Can you tell I’m not used to being on my feet a lot?  It’s bad to be old and out of shape… and it’s bad to have arthritis.  Sometimes it affects my feet, and all of their joints.

Speaking of the chickens, the ‘old girls’ finally noticed the ‘young girls’!  It’s funny that it took four days for them to notice they had neighbors in the pen next to theirs. (probably because the ‘old girls’ don’t spend much time in their pen!)  Yesterday afternoon, just before dark, I noticed one of the older hens, perched on the chair in her pen, watching the ‘young girls’ running around inside of their coop.  This morning, after I let the ‘old girls’ out for the day, two of them walked over to the fence and bowed up at the ‘young girls’, with disgusted looks on their faces!  The ‘young girls’ paid them no mind…

Cooler temperatures have finally arrived here again!  Temperatures were in the upper 80’s on Monday, but the rest of the week has been in the 70’s.  I was able to air out the house three days in a row, which made me happy.

We haven’t been able to roast any hot dogs or marshmallows, yet, but we did purchase a new fire pit last weekend.  We’ll be trying it out this weekend!

We’ve been checking out a few of the new fall shows on television.  Most of them do not appeal to us, but the new show ‘Stalker’ on CBS is pretty good.  So far, every episode has kept me sitting on the edge of my seat!

Speaking of “sitting on the edge of my seat”, this Ebola thing is getting scarier all the time.  I’ve been seriously asking Ed if he’s sure he’s not ready to retire yet. (Ed works in the Radiology department of a hospital)…  

Which reminds me, I got my flu shot, this week,  and Ed got his a couple of weeks ago, so, hopefully, we won’t have to worry about catching the flu anyway.  We ought to love and appreciate our healthcare workers, ’cause they’re exposed to a variety of ‘crud’ every day, in an effort to help others get well!

Writing about healthcare workers reminds me of our DIL, Jennifer, who is a nurse. I’ll end this edition of FF with another cute picture that she posted on Facebook, this week.

10440632_10202365354408350_5136425137341705688_n Evan

Jennifer posted this picture of our grandson, Evan, along with the caption, “Eat your heart out, Garth Brooks!” #cutestcowboyintown   Ha!  I loved it.

I’m linking up my Friday Fragments over at Half-Past Kissin Time.

Have a great weekend, everyone.  As always, it will be gone before we know it!

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  1. I started watching Forever on ABC. Mostly I’m sticking with my old standby shows.

  2. I will say a prayer for Ed and your DIL because this is getting scarier by the day. My daughters, my son-in-law and I work in healthcare too.
    We are hooked on Hell on Wheels but the next episode won’t be on until Nov. 8th. Sons of Anarchy has been brutal but we are hooked. I recorded a few of the new shows but haven’t watched yet.
    Evan is so beautiful and getting big!

  3. He surely is the cutest cowboy! I’m definitely glad I don’t work in the healthcare industry these days. For many reasons. Hoping all your family who do remain safe!

  4. I don’t really find the new comedies very funny….I guess I am getting too old. I really like Forever, as well. The Middle speaks to me as far as a comedy.

  5. Evan is adorable!! It’s fun hearing about the old girls noticing the new girls. Please keep us posted!! How nice that you got a good visit from your brother and his family!! Wishing you a good weekend!!

  6. Funny about the old girls and the young. So the young ignored the old. Just like real life, after a certain age, women become invisible. That’s why some of us need to be outrageous LOL.
    As for the weekend being gone before you know it. Whoa, girlfriend, it’s Friday night at 9 – it’s just beginning.
    And finally – yes God bless and keep all our selfless healthcare workers

  7. Love the picture of Evan! Have you tried “Arnica” for your feet. It is by A535 and works great on my knees.

  8. Love the picture of Evan … and the caption, too! 😉

    Definitely praying for health care workers … especially at this time. What frightens me the most (and must be especially frightening to health care workers) is that no one, not even the CDC, has a clue on how to handle this … I still cannot believe the CDC gave that nurse the clearance to fly on a commercial flight.

  9. These fragments made me smile 🙂 Cute grandbaby, and I never knew chickens noticed each other and/or had feelings about one another.haha Thanks for linking up!

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